The release of Skyrim: Hearthfire

Bethesda announced the release of DLC called Hearthfire for RPG The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Prodatsya addition to Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points (or $ 5).


Hearthfire appeared in RPG system land sales. On the site you can build a house, a garden, have a stable, apiary and a lot more. At home allows you to install the kitchen, armory, an alchemy lab and tower zacharovatelya, and much more. What Dovakin – and without a trophy? The plans of the estate is a separate room that can be filled with all sorts of stuffed defeated witch gryazekrabov and other Dwemer centurions.

Boring to live alone, so you can settle the estate of personal bard, his wife and even an adopted child. It is true that his family will fall on the shoulders of the player an additional responsibility. The house will have to protect from recurrent attacks of giants, bandits and bloodthirsty rats. Addition Hearthfire currently only available for Xbox 360. The respected British site Eurogamer published a review of the new expansion, which has put a conservative estimate ndash; 5 points out of a possible 10.

Laquo; When construction is complete, you will have a house that is much better than the rest of the property, provided in Skyrim. All that you may need to be stored in one location. For serious rolevikov this house will be a great help function [hellip;] Unfortunately, you did not make a personalized estate, leaving him a piece of his soul. Despite the excellent aesthetics of Skyrim, in Hearthfire no more character and personality than in the cupboard, bought in IKEAraquo;, ndash; writes journalist Dan Whitehead.

Recall that for Skyrim also released plot supplement Dawnguard, telling against the Order of the Guardians of Dawn with the ancient prophecies of crazed vampire lord Harkonnen.