VPN: Virtual Network knitting lessons

With the proliferation of various file-sharing services to many users need to connect computers in a local network anymore. However, there is still a lot of situations when the local network is much easier any web service for data exchange. Computers connected to the network, it is easier to manage, they can quickly provide access to shared data without the need for third-party services, in the end, for laquo; lokalkeraquo, just comfortable to play games.

At one with the words laquo; local setraquo, once there is an association with miles of wires, there also represent other Wi-Fi-Router. But the LAN is also virtual. Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be arranged between any computer connected to the Internet. While physically connect them to each other no need via twisted pair cable or via Wi-Fi, which means it can connect computers located in different parts of the world (although, of course, nothing prevents you to use VPN for PC, standing in one room). In this article we will discuss several applications for organizing and setting up a virtual network.

LogMeIn Hamachi 2.1.0

  • Developer: LogMeIn, Inc
  • Size: 3.7 MB
  • Distribution: freeware (for personal use)
  • Russian interface: yes

When it comes to the virtual network, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, Hamachi. Indeed, the application of the company LogMeIn has a lot of strengths. It is very simple to set up, and create a virtual network can be just a couple of minutes. All that this requires – installed on all computers connected free client Hamachi, create a new network and choose for her ID and password. After that will be tested on the subject of free if the specified identifier (or, more simply, the name of the network), and if so, then the network will be created. Next, you want to transfer the ID and password are required to connect to the network, all participants, computers are assigned IP-addresses and a list of participants in the network is displayed in the client program.

For Hamachi network administrator has the ability to control the connected computers via the web interface. In other words, to manage a network, do not even use a computer connected to it. In order for this opportunity to be available, when the application loads the selected managed mode and create an account. In addition to remote access to the network parameters, the setting is different opportunity to build a network with different topology, as well as the fact that the administrator can quickly deploy new client on computer users by sending them the link to download the client. It should be noted that those who have chosen when installing Hamachi unmanaged mode, may at any time move to a managed.

As in any decision to work with VPN, in Hamachi lot of attention paid to safety. Confidentiality of the data transmitted over the network provides 256-bit encryption AES, and the administrator can enter a variety of ways to protect against unauthorized access. These include network authentication, password protection, lock on a variety of criteria.

Hamachi Basic version is free, but of course there are some restrictions. The first concerns the number of connected computers – there can be no more than sixteen (the commercial version – 256). The second limitation concerns the network topology. The paid version allows you to create a network type laquo; zvezdaraquo;, network with the gateway and mesh networks for commercial use.

Wippien 2.5.1

  • Developer: Kresimir Petric
  • Size: 2.1 MB
  • Distribution: freeware
  • Russian interface: yes

Almost all solutions for the virtual network is free for non-commercial use, or have limitations. Wippien in this sense is a welcome exception to the rule. The program is completely free and even has an open source code.

Building VPN with Wippien is based on installing a virtual network adapter. And the account registration may not be necessary because the program uses a popular protocol Jabber. Thus, in most cases you can not take the time to register a new account and use the existing – ICQ, Google and the like. In addition, using the client Wippien can exchange messages with users of ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and other popular networks. It is worth noting that Wippien supports not only text but also voice chat.

For each user, which is present in the contact list Wippien, displays IP-address assigned to the application, so if you want to configure networking services and applications running in the virtual network, it is very simple to do.

For those users who do not need a chat, developer Wippien offers mini-client miniVPN, that is intended to connect to a virtual network. To use it, you must first install a regular client application to create a virtual network adapter and set up your account. After that, a standard client closes and runs miniVPN (simultaneously they can not function).

There is another possibility of Wippien – by serving WippienService. As miniVPN, it requires pre-installation and configuration of the main client. The service runs in the background and provides a constant connection to the server, as well as a direct connection to another computer, even if the input was not carried out under the account of Windows. For detailed instructions on using the service WippienService can be found on the official site.

