The release of the official ICQ-client for the mobile platform bada

Mail.Ru Group team has announced the release of ICQ-branded messenger for mobile devices running the operating system Samsung bada.

Presented by new items include basic tools PC-version of the application and in addition allows you to communicate with ICQ users Mail.Ru Agent and AIM. The program provides a search and add contacts, edit user profiles, status updates, and storage of the history of correspondence. Looking forward extension of the functional IM-client implementation mechanism push-notification of incoming messages and the possibility of the network by mobile phone number.

Application is available to all owners of Samsung smartphones on the platform bada 1.1 and 1.2, including the Samsung Wave, Wave II and Wave 525. The developers emphasize that the “native” ICQ-client that is created directly under the platform using the SDK from the manufacturer.

Distribution software solutions presented in the store Samsung Apps. In Market you can also find a version of ICQ for Samsung Wave 3 based on bada 2.0. Messenger version for smartphones Wave M and Wave Y will be available soon.