Those wishing to join the Pay TV MTS will provide free Internet

Since September

Mobile operator MTS will offer residents of Moscow free internet access with data rate of 2 Mbit / s. This service, as the resource laquo; Vedomostiraquo; spokesman Valery Kuzmenko, will benefit all connected to pay TV. The router is free, and set-top box can be hired under a contract that provides viewing 110 channels at 290 rubles monthly fee. a month.

According to Kuzmenko, this action has passed laquo; obkatkuraquo, in regions where after the proposal laquo; TVraquo Internet Plus, proceeds from the broadcast televideniyanbsp, increased by 25%, and the service providing broadband Internet dostupanbsp, (BBA) nbsp; mdash; 30%.

Note that MTS optimism about the prospects of this project is not shared by all experts. The press-sluzhbynbsp; laquo; MegaFonaraquo; example, expressed concern about the decrease in revenue after the start of the new tariff package. laquo; tariff is only available to new subscribers, because of financial losses not budetraquo;, mdash; answers about this Kuzmenko. According to her, the experience of MTS in the region have shown that the existing subscribers by the emergence of new supply contracts are not rastorgayut.nbsp; laquo; Older subscribers are unlikely to want to reduce the speed of the Internet in order to watch televizorraquo;, mdash; agrees MTS analyst opinion manager ACamp; M-Consultingnbsp; Alexander Shatikov.