What webmaster must know: 10 useful plugins for WordPress

According to statistics, as of December last year, the company released W3Techs, the most popular CMS in the world is WordPress. This content management system is installed on more than 15% of all sites in the world. WordPress is also the fastest growing CMS – the pace of installation on new sites, it is also significantly better than its competitors. And the analysis of the first million Top-ranking sites in Alexa, made by the same company W3Techs, shows that more than half of these resources are managed WordPress.

There are two main reasons for the popularity of the engine: it is free and very simple to install and configure. Make your blog on WordPress can even blonde, although this CMS recently not disdain even very large companies and organizations. For example, the engine is used on blogs CNN, online NASA Ames Research Center, in a blog Mozilla, online music service Spotify, a news resource, Nikon and so on.

Although that create a site on WordPress is incredibly easy, opportunities laquo; gologoraquo; engine novice blogger will not appeal. For example, you can not do even this simple action, as the insertion of post videos YouTube.

This and many other problems can be solved with the help of plug-ins, the number of which is enormous. Official repository additions already has about 18,000 items!

Orient in such a variety, to put it mildly, is not easy, especially when you consider that too many options installed affects the download speed. On the other hand, even a low-quality plug-in can cause a conflict with other supplements or cause other problems. Therefore, when deciding whether to install the plugin, you should pay attention to how it is popular as well known is its author, offers a developer technical support, there is documentation of the plugin, what version of the engine, it is compatible.

In this review, we have collected ten plugins are successfully used by thousands of webmasters across thousands of sites and help solve the most common problems faced by the authors site on WordPress.


Any modern site necessarily has a social component – the button with which visitors can send a link to this page to Facebook, Twitter or Evernote, and laquo; layknutraquo, page or to recommend it to users Google, clicking on laquo; +1 raquo; . Sections for developers on all social sites you can find the code to insert these buttons on your blog, but it is quite time-consuming exercise.

Much easier to use a plug SexyBookmarks, offering beautifully designed, customizable buttons. It can accommodate two main sections with animated icons of social services, as well as to the standard buttons most popular resources – Facebook, Google, Twitter.

Position of each block can be controlled separately. For example, a block to the standard buttons can be placed on the message, and the block with animated buttons more sotsservisov – under it.

List of services that can be added, the impressive, though, the Russian-speaking blog selection is not so great.

Smart YouTube PRO 4.0.3

Smart Youtube offers perhaps the easiest way to embed video in a blog. After installing the plug enough to insert into the message link to the video, adding after the http symbol v (eg, httpv :/ / www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULPs8zYN5foamp; list = UUkTigzIFeWMpiubcQlnkyYw) or vh (for movies in HD-quality) .

Inserted so it displays the message as plain embedded video, but no embed-code should not be used.

Addition, blogger can flexibly control the display of video and play it. For example, you can select the size of the video clip in normal and HD-mode, enable or disable the display of other movies on the subject, enable automatic playback when the page is loaded, remove the logo YouTube.

Despite YouTube words in the title, the addition of support not only broadcasts from Google, but also many other services, including Vimeo, Metacafe, Liveleak, and even videos from Facebook.

Video, add a message using Smart Youtube, can also broadcast site RSS-feed as a simple link or a picture preview. In addition, supported video playback on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Contact Form 7

Surprisingly, the default WordPress does not provide the possibility to create a form to send a message to the developers. Ons designed to solve this problem, a well-deserved popularity of Contact Form 7.

Addition is intended to create any shape and features a flexible configuration. Kind of form is fully customizable and can include text fields, or enter an email address, check boxes, drop-down lists, radio button (to select one of several options), push buttons, the protection of CAPTCHA, the form to download the file.

More spam protection is implemented with the support of the plugin Akismet, which is part of WordPress. In addition, the forms created with Contact Form 7 may include questions and answers. This method of protection against spam is very effective, because the issues for such a mini-test, the authors write the blog and displayed when the form is loaded in random order.

Form code generated by the plugin, you can place on any page of the site.

Exclude Pages 1.92

Like any CMS, WordPress system is not without flaws. One of them – the lack of some basic settings related to the organization structure of the site. Probably more than one thousand new users CMS vainly struggled over how to exclude from the menu navigation of the site some of the pages, trying to find in the system settings required laquo; flazhokraquo;.

In fact, the configuration engine default page can not hide. You can use a small plaginchik Exclude Pages. After activation in the creation of a new or edit an existing page check box appears Include this page in lists of pages.


Remove it, the page will disappear from the navigation menu, as well as other lists of pages (if available on the site.) Limit will be extended to sub-pages. We can only guess why this option is not enabled by default in WordPress.

TinyMCE Advanced 3.4.5

In WordPress, like all modern CMS, is a visual editor. In the engine using a visual editor Javascript-open source TinyMCE. Unfortunately, the version that is integrated in the standard WordPress, lacks some useful features TinyMCE.

Order to make more functional visual editor, you can use the supplement TinyMCE Advanced, which adds to the standard tools sixteen tools. After installing the plug-in WYSIWYG editor is transformed: it is possible to quickly create and edit tables, use additional options for creating lists and insert images, search and replace text, use the context menu to insert the date and time, check spelling, and so on.

Worth bearing in mind is that after the plug is not all the features enabled – missing you can include in the menu laquo; Options rarr; TinyMCE Advancedraquo;. In particular, there is the ability to completely customize the toolbar with buttons, adding the necessary commands, and removing unnecessary.

