Update Microsoft SkyDrive: photo sharing and increase the limit

Just a month after the launch of the prerelease version of SkyDrive for Windows and Mac OS X Lion, Microsoft introduced the new update and improve the functionality of its clients. Update is automatically downloaded and installed in the background on the users computer.

In preparation for launch Windows 8 Release Preview company updated client for Linux mdash; directly from the Photo user can see the photos stored on other PCs client installed SkyDrive mdash; no matter where the user is located, or how many terabytes of photos stored on the PC that is being accessed.

Addition, the number of files available in the directory SkyDrive, increasing from 150,000 to an impressive 10 million Among the many smaller patches mentioned disappearance SkyDrive icon for OS X Lion Dock in the performance of applications and faster, nadzhnoe update folder in SkyDrive changes on other devices.