The gaming industry in a week. April 30 May 6, 2012


Action marked a successful start Prototype 2. The game took first place in the list of best-selling books in the UK in the first week after the start of sales. Critics reacted favorably to the project: the average score in the press is 8.5 out of 10.

Second line charts took street football simulator FIFA Street, and a third mdash; FIFA 12. Ten of the most popular games is as follows:

  1. Prototype 2
  2. FIFA Street
  3. FIFA 12
  4. Mass Effect 3
  5. Kinect Star Wars
  6. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Enhanced Edition
  7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
  8. Battlefield 3
  9. Mario amp; Sonic at the London Olympics
  10. Saints Row: The Third

In Russia, according to statistics provided by the online store, again became the best-selling thriller Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Second and third place was shared by potential hits pre-order Diablo III and Max Payne 3.

Absent serious recent games console owners also prefer registration of pre-orders. Week’s militant leaders Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Dragon s Dogma and Max Payne 3. A complete list is as follows:

PC Games:

  1. Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Limited Edition)
  2. Diablo III
  3. Max Payne 3 (DVD-Box)
  4. Alan Wake (Collector’s Edition)
  5. Sniper Elite V2 (Collector’s Edition)
  6. Sniper Elite V2
  7. Disciples: Rebirth (Gift Edition)
  8. Risen 2: Dark Waters (Gift Edition)
  9. Risen 2: Dark Waters (Collector’s Edition)
  10. Risen 2: Dark Waters

Games and accessories for consoles:

  1. Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition (PlayStation 3)
  2. Dragon’s Dogma (PlayStation 3)
  3. Max Payne 3 (PlayStation 3)
  4. Max Payne 3 (Xbox 360)
  5. Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
  6. Devil May Cry HD Collection (PlayStation 3)
  7. Prototype 2. Radnet Edition (Xbox 360)
  8. Prototype 2. Radnet Edition (PlayStation 3)
  9. Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Expanded Edition (Xbox 360)
  10. Ninja Gaiden 3 (PlayStation 3)

Microsoft plans to release the animated series, timed to release Halo 4. The painting, which received nazvanie Forward Unto Dawn, consists of five series. The main character will make rookie USNC, appearance and character is copied from the Master Chifa. The storyline is built in such a way as to acquaint viewers with the game universe, an alien race and the armed conflict, which involves people. Presentation of the film will take place in the exhibition ComicCon 2012, held from 12 to 15 July. Broadcast of the series is scheduled for the fall.

Company Nintendo has suffered serious losses in the fiscal year. Losses totaled 43.2 billion yen, or about $ 530 million. In the 38 years since Nintendo is the first case where a company finished the year with a negative result. According to analysts, the main reason was the low demand for the console 3DS, for sales growth that leadership had to significantly reduce the price of the console. On a par with this, began to decline in popularity Wii. Nintendo company is optimistic about the future, believing that it will increase revenue to the output Wii U.

Studios Camouflaj and Logan amp; Sons, consisting of employing gaming industry veterans who worked on Metal Gear Solid, Halo and FEAR, reported that their debut project Republique released on PC and Mac. Previously, the game was announced only for iOS. Now developers are actively raising funds to establish a resource Republique Kickstarter mdash; they need 500 thousand dollars. All indifferent to the fate of the project are invited to sponsorship, for which he will receive a digital copy of the game and the various bonus materials.

In Assassin s Creed 3 will be introduced an advanced artificial intelligence system. Residents of nearby towns and villages show realistic behavior. Instead of a long time to stand still and repeat the same phrases in the conversation, they will engage in daily activities, talk, go to visit and move freely in the streets. Developers pay special attention to the elaboration of the animal world. Animal hunting would involve a long search, tracking and competent placement of traps. Release Assassin s Creed 3 October 31 for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Became known information about the new multiplayer sci-fi thriller DUST 514. The game takes place in outer space, where the heroes have to take part in military conflicts on different planets. Each planet has unique structural features, its climate and landscape. The territory is divided into regions, with a unique set of resources and infrastructure. Military operations have an impact on the area mdash; previously destroyed buildings are not restored, but at the same time in other places may be new buildings, barrier and strong points. Thus, once again in the world, the soldiers discover that the card has changed. This solution is designed to bring to battle new tactical and strategic elements. Exit DUST 514 is scheduled for the summer of 2012 for the PlayStation 3.

