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Perhaps today XCOM series, with its rich history of the world seems to be the Cinderella game industry. In late 1993, the company MicroProse Software, which released Railroad Tycoon and Civilization, began selling one of the most famous tactical games about alien invaders mdash; X-COM: UFO Defense. In the wake of the mad success of the developers have managed to do a remake of a redraw textures (X-COM: Terror From The Deep) and full extension (X-COM: Apocalypse). Last majority of fans and journalists still refer to as many as one of the best games of all time industry. Alas, the best ideas are gradually subsided, and the studio began methodically bury his child to the grave.

From X-COM: Interceptor MicroProse made dubious space simulator where the user landed at the helm of a starship, and X-COM: Enforcer generally turned into a primitive third-person shooter with crazy plot than a series utyanula completely into the abyss. Of course, attempts to revive the traditional gameplay and atmosphere have been and other developers. A lot of this has made ALTAR Interactive, releasing some great tactical strategy in a series of UFO. But that’s another istoriyahellip, how the right to all the forgotten XCOM were at 2K Games, not so interesting. Enterprising publisher immediately rushed to blow dust from the series and announced the start of first-person shooter from the creators of BioShock 2, and after mdash; promised remake of the original X-COM: Enemy Unknown authored by Sid Meier, designer of the infamous laquo; Tsivilizatsiiraquo.; Albeit without the hyphen in the name.

Classic in a new way

Fears proved groundless mdash; new game, of course, not a complete remake, but with a series of developers have managed very carefully. The plot takes place in March 2015. More than two years have not taken their mdash; World Enemy Unknown is not very different from ours with you. Machines do not cut through the sky and still stand on wheels, not every shop window is plastered with neon lights, and people dressed in the same way as today. But serene human existence was interrupted. As in laquo; mirovraquo War, and on the earth suddenly began to fall strange capsules that first minute peacefully continued to lie in the middle of a city street. Then things started to develop is not as in the famous novel by HG Wells mdash; space objects are tightened to their onlookers and glue them strange green web. Weather inexplicably changed, most people have developed panic in others naturally laquo; drifting kryshuraquo;.

Finally streets were almost empty: only around constantly burning fire, Special Forces soldiers broken from the inside, rotting bodies, blood everywhere … But trouble struck almost instantly! Based on the former UN organized Nations Council, whose task was to support a special form of the best minds and the soldiers of the planet. XCOM underground base was the last line of defense in the fight against human aliens from outer space. The player, as the head of an elite unit, you need to contact a member of the Council, who never shows his face, and to receive instructions from him. All the way from the first landing in Berlin and to the final battle is a question mark. Who are they? What do they want? It would seem, at the gene level humanoids very similar to humans, but they look very different, and their brains are crammed with implants.

Science is everything

As before, the game is divided into two stages. To win in the unequal struggle earthlings had to try to curb the elements. Brought with assignments enemies weapons disassembled piece by piece, and the bodies of extraterrestrial beings mercilessly dissected. Catch a live specimen, and it is much more difficult question, because for this, among other things, to establish a reliable laboratory cage. All these concerns are borne by us. Construction engineering department promises cool weapons, armor upgraded and interesting accessories for men. Foundry improve existing technologies to perfection, and psi-lab will help a small part of the soldiers discover their unique talents. The base is built below ground, which is not the best way affects its funding. Money, unfortunately, in constant short supply, and even at the end of the game you can hardly open all possible improvements.

Panic in friendly countries is growing by leaps and bounds, and if nothing is done, quickly run away from the powers of the Board. Do not want to lose investor mdash; steep. Somehow keep shorts in check can help satellites. They will constantly monitor the situation on a particular area, and thanks to the State happily counted out the monthly payment in the form of scientists, engineers and, of course, money. Launch such a satellite is not so easy. To do this, dig a pit and build it a special center. Buying satellite also cost a lot of money, so they try to cover the whole planet will be doomed to failure. Unfortunately, when dealing with an alien ship expensive scout turns into a pile of scrap metal. Therefore, in the hangars on different continents have to stand still and equipped fighters.

However, U.S. mdash; not the most important in war. The military machine is working as it should only have a sufficient number of engineers and scientists. Without a team eggheads laquo; building vekaraquo; either not completed or delayed risks for weeks. Then badly needed in battle armor, such as a sniper, not will be ready in time. Time mdash; valuable resource, and they also need to manage wisely. If you want to make out the research department board computer aliens required many hours, and before that you do not see improvement, as their ears. Nervously biting his nails have often. During the days before Torn soldiers are treated in the hospital, the aliens can attack any settlement, and then have to type a detachment of green recruits.

combat environment

Assignments varied. Having visited the captive alien ship managed to escape, and now our soldiers must rescue her. The same with the motorcade important laquo; shishkiraquo, of Council mdash; pull him out of the combat zone must at all costs. Aliens are often activated bomb in the middle of cities, organize kidnappings, arrange surprise attacks on civilians. Besides a really full of a variety of enemies. Sektoid, dohlyak, krissklid, droid, mutton mdash; all in different combinations. Some mdash; weaklings and cowards, but can add companions health, others are able to move quickly and jump on the roof, and on occasion even spit in your soldiers poisoned saliva. The third great intellect do not differ, but in combat persistent, like elephants.

