Under the roof of your site: universal web-pages

In late June, the company released Domo infographic showing-the-minute activity of 2.1 billion Internet users. According to them, every minute of the web is created 571 new site. This means that the issue laquo; How to make your web resource? Raquo; given thousands of people daily.

Answer to this question may be very different. You can instruct the creation of a site team of web developers, and you can select one of the free or fee-based CMS, buy hosting and self-deploy the site. Another relatively inexpensive (and in some cases – and at free option) – to use website builder. He, on the one hand, avoids technically inexperienced user from having to deal with the FTP-server settings and make changes to the configuration files, and on the other – makes it possible to work on their own creative site for fun.

Constructors sites are different: as such, with which you can create a site almost every direction, and specialized, that is focused only on certain types of web resources (websites, business cards, portfolios, etc.). In this review, we will focus only on the universal constructor.


Jimdo.com project was initially designed for small companies, and its purpose was – to create a simple content management system, so that employees can avail themselves of the organization involved in setting up and updating the site, without referring to the webmasters. When a CMS was created, the project is open to the general public under the slogan laquo; Pages people! Raquo;. It turned out that Jimdo is not only suitable for portfolio organizations, but for blogs, home pages, galleries, photographers, online shopping and many other types of sites.

After registration, each user gets a Jimdo 500 MB of free storage space for files, and address such mysite.jimdo.com. The ability to bind your own domain – one of the paid service features.

Site is fully managed by the browser. The main page has a link to log in as the administrator. Once the input is made, all the blocks are editable website: It is possible to make changes, delete, and add new ones.

Units have varied from simple text to tables, multicolumn text, picture, insert cards, photos from Flickr, tapes Twitter, guest book, links to download the file, RSS-tape and so on.

To a page with information about the site or about the author is convenient to use a unit laquo; Full teksteraquo, with which you can place on a page of text that accompanies the picture and set the parameters of the flow images. To the site, you can download not only from the hard drive, but also from the online storage Dropbox – for Jimdo implemented integration with the service. This is useful, for example, when creating a gallery. By the way, a gallery of images can be created both through HTML, and Flash tools with animated transition effects flips and stuff. In Jimdo also have a block to play flash movies (SWF-files).

On site, you can quickly add a button laquo; I nravitsyaraquo, to promote page on Facebook, as well as block laquo; Podelitsyaraquo, to allow visitors to post links to a page on their profiles laquo; VKontakteraquo, and other social sites.

To edit the page design or modify the site, you need to use a special navigation bar that appears at the right of the screen.

Basic features include changing the design load custom images for the header of the site, choose a template from a large library, color setting headers, links, menus and page background. More experienced users can upload their own template and edit it with the HTML editor and CSS.


Site settings, which can be found in the admin panel, work only in the paid version of the service. For example, users of free accounts can not change the links in the basement of the site to protect the password page, set meta tags for pages to hide the link to access the administration panel, do the newsletter.

Jimdo is well suited for creating an online store. However, it should be borne in mind that the free version is limited to five the number of goods and payment is accepted only through Paypal, so full shop can only work for users of Pro-accounts.

Up shop as automated: goods can be presented as a list or gallery, for easy organization includes not only the categories and tags. The store owner can change the default e-mail sent to those who made the order, set the price of delivery to different regions, to choose the country in which the goods ordered.

Laquo; Sites Googleraquo;

Agree that it would be strange if it was not in Google’s own tool for creating websites. Make your project with this service is completely free and in minutes. Site assigned too sonorous name of the type https://sites.google.com/site/mysite, but can also bind to their own website domain. Also, do not forget that you are dealing with Google, which means that the chance that with hosting any problems is minimal.

Site created a few easy steps: you have to specify the name, description, choose a template and theme.

The default site is accessible to all, but if you want you can prevent it from indexing by search engines, or even restrict access to it by manually specifying the people who will be able to visit the site. The latter option is useful if you want to place paid lessons or other content intended for a limited number of users.

Site may contain any number of pages. Their structure can be controlled by dragging the page name in the tree view. The service offers several templates to quickly create pages, including standard information page, a blog with ads, file storage, providing information in a list. Templates can be created independently, and later use them for new pages.

Page editing is performed using a visual editor. Pages can contain a variety of components, including, for example, recently added files, recent posts, table of contents, sub and so on. Among the available blocks (laquo; Sites Googleraquo; they are called gadgets), and many of which are relevant to other services of the Internet giant. For example, you can insert a page document stored in Google Drive, slide shows from your photos from online albums Picasa, videos from YouTube, AdSense ad unit and so on. Note, however, that the service site creation, apparently, had not been updated, as there can be found a block for non-existent services, Google Wave and Google Video. At the same time, no hint of integration is now actively promoted social network Google+ no.