Relevanssi – A Better Search 2.9.12

Integrated search – this is another weakness of WordPress, because it just looks for keywords in the content of publications, not taking into account the relevance. The results are displayed only in chronological order, so if a site has many publications, and more can be found only around the tenth page. Some solve the problem by setting a custom search Google, but frequently updated site is not an option, as between the appearance of publications on the site and add it to the index of the search engine can take several weeks.

Another solution for the site search can be a plugin Relevanssi – A Better Search. Unlike a standard search algorithm, it displays the search results by relevance, not by date. In addition, it can search not only by the publications, but also by the comments, tags, categories and custom fields.

Relevanssi – A Better Search supports the use of quotation marks to search for an exact phrase, AND and OR operators to search for some or all of the query words, it can also show up in the pages where the match to the search query is partial.

W3 Super Cache 1.0

Perhaps the biggest problem with WordPress, which is known even to those who have never worked with this engine – a great load created on the server. The root problem is that WordPress generates pages dynamically. When you try to view each page visitor engine sends to the database a lot of requests to display it in the browser.

To speed up the site, there are several add-ons, and the most famous are the W3 Total Cache and W3 Super Cache. W3 Total Cache offers not just caching pages, it can be used to compress the scripts to cache database, and more. But we have learned in the subtitle W3 Super Cache, W3 Total Cache as if incorrectly set can not only speed up, but also slow down the site. This add-on has a lot of settings that are focused on large resources working on a separate server, and it requires a professional approach.

As W3 Super Cache, then this plug-in as a simple setup, and principle of operation. Its main purpose – generate static html-files from a dynamic blog. Once the file has been generated, it is sent to the visitor, which reduces the number of queries to the database. Thus, if a visitor does not leave comments, he sees a static version of the page.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 3.4.3

Display similar messages for viewing visitor publications can be implemented in WordPress without plugins, but it requires some technical knowledge, because it implies an edit code file single.php. With the plug-in Yet Another Related Posts Plugin task is much easier.

Supplement shows at the end of each post links to related publications. When you search in this case are not only titles of publications and their content, tags, categories, and so on. To reduce the load on the server Yet Another Related Posts Plugin caches all related posts. With this compilation of a list of similar posts for each publication only once.

Plugin provides a free hand to manage the list of similar links. It is possible to limit the search by excluding certain tags and categories include similar links to RSS-feeds site, control the number of similar links, sorting results.

Worth bearing in mind that the plugin is not possible to clear the cache. If you need to rebuild all related links, you must use another addition from the same developer – YARPP Experiments.

WPtouch 1.9.37

Many modern engines automatically generate a mobile version of the site, given the peculiarities of portable devices. WordPress site owners for as long as they can only dream of such a function, which would be built into the engine.

To make working with the site more comfortable with tablets and smartphones, you can use the supplement WPtouch. Plugin automatically detects when the entrance to the site is carried out with a portable device, and changes the default theme on mobile. In this case, no change in the code of the main themes this site is not made, and the visitor can switch to the standard version of the site. Interface offering WPtouch, created in the style of mobile applications.

Website owner offers many options to control the appearance of the mobile version. You can specify the title of the site, to exclude from the mobile version of news related to a certain category or marked by some tags, configure the display of images to the news, the show’s website, categories, and tags, as well as menu navigation. In addition, for each menu page can select the icon from the list or user-created. You can also change the background color of the various elements of the page and the font used in the title.

Finally, the most interesting features WPtouch – the ability to insert the mobile version of the site code counters and advertising Google AdSense.

Plugin is available in free and commercial versions. Second one is the presence of the special theme for the iPad, as well as more opportunities to manage themes and advertising.


The last useful plugin for WordPress on our list – ManageWP Worker, which perfectly demonstrates that with additions to the site on WordPress you can do almost anything. This supplement is used in conjunction with the service ManageWP.com, the main purpose of which is to manage multiple WordPress-sites.

With ManageWP.com of the service interface can quickly go into the admin panel of any connected to the account sites publish them new messages, install plugins and themes to multiple sites at once, and update version of the engine. If on multiple sites need to publish the same content (for example, a page with contacts or privacy policies), it can also be done with one click. Using ManageWP as easy to centrally manage spam: see suspicious messages from all sites, delete, or approve them.

ManageWP also offers convenient tools to assess the popularity of blogs and search statistics. Using the service can be configured to update the scheduler plugins, the engine or the backup site content.

Addition, the service takes care of one of the most time-consuming tasks – creating a new site on WordPress. Rather than deploy a new site from scratch, and then edit its settings, install the necessary plugins and themes, you can use the cloning and quickly create a template based on an existing site, and then make a new site design required changes.

The cloning site can be useful in cases where you want to transfer your existing website to another hosting.

ManageWP offers some additional features that are not directly related to WordPress. These include, for example, health monitoring site. Service continuously monitors the availability of resources on the network and when problems occur notify the owner.

When dealing with a free service can be administered up to three sites, but a paid subscription, removes this limitation is not expensive (from $ 5 a month).


Although additions, which discussed here are very useful, it is possible that some of them are not needed for your website. Therefore, this list should not be taken as mandatory for any site to WordPress.

And finally, the most important thing to be remembered. Choosing WordPress as a CMS for your website, you are joining millions of other people, so if you are faced with a problem, it is likely it has been resolved. Do not spend hours searching for features that the standard version of the engine may not be. It is better to try to find an answer on the Internet – most likely, a plugin to accomplish the task, and may not even be one.

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