The release chetvrtogo episode The Walking Dead

Representatives studio TellTale Games said chetvrty The Walking Dead episode called Around Every Corner on sale in the PlayStation Network. From October 10, a copy of the game, users can purchase Mac, PC and Xbox 360.

As with previous episodes, The Walking Dead Episode Four: Around Every Corner can be obtained in two ways. First, it prodatsya separately for $ 5. Second, his hand out to subscribers of services Season Pass. Users with this pass will also be able to download a fifth of horror on the release date.

Staff TellTale Games have promised to share data on the dates out the fourth episode The Walking Dead for other users PSN, as soon as they get them from the publisher SCEE. In addition, fans of the game soon zhdt new information about iOS-version of the third episode ndash; Long Road Ahead.

Script written chetvrtoy of Gary Witt (Gary Whitta). In the past he has worked on the stories of projects such as Duke Nukem Forever, Prey, and Gears of War.