Vintage miracles Internet: 10 sites that will take you back in time

Mysteries of quantum physics will unravel not soon, so do not expect in the near future, the emergence of a time machine (in fact, according to quantum physics, time travel back impossible.. – Ed.). But this does not mean that we can not a glimpse of what it was a year, two years, ten years ago. One of the most interesting features of the Internet is that it can find the answer to virtually any question. Imagination of many people breaks stereotypes and breaks the laws of nature. And time travel is possible, too. You can not just look at the news of a century ago, but even send a letter to yourself in the future! But – all in good time.

The Restart Page – reboot the old systems in the browser

And you remember, looked like a loading screen Windows 98? What is loaded Windows 1.1, probably never seen? Thanks to the designers of Soon In Tokyo and developers of Rehab Studio can immerse yourself in the recent past of computer.

They created The Restart Page shows how to restart looked older operating systems, from AmigaOS up to Windows XP. Total proposed seventeen systems, including Windows 1.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Mac OS 9, OS / 2, OpenStep, etc.

The available windows reboot all systems. We click on the Restart system chosen, and will restart right in the browser window. Go to full screen mode to get a better feel the atmosphere of the past. When you restart simulated not only writing on the screen, but a variety of sounds: the signal produced by the speaker, the welcome at startup, etc. Unfortunately, The Restart Page does not display desktops – as soon as the system laquo; zagruzhaetsyaraquo, the user back to the Start page and can run another reboot.

Pica Pic – a collection of retro games

In modern computer games can build entire civilizations or jump with the racket in front of a huge screen, playing table tennis with an imaginary opponent. Some 20 years ago, electronic games were quite different, but they took no less. Recall, electronic game laquo; Wolf with yaytsamiraquo, (in some models instead of a wolf slipping eggs collected Mickey Mouse), known, perhaps, to any student the late eighties and early nineties. The current generation of hard to see how you can play in this, but then this uncomplicated toy for many was the subject of dreams.

Resource Pica Pic offers a huge collection of such electronic retro games that were sold around the world 20-30 years ago. Next to each game, you can read the information about where and in what year it was released. But most importantly, that laquo; yaytsamiraquo wolf, and other retro games can be played directly in the browser, and even compare your results with the records of other players.

Wayback Machine – Internet Archive

Internet is evolving so rapidly today that its shape is changing before our eyes. Therefore, even for a very short time, a web portal interface can be transformed beyond recognition. For one who ever seriously doing some site, create a web project means a lot. This is not surprising, because the work you have put into the soul and which spent a lot of free time, it is impossible not to appreciate.

Wayback Machine Project will be interesting, first of all webmasters. This is – a sort of laquo; fotoalbomraquo, with screenshots of the sites made at different times. Looking through the online calendar, the visitor can see the days in which service captured the title page of the site.

Wayback Machine – a project of non-profit Internet Archive and company Alexa, which provides for the file information collected by its search engines.

Laquo; vremeniraquo machine, operating since 1996 and during this period preserved in the archive of more than 150 billion pages. Use it is very simple – you need to enter the site, then select the year from the archive and click on one of the dates highlighted in blue on the calendar. This – the days where we have a backup copy.

YTTM – video as a time machine

And here’s another interesting idea – to use as a time machine YouTube. The site YTTM collected more than 10,000 hand-selected clips, each of which is the year of creation. Select the year, starting with 1860 and ending with 2011-m, – and watch the video, which was filmed at the time (in 1860 the video was not there, but the movie is on YouTube, offering a first listen to the recorded audio in history).

Video on your site sorted by categories, so you can use the filter is not only the year, but also in content. For example, look only advertising, movies, TV shows or music videos. If you are on a nostalgic view for the entire evening, you can even turn on auto play videos one after another.

Rrrewind – archive of social networking sites

Social sites are not so many years, but they already have a history. Explore the forgotten pages of YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, and other sites, you can use a Web project Rrrewind. He saved the most popular daily recording (videos, photos and so on) from popular websites.

At any time you can open the page file and see which movie was the most viewed on Youtube in June 2009 and were looking for Google users in anticipation of the New Year 2010. Traveling through the archive is easy, because every page there is a big button to jump to the previous day.

laquo; Evolution vebaraquo – history of Web technology

Recent history of development of Web technology is available at laquo; Evolution vebaraquo.; The proposed infographics can consider how to develop web browsers, as well as get information about the technologies used in them in the past and the present. Infographics demonstrates that the development of the Netscape browser has stopped about the same time, when the first version of Google Chrome, Opera 1.0, and that came out before the first version of Internet Explorer.