Service integrates with other projects for the Google webmaster site statistics Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, designed for search engine optimization. It is also worth noting the automatic creation version of the site designed for viewing on mobile devices.

To store files related to the site allocated 100 MB of disk space. Manage the data can be downloaded using a special section admin panel. Then displays the location of each file size, date of loading.


Site builder Weebly has no Russian localization, so if this is your problem, it is best to look for another service. However, for those who speak the language of Shakespeare, at least at the level of high school programs, Weebly will definitely be of interest. Service is not completely free, but offers the opportunity within the basic account to create a site on your own domain. Advertising on free sites Weebly almost there – only a small link in laquo; podvaleraquo; pages. The amount of space reserved for the site is not limited, but the size of a file can not exceed 5 MB.

Since it is assumed that by registering on Weebly, the user immediately will create a site, number of clicks, which he needs to do, is kept to a minimum. Immediately after registration, a window appears where you enter the name of the site and indicate the category to which it will apply. The user can then select which domain they will post the site: on his or third level domain mysite.weebly.com.

Then you can immediately go to work on the title page. To change the content using a visual editor, first on the settings panel selected elements to embed on a site, then you can edit each block, causing the settings by clicking on it. Because a lot of different types of power, they are divided into three categories: basic, multimedia, income, and other.

In particular, you can add slide shows, photo galleries, flash videos, maps Google, videos from YouTube, links to download files form to contact the administration, multi-column text, polls, RSS-feed. There are also insert custom blocks HTML-code. But the ability to play in the video player and audio files downloaded to the site, is the prerogative of the premium users. Bought Pro-Account can also implement a site different documents (. Doc,. Pdf,. Xls,. Ppt), which open directly into your browser. For premium features also include protecting the site and individual pages of a password and download the site icon (favicon).

Weebly offers users a place on the site commercials AdSense, but it should be borne in mind that the site owners receive only half of the income from advertising, – the second half of the service took away.

Edit page properties and manage the structure of the site is also very easy: you can create as many pages, including those that will lead to external sites, set titles, descriptions, meta tags, place the code in the header or at the bottom of the page which pages are hidden in the navigation menu, hide the site from search engines, including optimization for mobile devices.

In the settings page you can also find a button to add to your blog site. For a blog offers the date and time, as well as comments. You can set pre-moderation of comments before publication, to include notification of new comments via e-mail. Comments are used to control a convenient window in which you can view all the messages, approve them, delete them, mark as spam.

In Weebly even realized the possibility of multi-site management. Owner can add editors and define their roles: for example, some users given the right to delete comments, the other – to edit some of the pages, the third – to give full access to the site changes. However, it should be borne in mind that in the free account, you can add only administrators with full user rights.

Sites created in the constructor of Weebly, the web appears only after you click Publish, so before you submit a draft world can work together on it behind closed doors.


Yola – is another English-language site builder, which is suitable for web projects very different directions. One of the interesting features of the service – automatic pattern matching based on the subject site. Immediately after registration are requested to indicate the name of the site and to inform the service, the content of the character on it will be placed. For example, if the report that the website will be devoted to food, Yola immediately selects a template that’s so delicious.

Like other website builder, adding elements by simply dragging and dropping blocks from the options panel in the area of ??the page. You can add videos from YouTube, photos from Flickr, download flash videos and audio files for playback on the web pages, as well as any files no larger than 5 MB. While for a site can be up to 1 GB of disk space. It is also very easy to add social Yola website buttons: Google +1, laquo; Comments Facebookraquo;, laquo; I nravitsyaraquo;, laquo; share in Twitterraquo; and others.

Working with Yola, the user can not only choose a template, and change the page layout. Once the layout is defined, in those areas of the site that are not yet filled content prompts. The images are downloaded to the service can be edited online through integration with Yola editor Aviary.

Addition, the service offers integration with microstock Fotolia, so choose, buy, upload a photo and post it on the site can, without leaving the page designer. Also pay attention to the free clipart from Yola.

As Jimdo, Yola service allows you to create online e-shop, but this is a paid option. By the way, the module store software developed by Ecwid, based in Ulyanovsk. Shop supports integration with popular payment systems, social functions and the mobile version.

Under a free account you can create a third level domain name types mysite.yolasite.com. Using your own domain name – again cost option. It features premium service also includes editing of CSS, the use of additional styles, delete the ad unit in Yola laquo; podvaleraquo; site.


Modern designers

Sites have nothing to do with the tools that are offered ten years ago to create home pages for free hosting. This is – full CMS, with which you can create quite decent sites for different purposes: the web-based resources organizations, and online shopping, and themed blogs, and photo galleries. A paid version of website builder also should not walk away, because the price includes not only the ability to create additional Web resources, but also not very expensive hosting.

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