Training notebook: useful software for mobile computer

Mobile computers have more advantages than disadvantages. They are not afraid interruptions in the power supply voltage, they are always there with his owner. Of course, many of these devices are inferior to the performance of desktop PCs, but more expensive models are fine for laquo; tyazhelyhraquo, applications and games.

Upgradeability for most mobile computers, usually fairly modest – often you can change the hard drive, you can sometimes add memory, in some cases it is possible to replace the graphics card. But all you can do is not always, and many notebooks upgrade impossible. Therefore, to improve the device performance, add functionality and improve performance is the only way – choose wisely used applications.

saves battery or battery Marathon

To installed on a laptop computer software subject to special requirements. If a conventional desktop, you can run complex and bulky packages, for a laptop for each additional process means reducing energy consumption and battery operation. So when you install the software to constantly laquo; pulseraquo keep your finger on, and carefully monitor the Startup list. And, not to get into a situation, when the battery runs out earlier than you expect, you need to closely monitor the battery.

Easiest way to do it with TuneUp Utilities 2012. This package has a lot of tools useful tools that allow you to configure the laptop so that the squeeze out of the battery all stocked minutes and seconds. To do this using TuneUp Utilities 2012 can defragment disk and registry, remove unnecessary components from startup, rid the system of unused data and random errors in the registry.

But the most interesting feature of this program – the use of economic mode of operation in which all processes are optimized. Thus, the reduced frequency of the processor, stop unnecessary services are disabled visual effects, stop work of individual devices and so on. On assurances of developers, the approach to optimize power consumption, saving a third more battery capacity than the battery consumption of the mobile computer with the included cost-profile power management in Windows 7.

Scourge web, juggling networks

Main tool for most owners of mobile laptop or tablet – the Internet. Without a network connection, the computer stops to perform a wide range of functions and the multi-purpose desktop tool into a game console or a typewriter. Therefore laptop owner must understand the network settings and be able to quickly laquo; zhonglirovatraquo; them for their purposes. And, of course, he must be on hand applications that can solve any problem related to the network.

WeFi for Wi-Fi

The WeFi is a manager of Wi-Fi-networks. When you frequently move from one place to another, we have to look for new network, choose the new connectivity options. WeFi automates selection of a wireless network. For example, you can make a list of Wi-Fi-networks, the program will be given preference. Each time, scan the air and found one of the networks of the established list, the program will connect to pre-defined parameters.

Mobile computer often take with them on trips – trips, travel and so on. In a strange city is difficult to navigate, especially if you care for him for the first time. It is not easy to understand at once, where some street where each restaurant. And it is very difficult to figure out which side you can find a free internet point. Then come to the aid of one of the functions of the program – Wi-Fi maps. In this mode, WeFi loads maps Google maps and shows they are closest to the address the access point (in a radius of three kilometers). I must say that this function is not ideal and the card has not all of a functioning access point. Nevertheless, it’s better than nothing.

Through networking jungle with NetSetMan

One of the advantages of mobile devices – is the fact that along with the tablet or laptop user always stays in touch at any time and can use the Internet to access their files, search for relevant information, communicate with colleagues and so on. No Wi-Fi or LAN-network – no knowledge, news, music and more. Moreover, in many cases, one network card can even be enough – often using multiple network interfaces, wired Internet and Wi-Fi to work in the local network.

However, there is one disadvantage that may prevent the owner of the laptop be laquo; mobilnymraquo; – the need to change the network configuration settings in each new location. For example, for home Internet it is necessary to specify some IP-addresses for your network – the other and so on. For advanced users, in such a problem is no big deal, he quickly create several BAT-file command to set up different configurations and will run them as needed. However, for many users, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the command line, this way of configuring the notebook is not very convenient. Much easier to use for this purpose a small application called NetSetMan.

This utility has many advantages. First of all, it’s free. Second, there is a Russian interface. Third, during the installation, you can select the version portable – in this case, the utility can be run from any USB-drive. NetSetMan is not necessary to keep running all the time, so this option is especially convenient installation – not clogged with unnecessary registry entries, and in addition, you can quickly configure multiple devices using a single USB flash drive.

NetSetMan very convenient for everyday work. For example, a user to save the current profile is not necessary – the program can create it for you, remembering your configuration. The user just six profiles for different network configurations. This is more than enough for even very laquo; mobilnogoraquo, the user who manages the day to work on the computer and there, and here.

