Valve: vital experience from TF2 in microtransactions and MMO

As the leading Valve designer Robin Walker (Robin Walker), Team Fortress 2 will allow us to gather valuable experience in the area, usually associated with the MMO. According to him, the transition to the Team Fortress 2 free model has allowed Valve explore specific game and business planning, the experience that the company was not, but that is a potential for the survival of the studio in the long term.

In a recent interview, Mr. Volcker said that Valve was concerned that the Sun is not involved in a popular market MMO, but TF2 allowed her to explore the principles of micro-transactions and free games.

Laquo; MMO become the dominant theme in the industry, and we are concerned that we can not survive if it does not create such a project, mdash; he explained. mdash; Something like this, we have to experience and for micro-transactions: that our company is in jeopardy unless he gets his own experience and clear data predmeteraquo;.

Instead of creating a new project, the company has made Team Fortress 2 free to add different elements in style MMO to play. laquo; Finally TF2 has established itself as the most useful tool of the created world to reduce future risks, mdash; developer added. mdash; I was very frightening thought that if we had not taken this step, then we would not have today any data and experience with the service, based on the strategies monetizatsiiraquo.; DOTA 2 mdash; one of the projects that should reap experience Valve in microtransactions and free games. Prospects of Half-Life 3 Sun more vague?