Xbox Live gives birthday gifts

The Xbox Live effective new system MyAchievement. One of its points is the presence of gifts on his birthday. So far, we launched is not the most expensive, but as they say, laquo; trifle, and priyatnoraquo.; Favors the more, the higher your Gamerscore. Players with more than 3000 g in the account will be given a Contender. Those who earn more than 10,000 or 25,000, will be named honorary titles Champion and Legend. Thats what will get happy birthdays:

For Contender ndash; special gift for a month from the day of birth;
For Champion ndash; gift and 1% MS Points will be spent each month to return to the account; nbsp;
For Legend ndash; gift, and 2% return on the purchase price.

Program only works for Gold-subscribers. Details of the action you can find here.