Aliens trying to get round the flank detachment, hiding in shelters, throw grenades and run away in panic at serious risk. Too bad they have not be able to challenge the veterans of this tactical strategy. Many opponents are somewhere out of sight and are not active until you approach. And the place for an ambush humanoids quite often choose inappropriate mdash; head-it still sticks out!

A while on the job, you can send only four soldiers. School officers will increase the operational group of up to six soldiers, and thanks to the work of the foundry you can connect to a self-propelled armored vehicle. Approach to the choice of characters is with the mind. Each one is unique, different class and the growing track record laquo; prokachivaetsyaraquo.; Depending on the profession of the men appear more skills. Increase earned sniper learns to shoot straight to the head, shoot and shoot without thinking visibility sensors, such as those that were in the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Soldiers support can throw smoke grenades to laquo; oslepitraquo, opponent, and then learn to run. A machine gun will fire twice in a row and to suppress the enemy fire, which is also very valuable.

In a simple editor, you can change the voice of the men, race, hair color and skin armor. And do not forget to name your character distinguished himself Sid Meier! Apart from the purely cosmetic changes in the barracks also recruited arsenal. Equipment in the game, so take care of the amount of grenades and cartridges do not have to. But every soldier can take only one primary weapon, one secondary and some accessory (have to choose between a grenade, first aid kit and even the armor plate). In general, the second part of the process X-COM: Enemy Unknown mdash; step battle mdash; much changed from what it was before. The authors rejected the traditional genre points to move. Instead, the investigators can do only two things. First mdash; basic. While it is possible to run across some shelter, shoot, throw a grenade, or hide in wait to catch the progress of the enemy afterwards. The second action is called laquo; ryvokraquo, and can only make a dash at a long distance.

From this focus primitive mechanics of the game did not mdash; player still has to take into account the dozens of options. Bench or rubbish bin mdash; not the most reliable shelter, it makes more sense to hide behind a wall or climb on the roof. It is a pity that you can not squat or lie down, so fire intermittently top sniper quickly turns from hunter to prey. Above the head of each character hiding hanging icon with a shield. Filled half, yellow, full red mdash; choices a bit, but enough to estimate the chances of survival. Before firing at the enemy is always available with a summary, which will write about bonuses, interest and penalties critical hit. Often the information is helping to save the life of a fighter, because armor can withstand a couple of hits, a first aid kit will help cool down the corpse.

Battlefield Earth:

With slaughter weapons most items on the map at all possible spread. Exploding barrels and cars, beating glass, broken plates at the pump, and the trees fly to pieces. Turn all the facilities at locations in the dust, as in Silent Storm, it is impossible, but accidentally punch a hole in the wall mdash; easily. Levels in Enemy Unknown generally enough interactive: somewhere rats run on worn wood fibers, and from the sounds of battle in a panic pigeons fly. New XCOM easily be called beautiful game mdash; gift that is responsible for the picture Unreal Engine 3. The camera sometimes chooses cinematic camera angles, when we look at the texture hardly disappoint anyone, and the fighters displayed all selected equipment. Defined only antsy animation.

Much bigger problem mdash; variety of levels, or rather lack of it. After a few hours of play, you realize that all this has been: a familiar bridge, become familiar snack, all the same downed ship. On the global map, everything looks good: Russia, Mexico, France, Canada mdash; countries in the list is enough. But many locations are made in advance and a cleverly chosen by writing in the briefing. Most, for example, is perfect for saving people, and for the killing of aliens and protect the VIP. It is the same in multiplayer mdash; all these cards is the single player campaign, and their choice is quite meager.

Even the multiplayer battles, despite expectations, turned out to be so small. Represented by only one mode mdash; player just offer to make a team of six characters, customize them, choose the outfit. Also in the squad can score as special forces soldiers and aliens. Unfortunately, except for the name, edit the aliens can not.

Before us mdash; practically the most classic, born in 1993 in the sunset, but adjusted for modern graphics and multiplayer. Spoil a picture of annoying bugs, ugly menu, fine texture and repeat locations. The last time mdash; this is probably the main constraint, not allowing to set XCOM: Enemy Unknown honored nine points.


  • respect for the popular universe;
  • great tactical possibilities;
  • interesting system of shelters;
  • lovely atmosphere;


  • repeat locations badly spoil the picture;
  • weak multiplayer;
  • some vagueness in the plot.

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