Yandeks.Disk: Sync is cool!

Late last month, the Internet was a wave of rumors about the imminent opening of a new cloud service for synchronizing data from Google. But while all waited with interest the appearance of Google Drive, April 5 this service without much advertising presented laquo; Yandeksraquo.; A day before the launch of the new service in the official laquo; Tvittereraquo, the company was issued its logo, and users are asked to guess what lies behind it.

Found that a flying saucer – is the emblem of the new service laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo.; Like the popular Dropbox and SugarSync, it makes it possible to store files in laquo; oblakeraquo, and access them from any computer connected to the Internet, as well as mobile devices.

Meanwhile laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, operates in a closed beta. To receive an invitation to apply for the home page of the service. But do not expect laquo; Yandeksaraquo, quick response – the invitation promised a few weeks.

When the web service appears next to sync, once there is a reasonable question: what it better? In laquo; Yandeksaraquo, there are some clear advantages over the competition:

  • Free status. Maybe in the future some pay packages appear, but so far, not talk about it. In the online store you can place up to 10 GB of data. This is five times more than Dropbox gives new users (but for attracting users to Dropbox can get another 16 GB, but you have to work.) At Microsoft’s SkyDrive – 25 GB, but easy client to work with the files on your computer is still missing.
  • Unlimited tariff rate for those providers in the local network which is laquo; Yandeksraquo.; A full list of providers, the added laquo; LAN Yandeksaraquo, can be seen here.
  • protocol support WebDav, so laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, can work without laquo; rodnogoraquo; client. The service has no client for Linux, but support WebDav allows you to work with him in this environment.
  • Russian interface. People for whom it matters, is still a lot.

Like Google, laquo; Yandeksraquo, moving towards the integration of their services. laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, integrated with e-mail: To access the web interface to open the mail.yandex.ru/neo2 / # disk /. Original storage size – 3 GB, but it is easy to increase up to 10 GB in three simple steps: Download and install the client software for Windows or Mac OS X, to upload multiple files to a service with this program and talk about the service, friends on social networks or sending them an e-mail. We must bear in mind that this post is not an invitation – it’s just a notice about a new service.

When installing and configuring the application laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, you need to specify e-mail account on laquo; Yandekseraquo, and to decide whether or not included in the permanent authorization of the current computer. Together with the new application, by the way, is traditionally invited to set laquo; Yandeks.Barraquo, and other services from laquo; Yandeksaraquo, so it pays to be vigilant.

On some computers running Windows 7, the application does not want to set. Developers are already aware of the problem and promise to solve and yet, unless you are lucky, you can get here is the message:

If the application is successful, the icon laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo, will appear in the system tray, and laquo; Provodnikeraquo, you will see a folder of the same name. It works on the same principle as Dropbox: you copy a file to a folder laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo; – he immediately uploaded to the server and is available through the web interface.

If the application is installed on multiple computers, all changes are synchronized. The fact that the files are successfully synchronized, you can guess from the green overlay on its name in the file manager, and the presence of the same notes in the application’s icon in the system tray (see how similar to Dropbox, – its icon on the right).

The default folder is located at C: ПользователиИмя_пользователяYandexDisk, but its location is changed in the program settings. There you can stop an application at startup, see how much space left and set the manual proxy settings.

Sharing mechanism implemented as simply. laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo; menyunbsp adds a context, the command that is generated when you select a link to download the file from the server. Link immediately shortened and copied to the clipboard. This mechanism works rassharivaniya files and data that has been copied in laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo; – you can choose any file on the computer, and it will be copied to laquo; Diskaraquo, automatically.

Unlike Dropbox, in laquo; Yandeks.Diskeraquo; when inserting a reference to the file in your browser will not download automatically. Instead, the user is taken to a page with the file name and click laquo; Skachatraquo.; laquo; Yandeksuraquo – additional advertising, and users – one unnecessary action.

All the files that were open, can be viewed in laquo; Opublikovannyeraquo, the web service interface. If you select a file, you can get a link back to it (in this case – is not short), and once again make it personal. However, he immediately disappears from laquo; Opublikovannyhraquo;.