In Worms Revolution class system will be implemented. Total there are four types of worms: Soldier, Scout, Heavy and Scientist. As you progress through the game the user can get 16 different characters (4 of each character). Soldier mdash; balanced fighter, Scout mdash; most agile, but weak in attack, Heavy is a heavily armed soldier, and Scientist mdash; this doctor, restoring health team at every turn. Worms Revolution release for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is expected in the III quarter of 2012.

The fighting game Dead or Alive 5 will be less overt sexuality. The main focus of the game is on the abundance of fighting techniques, dynamic entertainment and contractions. Of course, the character will be able to boast good looks and graceful forms. However, much attention will be paid to precisely study of the game mechanics. Output Dead or Alive 5 will be held within this year for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Company Bethesda announced downloadable Dawnguard to role-play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. DLC will be released in the summer for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Presentation with a demonstration of additions to its features and content will be at E3 2012. Earlier, the web was a rumor that the book will contain a race of snow elves, a number of related missions and new weapons. However, this information is not officially confirmed by the developers.

Publisher Valve Software will release a level editor Perpetual Testing Initiative for Portal 2 puzzles. Tools will May 8 as a free downloadable add-on for the PC and Mac. With it, players can create a location with puzzles and place them in your Steam Workshop.

Company Rockstar Games told about plans to release downloadable content for Max Payne 3. At the moment, seven planned DLC, the output of which will be held during the summer and autumn of this year. All additions, focused on multiplayer, is a collection of maps and new tests. The first set, called Local Justice will be released in June. It includes a general map of Police Precinct and two additional locations for the events Gang Wars, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer. Also, the developers offer users buy a subscription Rockstar DLC Pass, which provides 35% yu discount on all supplements. Output Max Payne 3 will be held on June 1 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The PS3-version of Mass Effect 3 is now available for users of collective testing. Shares are held every week in the multiplayer mode. For the successful implementation of the player awards special prizes mdash; gear or set of game objects. The first trial, held from 27 to 30 April, was the mission of Operation Exorcist. Its purpose mdash; kill 1 million from the organization phantoms laquo; Tserberraquo.; Note that for the owners of the PC and Xbox 360 such tests are valid from March 16.

Studio Flying Wild Hog has decided to encourage the owners of the digital version of sci-fi thriller Hard Reset. As a gift, was made available to users free downloadable Extended Edition. The kit includes an updated graphical component, four kinds of new enemies, five additional missions for single player and two modes for Survival. You can download the DLC in the service Steam.

Company Rovio has released new downloadable content for Angry Birds Space. DLC called Fry me to the Moon, and is free. The collection includes ten new missions with an advanced level of complexity. Interestingly, the owners of devices based on the platform waiting for iOS exclusive gift mdash; they add space twenty eagles.


Was the announcement of blockbuster Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game is set in 2025. The focus mdash; Cold War between the U.S. and China. In the confrontation countries use leading technical and military developments mdash; robots, advanced combat vehicles and unmanned aircraft. The protagonist mdash; soldier David Mason, the son of special agent Alex Mason. As its main enemy act hacker Raul Mendez, who seized control of the military vehicles. Game conditionally divided into two parts: the events unfolding in the year 2025, and the mission, which involved David’s father in the 80′s of last century. In Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be single player campaign and a multiplayer mode. Project is scheduled for release on November 13 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Sony has announced God of War: Ascension. The game is a prequel to the original trilogy. The plot tells the story of the life and formation of the young Kratos. Hero has already signed a deal with the war god Ares and by performing one of its tasks, accidentally became the executioner of his own family. Unable to cope with the burden of guilt, Kratos decides to avenge his lord for such ordeal. An important innovation of the project will be the appearance and cooperative multiplayer mode up to eight people. Users can not only take part in one-on-one duels, but to team up against a stronger opponent. As a reward the most successful fighters have access to rare weapons and artifacts. Release God of War: Ascension for PlayStation 3 will be in spring 2013.

Company Konami has announced a collection of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the PlayStation Vita. Edition differs from the previously published compilation for PlayStation 3. The structure will include classic games Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Additionally, the project will be implemented a system that allows sharing of saved between 3 and PlayStation Portable console. Release of held on 29 June.

