Transformers: Fall of Cybertron steeper than Michael Bay. review

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As the first part of two years ago, Fall of Cybertron still experience can cause a real joy of children: on the screen trying to find out the correct ratio transformers own universe, and not reflective mechanical teenagers, so annoying in a Michael Bay movie trilogy. Scope, epic and diversity has become more esch, and events added to the drama in general, High Moon Studios has built a model of the original sequel horoshego. Situation is appropriate to compare, for example, with the first continuation Assassins Creed or Uncharted, which ICE characterized descriptive thesis is the same, but better.

shooting, racing, hide and seek and dinosaurs

Denying all possible monotony, the game at the right moments forgets its formal affiliation to the genre of shooter and offers a completely different way of spending time. Users expect the levels where you need to advocate for small and crafty Autobot and stealth style infiltrate the enemy base, eliminating hefty opponents only surreptitiously. A little later, during a ground attack mission, provide a composite steer giant Bruticus, a gathering of half a dozen ordinary Decepticons. Well then step into the skin of the powerful battleship, take the shape of a Tyrannosaurus rex mad and break the destructive agony too small and not very opponents to pieces. MOD place for episodes with familiar postrelushka featured, high dynamics and successful implementation of the transformation of robots in military vehicles.

Speaking of transformations. Fall of Cybertron, it seems, was the first game of toys Hasbro, where the main characters feature functional ability to change the shape entirely justified in terms of gameplay. Well with this aspect of things were in the previous model, but in the Fall of constant transformation almost become a necessity. Mainly provides a pleasant freedom of choice, but circumstances force somewhere game held separate episodes in an alternative form. For example, to bombard the enemy base in the form of fighter vertolta or pursue tracked the ship-city selected mode racing SUV.

Much diversity and level design: the action takes place not only in the usual steel caves, more like phantasmagoric jungle, and the spacious locations like streets of the ruined city, toxic swamps or even on the surface zvezdolta. In the tradition of spectacular blockbuster trikvela like Gears of War or Uncharted on the horizon there is something consistently significant: explode huge buildings, transformed military towers or walk, to dread enemy troops, kilometer robot colossus Metroplex.

Heritage eightieth

However, all the above nuances serve a single purpose: to provide the best possible vigorous narrative, that player is not for a moment he could not even remember that in this world there is a general boredom. Narrative chapters lightning sweep over the eyes, a new character into the hands esch faster than have time to get used to the previous. Final is the same at all speed race with obstacles on both sides at once how many games do you know where on the way to a head for ten minutes before you several times given the opportunity to change direction?

Plot, in turn, continues the story of the devastating conflict Autobots and Decepticons on the home planet and is a free paraphrase of the first series of the cartoon series of the eighties. In principle, the Sun holds only common complication: good Transformers are trying to escape in Dalkeith space in search of new life, and the principle of evil robots do not want to let them have a fight with someone. If we consider each chapter in detail, they all tell of small individual missions of both clans and all this, in general, not that forms a strong and well-built plot, motivating to the passage. On the other hand, are involved in the events of the familiar characters, voiced mostly familiar voices, so the general surroundings easily recovers some confusion going on. Well, the Sun finally finished and on what planet fly heroes of this and you can guess without being told.

Payment for the pace of narration is the short duration of the single player campaign on the average game slowly traversed in a couple of evenings. And those who do not want to part with transformers so fast, can safely go online.

Basically, networking Fall of Cybertron is not much different from those in other modern shooters. Escalation is the latest copy of the Horde Gears of War four players kicking against oncoming hordes of enemies to survive fifteen waves. There are quite classic death match or capture the flag. Allocated for local multiplayer scht Sun same dynamic game battles are fast, fun, and with the endless transformations of all participants. For points earned can improve their transformers as visually (assembled from multiple pieces of his original warrior), and qualitatively, pumping capacity of the hero. Initially available four character classes, but by the time of publication of this review was to appear as the class dinobotov sluggish, but obscenely effective in close combat robots.

After the game comes the thought of what would look like a continuation. On the one hand, the two Cybertron gotten bored with the game, and because of the total absence of human and earthly surroundings lost some fantastic contrast between the robots and the environment familiar to us at the World Cup went entirely movies. On the other hand, the scenery of our planet opredelnnye may impose restrictions on the imagination of the designer and the implementation of certain elements of the game.

Whatever it was, would love to know about SCM is on personal experience as two years old.


  • diversity and high tempo campaign story;
  • distinct transformers with very different capabilities;
  • beautiful landscapes destroyed Cybertron;
  • monitor events more interesting than watching Transformers Michael Bay;
  • oars multiplayer, featuring high dynamics;
  • best game of Transformers today.


  • short single player;
  • some plot confusion, those who have not watched the animated series will not understand the nuances of a number of characters and motivations.

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