Before laquo; Diskaraquo, y laquo; Yandeksaraquo, already had service for sharing files – laquo; Narodraquo.; If you have the files that it previously uploaded to laquo; Narodraquo;, you can go to them in section laquo; Opublikovannyeraquo, and copy in the repository laquo; Diskaraquo.; The file will continue to be stored on a remote server laquo; Yandeksaraquo, but to extend it by hand during storage will not have to.

Opportunities working with files through the web interface yet to be improved. Opening laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, in the browser, the user can download the previously downloaded files, sort them into folders and add new data to the hard drive. To be fair, the download can be performed in the background, so you can easily navigate through the pages of service, while the files are uploaded.

View currently only works for image files. Attempts to view the documents in the browser PDF, RTF, MS Office, as well as text and HTML-files have not been successful – the service offers them only download. The same thing with the music – downloaded MP3 to listen to the service from the server can not.

Special attention is given

Folder laquo; Post vlozheniyaraquo;, which contains all your sent and received attachments. The size of the folder in the overall quota laquo; Diskaraquo, not included. This section allows you to quickly find investments by type (graphics, documents, music, videos, files) as well as by date received or sent either by the sender. File attachments can be downloaded without having to go to the letter. They also asked a button to copy the attachments to the main repository laquo; Diskaraquo, but do not have one.

One major advantage laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo, before Dropbox – Support for WebDAV. This allows you to manage the files on the network storage via any program that supports it. Such programs exist for Windows, and Mac OS X, and Linux – even for FreeBSD. When using laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo; via WebDAV, you can create a virtual disk, which will be displayed in the list of devices in the system. Moreover, in this case, we need not worry about getting in laquo; lishnihraquo; applications like laquo; Yandeks.Bararaquo.; On the other hand, when working with WebDAV, for example, does not work quick opening access to the file with the context menu.

To access settings laquo; Yandeks.Diskuraquo, via WebDAV in Windows to choose laquo; diskraquo Map Network, the context menu item laquo; Kompyuterraquo c laquo; Provodnikeraquo, and then select the virtual drive letter, specify the server address laquo ; Yandeksaraquo; – https://webdav.yandex.ru – and enter the account information email.

Then the virtual disk will appear in the device list. Instructions for connecting laquo; Diskaraquo; via WebDav for other systems can be found in the Help Center laquo; Yandeksaraquo;.

Now a couple of words about mobile applications, because it is their availability for many is the main factor for the selection of service synchronization. laquo; Yandeksraquo, offers applications for ustroyctv with Android and iOS, but do not try to find laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, in Google Play and the App Store. laquo; Diskraquo, is not available as a separate application, but as part of an updated laquo; Yandeks.Pochtyraquo.; Of course, not everyone will like it, but for those who are already using email from laquo; Yandeksaraquo;, convenience is available – additional application installation is required.

Disc is shown in a separate tab of the program. After the first run, you must wait until it displays a list of files stored on the service.

Files can be downloaded to the device, there is the ability to upload photos and other data from one mobile to laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo.; To transfer files between computer and mobile device laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, and similar services – just a godsend. It is hard to imagine a more convenient way to copy the files you download them to laquo; Diskraquo, mobile phone, and a couple seconds later to work with them on the computer.


While skeptics continue to harp on the fact that the storage of files laquo; server dyadiraquo from a stranger – is not safe, even if they have to agree: it’s damn convenient. Services for synchronization allows us not to worry about which computer the last time we were working with the file and in the pocket of trousers which left stick to the last copy. They also provide a convenient transfer files between computers and mobile devices, so it is not surprising that the number of users of Dropbox, SugarSync and other services is growing every day.

Laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo – very interesting project, which took into account the development of many successful work of other services. Therefore, despite the console laquo; betaraquo;, the service is quite competitive and the Russian-speaking audience is the perfect alternative to Dropbox. We hope that the expansion of functionality and completion stages of closed testing not have to wait long. And yet very interesting to see what the answer will be Google.

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