Project developers also collected screenshots of older browsers. Looking through them one by one, the visitor may be slightly ponostalgirovat and remember what was the interface of Firefox 2, or, say, Opera 7. And yet – look at the screenshots retro browser Mosaic, the latest version of which was published in 1996.

laquo; starostiraquo Newspaper – news hundred years old

Any publication that publishes news, tries to make out a note as soon as possible, because if the reader has already seen the news the competition, it is unlikely to be interested in such a publication. And the news that a few days have not interesting.

But here’s the paradox: many years news again interesting to read, because they give an idea of ??what people were interested in the past. This idea was the basis of an online project laquo; Newspaper starostiraquo, the pages which has been published for many years laquo; starostiraquo – news, coming out in the newspapers that day exactly one hundred years ago.

The meaning of some notes

Modern layman may seem confusing, but there are others who have not lost relevance and for a hundred years. For example, in 1901, in Moscow on New Year lacked trees:

Laquo; This was extremely expensive Christmas tree, besides a few good flat trees. Traders attribute this to the fact that the trees are cut down each year, and the new do not grow in the same proportion. At Theater Square, in addition, as a consequence of the restructuring laquo; Metropolyaraquo, much has lowered area for trading trees to the freedom of movement, and traders this polzuyutsyaraquo;.

The site also can get information about the press of the century – here contains information on dozens of publications, including regional ones.

laquo; Old gazetyraquo – electronic archive newspaper

Time is a spiral, so it is very much in the life of mankind is repeated. As the saying goes, laquo; no such rakes, which have never stepped foot chelovekaraquo.; The same errors that result from the same vices, the same stimulus material and spiritual values. For example, those who are on the Internet today called laquo; trollyamiraquo, have been in the past, long before the Web. Individuals love to correspond with the editors of newspapers and magazines, threw various organizations slander, required to publish their prose, and so on. But, fortunately, their comments were outside the pages, so their existence was known only to editorial staff.

Time changes only the appearance of things, but the essence of the event remains the same. This is easily seen by examining the contents of the site laquo; Old gazetyraquo.; This is – a unique place on the Web where you can literally trace our history. Here you will find a large database of periodicals, government, and even the Russian pre-revolutionary newspapers over the years. Archive is divided by publications and by year. For some issues, there are HTML-version of the materials. At the site are more than a thousand editions of newspapers over the years.

laquo; Born in SSSRraquo – Archives of the Soviet past

Even those who once carried in his pocket a passport with the letters of the Soviet Union, have begun to forget what life was like before, before the advent of computers. And what can we say about the generation of those who literally went from the cradle to press a button on the keyboard! They can not imagine that there was a time when the most complex laquo; kalkulyatoromraquo, that people saw was a cash register at the grocery store. Dinosaurs was already extinct, and the supermarket had not been invented. The man went hunting with a grid, called laquo; avoskaraquo, and for wearing long hair or jeans could receive a reprimand at work. Word laquo; kartochkaraquo, not associated with laquo; vizoyraquo, or laquo; masterkardraquo, and with a thick Talmud in the clinic. Cities were lower, and the TV shows only a few channels.

Soviet era was not easy, but it was a lot of interesting things that the younger generation would be interested.

While the people there were a word laquo; sovokraquo, that people whisper or low voice called their country. It is not surprising that for a site that is dedicated to that era, the creators have chosen consonant name. This website – it’s not just a museum of history, it is a fascinating excursion into the past.

Enthusiasts gathered documents, photos, videos, posters, Soviet Toys, scanned bills and so on – all this creates an atmosphere of that time and gives a clear idea of ??what life was in laquo; Soviet chelovekaraquo.; There are even pictures of the products, for which our grandparents had to stand in long queues.

Laquo; Letter buduscheeraquo;

Sometimes you is that you find in a drawer old diaries, notebooks, notepads and held for their viewing and reading night long? It is always interesting to dive into the past and remember their thoughts, feelings, hopes, which have long been forgotten.

Time Capsule invented a long time ago. For example, in 1939 in New York, the message buried for five thousand years, which included Bubbles with seeds, a microscope, a doll, a spool of thread and other things familiar to us. But there are letters in the future is not for such a long time. For example, thanks to the project can send a letter to the future itself.

It’s enough to send a message, specify the date of dispatch and address. Electronic messages are delivered free of charge, and for a small fee, you can order the paper to send this letter.


Whether we like it or not, the World Wide Web has become part of our lives. To a greater or lesser extent, we all live online. And this virtual life is not much different from the present – people communicate, read the news, do their business. And look at what was laquo; molodostraquo online, they are not less pleasant than looking at the album many years ago.


Design his first home page, many pull the plug: laquo; Unless so it was necessary to do it? Ah, if I had znalhellip; raquo; Yes, unfortunately, life is only once and immediately laquo; on chistovikraquo, and errors made at one time, correct can not always. But everything has its advantages. After all, if we were right, we would have had nothing to remember!

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