The gaming industry in a week. 713 May 2012


This week took out Sniper Elite V2. Military shooter immediately topped the list of best sellers in the UK. Despite the high sales and popularity among users, critics were skeptical of the game. The average score in the press is 62% out of 100%. The project is noted for an interesting implementation of missions, where you want to use a sniper rifle, but was criticized for a primitive artificial intelligence and boring implementation of other weapons.

Second place in the sales chart ranked Prototype 2, and the third mdash; football game FIFA 12. Ten of the most popular games is as follows:

  1. Sniper Elite V2
  2. Prototype 2
  3. FIFA 12
  4. FIFA Street
  5. Mass Effect 3
  6. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
  7. Kinect Star Wars
  8. Mario amp; Sonic at the London Olympics
  9. Battlefield 3
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

In Russia, according to statistics provided by the online store, charts gaming headed reservation Crysis 3. Members bribed bonuses included in the publication Hunted Edition, which provide advantages in multiplayer. The output of the project is scheduled for March 2013. Second place was awarded Action Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and the third mdash; Inversion.

Console owners are looking forward to release Hitman: Absolution, actively placing an advance order for the game, mdash; this enabled them to top the charts. No less popular is the action game Dragon’s Dogma mdash; game ranked second and third charts in versions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A complete list is as follows:

PC Games:

  1. Crysis 3. Hunter Edition
  2. Medal of Honor: Warfighter (Limited Edition)
  3. Inversion (DVD-BOX)
  4. The Sims 3: Catalog mdash; Katy Perry. Sweet joy
  5. Diablo III
  6. Max Payne 3 (DVD-Box)
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. Arcania: Fall of Setarrif
  9. Alan Wake (Collector’s Edition)
  10. Sniper Elite V2

Games and accessories for consoles:

  1. Hitman: Absolution (PlayStation 3)
  2. Dragon’s Dogma (PlayStation 3)
  3. Dragon’s Dogma (Xbox 360)
  4. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Signature Edition (Xbox 360)
  5. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Signature Edition (PlayStation 3)
  6. Max Payne 3 (PlayStation 3)
  7. Max Payne 3 (Xbox 360)
  8. Starhawk (PlayStation 3)
  9. Prototype 2. Radnet Edition (Xbox 360)
  10. Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)

Company Blizzard, in collaboration with the studio Titmouse released animated short film laquo; Diablo III: Yarostraquo.; Directed by Peter Chung (Peter Chung), known for his work on the film laquo; Animatritsaraquo.; The plot tells the story of the confrontation cartoon angels and demons before the creation of Sanctuary. Watch a movie on the official site.

There was, first part of the digital comics Max Payne 3. Graphic novel, which received a subtitle After the Fall, talks about his childhood and the plight of the main character. Comic book writer Dan Houser act (Dan Houser) and the first part of a series written by Sam Lake (Sam Lake). Read the short story online or download in PDF format at this link.

Cult shooter Wolfenstein 3D is 20 years old. In celebration of the anniversary of the company has created a browser-based version of Bethesda games. The project is available for free for all: you can play and understand for what users liked it years ago. Classic mazes, graphics, enemies and music await you.

The exhibition E3 2012, Sony will show twenty new projects for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Visitors will be able to personally assess the demo version of the game, which the organizers will install about 200 booths. The company will also present laquo; future development of the game engine and innovatsiyraquo.; What exactly is behind this phrase mdash; new exclusive design, device or console, remains a mystery.

For the fiscal year, the company Electronic Arts reported a profit of $ 76 million. The main part of the revenue came in games like Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3. Interestingly, the sale of the final part of the space saga, published in March this year, EA have brought $ 200 million. Representatives of publishing houses also noted an increase in popularity of the service Origin, revenue from digital sales which amounted to more than $ 150 million.

Announcement Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was held a week ago, and the gunman had already made the first record. The number of pre-orders for the game in the U.S. in three-times the rate of the first part of the series. Publisher Activision has no doubt that the project will become a bestseller, and bring an impressive profit. Exit Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is scheduled for November 13 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim download user-created modifications over 13.6 million times. Calculation was based on the version laid out in the Steam Workshop. According to the company’s Bethesda, in service is 6552 modification for the game. Note that the editor of the Creation Kit for the project was released in February.

Studio Stainless Games has announced the collection of funds for the development of Carmageddon: Reincarnation. Take part in the event, visit the resource Kickstarter. To create a new part of the series, the author requires 400 thousand dollars. The game will go down as the single player campaign and multiplayer mode, as the project involves a realistic physical model and integration with social networks. Rollers with their achievements and the most bloody accidents, users can post on YouTube. If the studio can raise funds, the yield Carmageddon: Reincarnation for PC in February 2013.

