The release of a new add-on for Mass Effect 3

Company Bioware announced the release of the add-on for Leviathan RPG Mass Effect 3. This is one of the few plot addons released for the project.

In Leviathan Captain Shepard and his companions travel to previously unexplored reaches of space. Characters will find clues to the incredible theory that can dramatically increase the chances of the combined forces of different galaxies defeat Reapers ndash; main villains of the trilogy.

Gamers will look mysterious character named Leviathan, which is able to very effectively cracking down on Reapers. His whereabouts are unknown, and all those who tried to find a hero, was killed. So the players need to be as cautious as they try to unravel the most guarded secret in the galaxy.

Also new storyline and characters, along with the Leviathan in the RPG will excl weapons. Players will have access to a machine M-55 Argus and shotgun AT-12 Raider Shotgun.

Leviathan prodatsya for 800 MSP in the Xbox 360 version. PlayStation 3 add-on costs $ 10. PC owners can purchase a copy of the add-on for 800 Bioware Points.