Video of the Day: Super Mario game came to life on the walls of the office with the help of thousands of leaflets for notes

Adhesive colored sheets for notes, very convenient in everyday life to remind you of a particular case, and may be useful to re-create on the walls of the old pixel video game characters. But privednny video, created by the user FinalCutKing, takes this idea to laquo; ozhivitraquo, these characters of old video games.

To smki this animated movie to its creator will need to buy more than 7000 self-adhesive sheets. By the way, despite the fact that on the whole video is about Super Mario, in nm paid attention to other popular laquo; pikselnymraquo, games like Pac-Man and Tetris.

Video submission mdash; good way to feel the special mood on the eve of the next game in the Mario universe mdash; New Super Mario Bros. Or two before resuming play in previous projects Mario, for 3DS owners who have provided notable discounts.