The advantages

Wippien also include multi-language support (Russian interface available) and the large number of skins to change the look of the client.

The disadvantages include lack of a stable job – unfortunately, to see a window with an error message that accompanies the program crashes, special efforts have to make.

Comodo Unite

  • Developer: Comodo Group
  • Size: 19.2 MB
  • Distribution: freeware
  • Russian interface: No

The Comodo Unite, formerly known as Comodo EasyVPN, and looks like IM-client. To work with it, as with any network for instant messaging, you must register. After confirmation, the computer account will be assigned IP-address, or you can create a new virtual network or join an existing one. In addition, from the menu, you can open a browser page of virtual networks. The browser works for available networks by name and type, and search for users.

Outward similarity Comodo Unite with IM-client is not accidental. The program also serves as a tool for managing virtual networks, and a tool for communication between users connected to them. As in the usual chat, then you can change your status (busy, available, invisible, away), make a list of contacts, break them up into groups to perform search on them, set in the display only those users who are currently online . During the communication, you can use all sorts of means, from emoticons and to tools for formatting text. In addition, running a simple file sharing via drag-and-drop. In client Comodo Unite, you can import contacts from Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and ICQ.

Same time chatting Comodo Unite, there are some unusual for IM-client function. An interesting possibility Nudge makes remote PC screen shake for a few seconds. This may attract the attention of the user. Also makes it possible to provide remote access to a particular application or desktop on your PC. Access can be opened as a part, when a remote user can only watch what is happening on the screen, and completely when he can run the program from your PC.

If during a remote control session observed laquo; tormozaraquo, we can try to solve this problem by the application settings. In the settings window has sliders that determine how good the picture appears on the screen when the remote computer to transfer content desktop or individual application. By default, the preferred quality to speed, but you can speed up, sacrificing image quality.

Remobo 0.60.0

  • Developer: AWIT Systems Inc.
  • Size: 7.1 MB
  • Distribution: freeware (with some restrictions)
  • Russian interface: No

Remobo – a relatively new solution for virtual networks. Despite the fact that the application has not even laquo; dorosloraquo, up to the first version, it already has clients for all major desktop operating systems-Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

As is the case with other similar decisions to start using Remobo please register. The process is fast enough – even e-mail address to confirm not needed. After registration, participants will be assigned a network IP-address – and launched his own client.

The interface is simple in the extreme, and it has almost no options. To communicate with another computer to add a user to your contact list by its name. I must say that Remobo allows you to use the same account on multiple computers simultaneously, and customer identification is by IP-address.

Once computers will relate to each other, you can see which users are online. They can send a file or a text message, view a list of files to be shared, and to organize a session remote desktop. All traffic is encrypted using AES 256-bit.

One of the distinguishing features Remobo – Set up a direct connection between the user’s computer, without going through a central server. Application always tries to establish a direct connection, but if for some reason this does not help, then use a proxy server Remobo.

Have Remobo have a commercial version with the prefix Pro in the name. Functions that are offered on a fee basis, interesting enough, though most people may well do without them. So, for the money Remobo can work as a service, which starts with the system.

Users also

Pro version can manage from the command line, which is available much more opportunities than in the graphical mode of the program. In addition, the option of execution process in the background (daemon process) without user and connect to an unlimited number of computers (it does not matter whether the owners of these PCs free or paid edition Remobo).


Besides the obvious ways to use VPN, which is well known for system administrators and avid gamers, there are also some others. Thus, a virtual network provides an additional level of security in the exchange of text messages and files, you can quickly gain remote access to your second computer, even if you are away from it, can arrange for family or friends of the environment in which all are free to share your files , applications and messaging.

Addition, applications to support virtual networks can to some extent be an alternative program for remote administration, which is often used for technical support. Having access to a computer that is connected to the VPN, the administrator can remotely perform certain actions on it and find a solution to the problem.

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