Torrentoador more boldly into battle! Not obvious how to work with BitTorrent

Despite all efforts laquo; spravedlivostraquo fighters, including record companies, publishing houses, film companies, and so on, technology sharing protocol BitTorrent, not only to keep up the momentum, but it continues to thrive. Today we look at some of the great features of this technology, about which they know not all.

Short laquo; magnityraquo;

Infamous BitTorrent protocol is widely used by millions of people around the world. Works a lot of trackers, both public and elite, which can be accessed only by special invitation purchased. This technology is integrated with the browser, download manager, file laquo; kachalkamiraquo.; But there is one problem – the content rights holders, from time to time throw lawsuits popular torrent resources. Sometimes, as in the case of The Pirate Bay or, they even manage to win a partial victory. However, as they say, a holy place is never empty. Trackers change their disposition, register new domain names, encrypted traffic sent.

Recently increasingly popular so-called magnet-links. These addresses do not indicate a specific address, they only provide information on the control of hash total download. So, search the files occurs after analyzing their contents.

Usually this link looks like a long line: magnet:? xt = urn: btih: lt; info-hashgt; amp; dn = lt; imya_faylagt; amp; tr = lt; tracker-urlgt;.

Use such references is inconvenient – the forum they can be displayed laquo; kolbasoyraquo, in my head to keep them at all unrealistic, copy and transfer your friend chatting too uncomfortable. Therefore, to solve the problem, you can use the service to generate short-magnet-links

Memorable name and short links – what do you need for a quick reference to a tweet or on the forum? In the service’s settings, you can also specify your alias – the key word being inserted after the primary address, so laquo; magnitnyyraquo, the address will be even easier to remember.

BitTorrent TV

At first glance, the technology of communication is so advanced, that the desire to improve the functioning of P2P-networks like trying to reinvent the wheel. Trump BitTorrent – decentralization flows, load balancing, whereby participants peer networks can simultaneously receive data at a reasonable speed. And it is this property of the BitTorrent protocol prompted the creator of the popular file-sharing network of Bram Cohen’s idea that this feature can be used in a completely other purposes not related to the transfer of files. For example, you can develop a parallel technology – P2P-TV.

Meaning of such a project is obvious – Broadcast video peer to peer network is not from a specific server, which means that the number of spectators can be almost infinite, while in conventional online broadcast of the number of connections is limited bandwidth.

New project Bram Cohen is not less ambitious than his first creation. According to the creator of the protocol BitTorrent, the main problem, which he had to overcome in the development of their offspring, – a stable video transmission between users that would prevent delay, fading pictures on the screen. Author away more of their future development and even argues that conventional TV will die as such. Any user can use the peer-to broadcast on million viewers, and the delay (in theory) should not exceed a few seconds. What is remarkable – the load on the dealer’s member in such a P2P-network should fall by 99 percent.

How it will look in the future, we can see today. Go to the project and set client to view video in the browser.

Unfortunately, the demonstration broadcast with enhanced protocol BitTorrent is not possible in all browsers. Therefore, to get acquainted with P2PTV use the latest Google Chrome, Opera on the video stream is not displayed (by the way of laquo; sovmestimostiraquo election, the browser – recently appeared on the web, even joke about that Facebook wants to buy a Norwegian browser in order to stop its further develop and dissolve their state under the DTP Opera).

SopCast – P2P video broadcast today

How successful will

BitTorrent Live – time will tell. However, it is fair to say that the idea of ??broadcasting in peering network is not new. Even before Cohen was shown a prototype P2P-TV, attempts to create a functioning model of the broadcast has been made. One of the most viable projects in this field was the service SopCast. However, at this point it is also more like a demonstration of P2P-broadcasting. The most serious drawback SopCast – not a very high quality and a small number of transmitted channels. Their total number is hardly exceed three dozen stations. On the other hand, is constantly updated list of translations, some broadcasts cease, others run. Russian-language channels, we found only laquo; Golraquo, and the one after the broadcast of the final Copa Libertadores laquo; ushelraquo, in offline.

Use services SopCast service is easy – just download and install the client of the same name. Externally, the program is somewhat similar to one of the tools to view online TV. SopCast client designed to perform multiple functions. First of all this, of course, the online TV. Channel’s reception quality is dependent on the speed of broadcast stream. Basically, it is quite satisfactory, but the very image shortcomings mentioned by Bram (fading pictures, squares, etc.), and sometimes have an effect. To view, you can use standard player WMP, but it is possible to transfer the video streams on any external player. This is very useful because the standard player is practically devoid of any adjustments was to correct the image. For example, the client works very well SopCast popular VLC. If, say, the video is displayed with an incorrect aspect ratio, player settings, you can easily correct the image by selecting the correct options. Video stream can be recorded to the hard drive, keeping the flow in its original form.