Sony officially unveiled Fighting PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, a developer whose vystupaet studio Superbot. The project is largely borrows the concept of Super Smash Bros., Where the heroes of the popular fighting game series on a virtual stage. Confirmed their participation Sly Cooper, Kratos, Fat Princess, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, dog-rapper Parappa and Colonel Radek of Killzone. Full list of guest stars will be announced at the upcoming E3 2012. Each character has unique weapons and fighting techniques. For example, a hereditary thief Sly has the ability to become invisible, so can pocket the extra coin opponents. The creators promise a single player, multiplayer and co-op for four. Release PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PlayStation 3 will be held in late 2012.

The company introduced

Sega arcade racing Sonic amp; All-Stars Racing Transformed, where users have to take part in exciting contests on cars, boats and airplanes. Some of the athletes included leading characters of games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, Virtua Fighter, Samba de Amigo, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe, and Skies of Arcadia. The game will not only have a bright cartoon graphics, but also a fair dose of humor. The output of the project is planned for this year for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and 3DS.


Company Vostok Games, formed by former employees of GSC Game World, has announced the debut project. The game is called Survarium and is a multiplayer shooter based on the shareware distribution model. Events unfolding in the story line soon in the vast former Soviet Union. World suffered a global environmental disaster. Cities have been isolated from each other mdash; electricity, gas and water, no communication systems do not work. Users to play the role of ordinary people trying to survive in difficult conditions. Survarium continues the ideas contained in the series of STALKER, showing the anomalous zones, mutants, and the confrontation of marauding gangs. The output of the project will take place in late 2013 for the PC.

Company Blizzard has published rules for the auction, which will be in Diablo III. The service provides two types of trading mdash; for in-game gold and real money. The auction is divided into three regions: the Americas, Europe and Asia. Russia is one of the European region, so that calculations can be made in rubles, euros or pounds sterling. The items to be auctioned are divided into two categories: equipment and supplies. For each committed transaction, Blizzard receives royalties in the form of 15% of the price. Read more rules and peculiarities of trading on the official site.

Company laquo; New Diskraquo; presented collector’s edition thriller Alan Wake for PC. The kit includes:

  • DVD-ROM with the original game, as well as additions laquo; Signalraquo, and laquo; Pisatelraquo;;
  • DVD-ROM with more videos and stories of developers to create games;
  • CD-ROM with the soundtrack;
  • Bilateral

  • poster autographed by developers;
  • six cards;
  • set of five labels;
  • exclusive 45-page comic book in Russian.

Exit project will take place during May of this year.

Company laquo; Alternativaraquo, announced a contest for fans of multiplayer games laquo; Tanks onlaynraquo.; Action is called laquo; virus all 100raquo; promises and rewards the winner of $ 100 000. The essence of the contest is simple: it is necessary to remove a video on the game, and post it on YouTube. Video, which brought together the most views, and will be declared the winner. Are accepted until May 22. Read the rules of participation can be at this link.


Competition GT Academy 2012. Sponsors of the event are of SCEE and Nissan. For the first time in the history of the project in the competition is open to not only the residents of the European countries and the U.S., but Russian fans racing simulator. A series of qualifying tournaments held among players of Gran Turismo 5 in the Trend Show Moscow 2012 and users have downloaded a trial version of the game for PlayStation 3. The finalists will be 32 best pilot. The final match will be held at the main car show, the Moscow City Racing 2012. Especially for the winners organizers erected a real racing track and given the opportunity to pass the intensive training in Race Camp (Silverstone, UK) to sports cars Nissan.

Multiplayer Action Warface marked successful start in Russia. For two weeks the game registered more than 600,000, and the number of concurrent users to the server was 25,000. Such indicators of Russian-speaking audience for the first time achieved. Note that Warface created Kiev division of Crytek and distributed by Free2Play model for PC.

Scale addition laquo; Flame Temnogorntsevraquo; to multiplayer role-playing game Rune of Magic will be released in July on PC. A new chapter covers the revival race temnogornskih dwarves, living in the depths of Tabor and possessing dark runic power. Along with the new people in the game will have two character classes: Sorcerer and Gladiator. Supplement includes new cities, dungeons, enemies and plenty of jobs.