In the single-player campaign

Max Payne 3 mode appears Arcade, access to which is opened after each passed chapter. Its essence lies in the rapid, sophisticated and well-aimed to destroy the enemy. If the hero gets shot in the torso of the enemy, he will pay 10, and if the head mdash; 100. In Arcade, there are two types of events: Score Arcade mdash; marksmanship by bandits and New York Minute mdash; passage level of speed. All points earned then entered into a table rankings, allowing players to compete against each other. Output Max Payne 3 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 1 June.

Producer David Rutter (David Rutter) spoke about the key new features in FIFA 13. The game became more realistic ball control mdash; running and to keep it much more difficult, since it is now considered parameters such as strength, speed, height of the ball and the art athlete. Simultaneously, the increased intelligence opponents. The players have learned to calculate routes and anticipate where the player can send the ball. Undergone revision and the system of penalty kicks. Players will be able to carry out false shots, as well as the three of us get together around the ball. Exit FIFA 13 is scheduled for this fall for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Company Electronic Arts has confirmed out Dead Space 3. Official release, as the list of target platforms, not published yet, but already has learned some details of the project. The game will be co-op mode that is implemented under the scheme drop-in/drop-out, in which the company will be the mysterious hero laquo; person with shramomraquo.; With him Isaac Clarke go explore an abandoned snowy planet. The gameplay will be based on reciprocity: to solve the mysteries of the users will have to combine different skills and character. For example, being in different places, they will provide the other objects with telekinesis. In the single-player campaign laquo; person with shramomraquo, be your guide. Isaac also acquire additional skills such as the ability to evade attacks and disguise. Release Dead Space 3 will be held in the I quarter of 2013.

Employees Hi-Rez Studios released the official statistics of beta-testing the game Tribes: Ascend. The total number of participants to nearly 548,000 people. Over the course of the event has been destroyed more than 153 million enemies. Revenge caught up 9.2 million users. In close combat, killing 1.6 million players and 412,000 victims virtual crash. The most popular types of weapons were: Crossbow Bolt Launcher, a rifle and a shotgun Spinfusor Thumper. The battles were captured 3,000,000 enemy flags and broken more than 3.4 million generators.

Fighting Skullgirls will be released on PC by the end of 2012. The game will be available through digital distribution service Steam, Origin, GameFly and GamersGate. Compared with the original version, the project will add an expanded list of leaders, guides users on fighting techniques, combinations of characters and skills, will also be improved artificial intelligence opponents. Originally Skullgirls out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game has gained relatively more popular among users mdash; during the first ten days have downloaded 50,000 times.

Electronic Arts plans to release a continuation of the popular racing simulator Need for Speed. Among the stated platforms appear laquo; console, PC and mobile ustroystvaraquo.; A more specific list and details of the project will be announced at the upcoming E3, which will be held next month. The release of the new Need for Speed ??is expected in autumn 2012.

Independent addition Alan Wake s American Nightmare will be released on PC on May 22. Buy the game will be in the service Steam. The project represents a new chapter in the adventures of writer Alan Wake, who is facing a serial killer Mister Scratch that looks like himself.

Edmund McMillen (Edmund McMillen) introduced the addition The Wrath of the Lamb for the game The Binding of Isaac. The collection includes:

  • 5 additional chapters;
  • one new final chapter;
  • Multiple game endings;
  • 15 bosses;
  • 20 types of enemies;
  • 6 new rooms;
  • More than 100 new items;
  • additional mode with 10 trials;
  • five songs.

Exit DLC for PC on 28 May. You can buy it in the service Steam.

Studio Croteam will release addition to Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. DLC called Legend of the Beast will offer players three new story missions, as well as a number of levels for the regime laquo; Vyzhivanieraquo, and multiplayer component. Supplement will be available in digital distribution service on May 15 at a price of 4.99 # 36;.

Staff Rocksteady Studios said the release date and content of the latest DLC for the game Batman: Arkham City. Downloadable addition called Harley Quinn s Revenge and is a two-hour story campaign. This time, the main antagonist is grieving Harley Quinn. After the death of the Joker, it gathers the gang and Batman decides to take revenge for the death of a loved one. Players will discover a devious plan Harley and forever close the door Arkham mental hospital. Hero comes to the aid of his partner, Robin. To successfully solve all puzzles users will alternately use the capabilities of both characters. Digital Release Harley Quinn s Revenge for the PlayStation 3 is scheduled for May 29. Fans can buy the Xbox 360 DLC a day later, May 30, 2012.

Company Square Enix will release for PlayStation 3 versions of several classic hits PlayStation 2. In particular, laquo; svetraquo green, digital release on the PlayStation Network will get projects such as Deus Ex, Conflict Desert Storm 2, Conflict Vietnam. Fans will be able to buy Deus Ex for 16 May, its cost will be ? 7.99. For the same price you can buy Conflict Desert Storm 2, the output of which will be held on May 23. The last stage is expected to re-Conflict Vietnam. On the shelves of online stores will play May 30 to ? 5.49 per copy.