Second important function of the client SopCast allows anyone to set up their own laquo; telekompaniyuraquo, and feel Mikhalkov on YouTube. In the client, it is possible to run a server, broadcasting formats ASF / WMV, FLV/H.264, MPEG-TS/H.264 and others.

Remote downloading torrents in the client

Most popular torrent client micro; Torrent has long had a feature remote download control via a web interface, as well as Android-devices. Adjusted it is very simple: you need to go in the Remote Management settings and select the name of the client computer and the password.

After the data is sent to the server micro; Torrent, can be from any computer or mobile device, go to the site, you enter your login and see what is happening on the remote client. Through the Web interface, you can pause and resume downloads, add new torrents, and so on.

For Android users have an official app micro; Torrent Remote, by which also you can manage your downloads. Downloaded files can be transferred to the mobile device for playback.

Another good application for remote control of the torrent client with a mobile device running Android – Transdroid. It supports a large number of different programs (including micro; Torrent, Transmission, Vuze, Deluge, rTorrent, BitTorrent 6, Ktorrent, qBittorrent, Bitflu), as well as several popular sites (Mininova, The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, Monova, Vertor, ExtraTorrent, Torrent Reactor and others)

With TransDroid can start, stop, or remove torrents from the download list, change the maximum data rate, search for many trackers. The application supports RSS-flows and can notify the completion of the download.

Only remains to add that TransDroid available in Google Play – in the official app store there with that name, but it has nothing to do with downloading torrents.

Bitlet – download torrents via the web interface

Who says you need to download the torrent client? If not vozmozhnosti ustanovitnbsp, Torrent downloader, you can use the service Bitlet. Running everything as simple: you copy a link to a torrent or download a torrent file to your hard disk (for some sites automatically recognize links not working), and then give the command to download the service and specify the folder where you want to save the file.

Loading is in a separate window. Here you can see the number of seeders and leechers, the download speed and efficiency, as well as to track the download progress. In addition, the service allows you to limit the rate of return and change the port over which the data transfer.

Boxopus – download torrents in laquo; oblakoraquo, without installing a client

You’ve heard about one of the most interesting ways to use Dropbox – remote start downloading torrents. The essence of this method is that the Torrent-client specifies the folder (for example, My Dropbox / Torrents), torrents of which should be loaded automatically. In this folder on any computer, you can add torrents. Thanks to the automatic synchronization, they will appear on all computers connected to the account, Dropbox, and Torrent-client will start downloading.

New service Boxopus, beta testing that began last month, offers a more interesting way to use the cloud service to download torrents. This site acts as a client, allowing users to download torrents directly to the online store. It’s enough to register on Boxopus, add jobs to boot, specify the account to Dropbox and wait for the files to download and get on all computers connected to your account Dropbox.

Agree that idea is excellent, that’s just to use the service at the moment, alas, will not succeed. Once on Boxopus wrote a number of well-known sites, Dropbox immediately suspend access Web applications Boxopus the service with this wording: laquo; We drew attention to the fact that some features Boxopus could be seen as encouraging users to violate copyrights using Dropbox . According to the terms of use of our services, copyright infringement nedopustimoraquo;.

However, the creators

Boxopus and do not think to give up – now in their blog posted a poll. Interested users are asked to respond to the question with which services they would like to work instead of Dropbox. Well, it’s interesting to see how it will develop in the future Boxopus and give you the opportunity to work with Google Drive (now this is the service leader in the vote).

txtor – download torrents as text files

Some networks torrent download impossible as administrators add files. torrent Prohibited List. Around this limitation is easy. For example, you can use the service txtor, which allows you to download torrents, giving them the extension. Txt. After such imaginary text file is loaded, you must manually change the extension to. Torrent. True, the service does not work with private trackers and torrent to download, it should be public.

Torrent2exe – file conversion. torrent to. exe

You ever tried to explain how to download torrents, a man who is far from the world of computers? Instead of having sessions for remote administration, you can use the convenient service Torrent2exe, which converts files. Torrent to. Exe.

This file is guaranteed to run, in addition, it will cover a tiny torrent client, who immediately begin downloading.

To create the file. exe or to point the way to download torrents on your hard drive, or (if it is a shared file) a link to the tracker. Additionally, you can provide an executable file, the message that will appear on the screen before downloading the file, and after its completion. For a file generated by the service, there will also create a link to download, so it will only copy to the clipboard and pass to the right person.


For BitTorrent has an established stereotype is – a source of unlicensed software and pirated movies. However, the possibility of using this technology is much broader, and the use of it may be very large. For good reason to support BitTorrent is favored by many famous and intelligent people. For example, in January of this year on the main page tracker The Pirate Bay Paulo Coelho’s face appeared, accompanied by his words that since his books were placed in the peer to peer networks, their circulation increased. laquo; Rock my books for free and, if you like it, buy the paper version – that you say to the industry, the greed vedt nowhere. With love, The Pirate Coelhoraquo;.

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