The release of the add-on Battlefield 3: Armored Kill

EA announced the release of Add Armored Kill for blockbuster Battlefield 3. This addon is available only for subscribers Battlefield Premium on PS3. For other platforms, released a patch that will be prepared to release Battlefield 3 Armored Kill.

By updating the developers have corrected the balance of arms and the overall functionality of the game. The official blog series creators specified that changed the recharge time for some pistols and reloading animation corrected some rifles.

By request of the Community, the developers have also made adjustments to the return of some of pistols, rifles, machine guns and rifles. A full list of changes can be found here.

After the premiere on PS3 add-on will be available to subscribers of Premium on the PC and Xbox 360. Ordinary users PS3 (not fork out for Battlefield Premium) can purchase Armored Kill September 18. On the Xbox 360 and the PC will add 25 September.