Beta multiplayer game The Secret World on May 16. Take part in it will be able to all users who pre-order. Open test will last only three days, and the output of a full version of The Secret World for PC on 19 June.

Output Ratchet amp; Clank HD Trilogy postponed. In Europe the collection will go on sale May 16 is not, as originally planned, and on 8 June for the PlayStation 3. American players are less fortunate mdash; compilation release in the U.S. in the fall. On the causes of delay, Sony says nothing, but promises to reward patient fans of the series a pleasant surprise.

Publisher 2K Games announced to postpone the release date of Bioshock: Infinite. Game for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 go on sale not on October 19, and on February 26, 2013. According to project manager Ken Levine (Ken Levine), developers need more time to rework elements of the game. Experts promise that the team will present extraordinary project, many of the gameplay elements that have never been exhibited in games.


Zenimax Online Studios began work on a multiplayer role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online. The project is being developed for PC and Mac and is scheduled for launch in 2013. The game takes place 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The focus mdash; war started Daedra Prince Molag Bal in order to win Tamriel. In the confrontation will attend the three factions, each of which will have its own army and politics. The hero can not only take part in a military conflict, but also perform a variety of tasks, as well as to join PvP-battle. For leveling your character to the maximum level will need about 120 hours of game time.

Company THQ announced Company of Heroes 2. The developer acts studio Relic Entertainment, responsible for the first part of the popular strategy and projects such as Homeworld and Dawn of War. The action sequel takes place during the Second World War. Players will take command of the troops of the Red Army, together with the soldiers of the Eastern Front to fight against the invaders. Company of Heroes 2 is based on the graphic engine Essence 3.0. The plans of the authors mdash; recreate as closely as possible large-scale battles and significantly improve the tactical component. The important role played fully destructible environments and dynamically shifting weather conditions. For example, the snow does not only affect the permeability of vehicles, but also can provide excellent camouflage. Release of the project on the PC will be held in early 2013.

German studio Realmforge Studios announced a project DARK. The game is a vampire saga that unfolds in the world today. The protagonist mdash; young man named Eric Bain. One day after a stormy night, during which it is drunk a lot of alcohol, he comes to the bar and realizes that was turned into a vampire. Life after that, as you know, is changing radically. Game mechanics DARK combines action, stealth elements and role-based character development. The project is created for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Release date has not been announced.

Publisher THQ has announced an independent addition Enter the Dominatrix for the game Saints Row: The Third. Alien race is going to attack the Earth in order to capture resources and enslave the population. As an experiment, they kidnap gang chapter laquo; Svyatyhraquo, and placed in a virtual universe. It Stilport city that is home to the main character, outwardly identical to the present, however, it is subject to all other laws. In particular, the members of the gang will have super powers: the immense power, a fantastic new fighting techniques, to develop an incredible running speed, and more. Output will complement this summer for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it cost $ 29.99 dollars.


Company laquo; Akellaraquo, PC-release version of the tactical shooter Iron Front: Liberation 1944 in Russia. The developers of the project are the studio and X1 Software Awar. The technical basis for the game is the graphics engine of the legendary ArmA 2. Users will be offered to participate in the final phase of World War II. Venue mdash; Southern Poland. The authors promise large-scale battles, among which special attention deserves a detailed reconstruction of the events of the battle of the Vistula. Location will serve as the basis not only for a single campaign story, and will be involved in cooperative and PvP-mode. For creative developers have included mission editor. Release Iron Front: Liberation 1944 will be held May 25, 2012.

Holds Russian release of a new project studio Amanita Design. Quest from the creators of Machinarium called Botanicula mdash; he tells the story of five travel unusual friends. All of them mdash; residents of the tree which is suffering from an attack of parasites and slowly dying. The last hope to save their organic home mdash; is planted new seed. It is this important task assigned to players. For more than 150 scenes, users have to solve a lot of ingenious puzzles and tasks. Domestic publisher PC-version is the company Botanicula laquo; 1C SoftKlabraquo;.

In multiplayer computer game World of Tanks in force update to version 0.7.3. The project added two large-scale maps: one mdash; laquo; beregraquo South, where the fighting takes place in the Crimea, the second mdash; laquo; Drakonaraquo ridge, where the contestants have to come together in a confrontation in Asia. Among the other key features worth noting the range extension tanks Soviet troops mdash; the game includes such vehicles as the T-150, KV-4, ST-1 and EC-8.

The launch of the official website of the game Russian Assassin s Creed 3. It will be updated at the same time with the foreign version. By accessing the resource, users can find news, history of the project, the heroes, view trailers and screenshots, as well as pre-order. The site will also publish exclusive information for the Russian-speaking sector. This primarily relates to the composition of the various versions of collectible editions Assassin s Creed 3 and a bonus for pre-order. The game for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 October 31.