Valve promises to begin beta testing of Steam Big Picture in early September

First announced last spring Big Picture mode will be the next step in the transfer of PC gaming in the living rooms of players thanks conclusion Steam service on a large screen TV with support for menu navigation without a keyboard and mouse with the help of only one game controller.

Greg Coomer (Greg Coomer) from Valve said in a recent interview resource GameTrailersTV: laquo; In early September, you will be able to participate in the beta [Big Picture] mdash; need to do is press a button to see how Steam reconstructed under your TV, and you can manage the service using a game controller for PC, mouse, or keyboard, if you are interested in playing on the screen televizoraraquo;.

Laquo; There are some games that are best suited for control with the controller than the others, so they are ideal for living rooms, but all the games will be available, so the user will not have to give up your favorite games when he uydt of bedroom gostinuyuraquo;, mdash; he added.

Although this is a significant step for the transfer of PC games in the living room, the head of Valve Gabe Newell (Gabe Newell) still claims that plans to release a console or a standard hardware platform, the company does not. Speaking of the Big Picture mode on Steam, he said: laquo; We showed hardware partnram and said: bdquo; Look, this is a useful tool to display your hardware systems in the living room, it is excellent. If you want to run it on top of Windows mdash; well, if you want to run on top of Linux mdash; too horosholdquo; raquo;.

When asked about whether the console manufacturers interested in technology, Mr. Newell said that after the launch of the beta version as a standard user and the manufacturers will be able to immediately make free opinion mdash; very soon become clear whether it is necessary to Actually players, or they will take e as esch one interesting, but not particularly valuable innovation.

In one interview with the head of the places Valve reiterated its concerns about Windows 8. laquo; I would be very happy if Windows 8 expected explosive success, because we then be able to earn more money, and at the same time will be a lot of happy users. But I do not think that would happen. I think that Windows 8 will be in the final schte badly perceived by consumers. I believe that the call to support will be much larger. I think that the manufacturers profit decrease. Finally, I expect that we will sell fewer copies of our games on computers that are running Windows 8raquo;.

Total available with the next release of GameTrailersTV, which have been affected by many other questions regarding the plans and activities of Valve, can be privednnom video.