Automatic switching options allow your laptop to quickly adapt to the new network. Once the application will detect the new network name, it immediately activates the appropriate profile. In the utility, you can bind the identification of the new network on the unique MAC-address.

Connectify – myself AP

Mobile computer is almost always contains a standard set of devices, including network adapter to work with Ethernet and Wi-Fi-module. If you have the ability to connect to a laptop wireless internet, you can distribute it to other Wi-Fi users, turning your computer into a real access point. For this purpose it is convenient to use the utility Connectify. The program installs a virtual Wi-Fi-adapter, which acts as a router, giving other users a variety of resources, including access to the Internet.

Main window is called Connectify from the icon in the system tray. It contains all the necessary settings for the access point control, so the user need not even refer to the Windows network settings and search box laquo; Allow other network users to connect to the Internet at this kompyutereraquo.; In the list of available network adapters specify which device will share the Internet, which device will be used to distribute a wireless Wi-Fi-access, and select one of the levels of network security Wi-Fi. In addition, you want to name the access point name and password.

As soon as one of the users try to connect to the access point is activated (button Start Hotspot), the program starts to connection statistics. On the Clients can see a list of users that are connected to a computer that provides network resources.

Connectify utility comes in two versions – a free version and Connectify Pro, with more advanced features. The latter allows you to choose any name for the access point (the free version has to put up with the prefix Connectify), use administration tools, and also has advanced features for accessing remote files. To establish a standard to access sites on http or https is sufficient and free version of the program.

Dopilivaem keyboard

Laptop, unlike a desktop PC is not able to replace the keyboard on a more suitable model. So the user has to put up with all the disadvantages of mobile layouts. Still, with some inconvenience portable keyboard can be removed.

Keyboard Leds: set laquo; migalkiraquo;

Developers laptops tend to make the device as small as possible, sometimes forgetting that the laptop must not only compact, but also easy to use. In some models, there are no LEDs commonly used keys such as Caps Lock and Num Lock. This small but annoying flaw will disappear as soon as you install a small free utility Keyboard Leds. Of course, the light bulb in your laptop does not appear, but the application will report each of the operating modes of the above keys. Moreover, the program can also track and pressing the Scroll Lock, an indicator that has even not at all for a desktop keyboard.

Keyboard Leds in the background, taking up RAM in about one to two megabytes. The program can notify the user keystrokes in two ways – by changing the icon in the system tray or in an informational text field of the screen. Also in the program, you can configure colors for the display and sound the horn, which will accompany each press controlled keys.

Touchpad Blocker – see off the touchpad to retire

Many users who purchase the laptop, and get used to the touch pad and a bag with a laptop, hold for a more conventional manipulator – the mouse.

Even those who have learned to drive a virtuoso finger on the touchpad, are unlikely to argue that this tool to control the cursor has disadvantages. First, it is less accurate and does not suit for the dynamic movement of the cursor, such as games. Secondly, the implementation is sometimes poor. On some models, the location of the touchpad chosen so unfortunate that when typing hand and then touches the ground, causing the cursor accidentally laquo; prygaetraquo, in the middle of the typed document. At best. At worst, the cursor can spontaneously select and remove a fragment of typed text or even run some function of the program, if you accidentally hit the interface element.

Another drawback, which accompanies many notebook models – the lack of a hardware switch that device. We can not say that the touchpad quite useless, sometimes it is very useful, for example, when the backpack is no room for a mouse. Occasionally, however, the touchpad would like something quick disconnect for a while, say, in the process of typing.

Block touchpad can by standard means, through the list of installed devices. But there is a more convenient – use small free programmu Touchpad Blocker. This utility monitors user activity tracking keystrokes on the keyboard. Once the owner of the laptop begins to write text or type a command, the utility Touchpad Blocker temporarily blocks the function touch panel, and the user may not have to be afraid to touch his hand area of ??the device.

Program keeps statistics of blocked commands pad – on the screen at any time you can see how many times Touchpad Blocker prevent accidental pressing. Besides, the utility allows you to configure and duration of the touch pad lock.


Notebooks updated very often, and a brand new laptop can laquo; modyraquo exit, just a couple of years. However, the main program laquo; nachinkaraquo, mobile, despite the improvement of the hardware of these devices is the same. In addition to the application in this article, there are many alternatives – both free and commercial, so the user to choose from.

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