Ten secrets of VLC media player

Interest to the player VLC, being developed by enthusiasts in 1996 as part of VideoLAN, for several reasons. First, the said product is extremely popular among supporters of free software (downloads of more than 485 million!) And is available for various operating systems, including mobile. Secondly, recently hosted a major release a new build program matured to version 2.0.x and get a lot of cool features. Third and finally, for many users VLC is still associated only with a tool for viewing video and listening to audio, powerful stuffing which can solve much more interesting, in practical terms the problem. A summary of these is devoted to today’s publication, for greater clarity, provided with an abundance of screenshots.


The mass spread of portable computing devices with different specifications as never become urgent conversion of multimedia data from one format to another, the one-two that can cope with the means VLC. Only need to open the program, press Ctrl + R, tab laquo; Faylraquo, select one or more items requiring treatment, and click on the button laquo; Convert / Sohranitraquo;.

Next will need to enter the name of the output file, choose the output format with the appropriate profile for the compression of data and start the process by pressing laquo; Nachatraquo.; If you want, you can go to profile settings and play with the parameters of codecs, image resolution, bitrate and other characteristics of the audio / video up to be included in the converted movie subtitles. Adjustment codecs may require the user to certain knowledge that you can always learn in the pages of reference and information site VideoLAN Wiki.

Using clips in the background working environment

One of the interesting features of the VLC player is the ability to output video directly to your desktop operating system. To activate the multimedia wallpaper, which can fulfill the role of loved a film, should proceed to the advanced settings of the program and in the field laquo; Videoraquo, put a tick against the item laquo; video on the stoleraquo.; After this will only select the same menu item in the main window and make sure that the performed steps went to benefit the cause.

View YouTube-videos

Admittedly, for the contemplation presented on YouTube content requires a browser with Adobe Flash plugin installed or support HTML5. If there is no hand of the Web browser razrulit deadlock can notorious player VLC. The method is simple: press Ctrl + N, copy the form to enter the URL address of the vending online video and click on the button laquo; Vosproizvestiraquo.; In the presence of a mediocre Internet channel is not superfluous to open a tab with advanced settings and adjust the volume used when playing YouTube content cache. Such foresight to avoid annoying pauses when playing video.

Transcription of audio


Convert recordings into text format often baffles even experienced computer users: appropriate software tools that simplify the solution of the problem, not enough to swear, and often the use of them – zero point and as many tenths. Much more effective in such cases to adopt the VLC with remote interface settings through the toolbar buttons laquo; Step nazadraquo;, laquo; vperedraquo Step, and laquo; cycle A rarr; Braquo.; Using referred controls, you can instantly rewind record ten seconds back and forth and activate cyclic scrolling selected sites audio file, which is useful when interpreting lectures, interviews, nadiktovok translators and other audio.

Members with a good memory can instead configure the interface to resort to the practical use of the system laquo; goryachihraquo, key players, allowing various actions, up to rewind the playback of content on the computer. It should be noted that almost all controls are duplicated VLC relevant keyboard shortcuts configured depending on user preference.

Organization streaming audio / video broadcast

And with this problem can be overcome by means of VLC. In order to use the player as a server streaming multimedia content, it is necessary to make a number of settings with this guided here (in English) or this (in Russian) instruction. In particular, the need to determine the source of a broadcast, select the network protocol to be used for online broadcasting, set the transcode settings data into the appropriate format and activate the transfer media stream to the client machines. Since the broadcast transmission of multimedia data dictate very strict requirements for the capacity of communication channels, it would be correct before deploying video server, verify that your internet connection is able to withstand the strong flow of outgoing traffic.

Saving streaming content to a file

Speaking about the organization of online broadcasting means VLC, would be logical to mention the ability to not only give away the player content on the network, but also to keep anyone broadcast streaming content on the disc, automatically converting it to the preferred format. And this operation is doing is similar to the procedure described above view YouTube-rollers, with the only exception that after entering the URL-address does not have to press laquo; Vosproizvestiraquo, and laquo; Konvertirovatraquo.; A window with the settings and save the input parameters of the codec that will be used for data conversion. After pointing them Marafet possible, mindful of copyright and copyright, start laquo; grableniyuraquo, audio / video stream.

taking screenshots from the video

Unlike some alternative media players, VLC is composed of special tools to create pictures to play movies. Tinker with the key Print Screen, the operating system clipboard and graphics editors do not need to – just press Shift + S and the program will automatically record the selected frame on the computer disk in the specified directory. By default, images are saved in PNG, which optionally can be changed to JPG.

Remote player

Another documented, but rarely used feature of VLC – the ability to remotely manipulate it through a web interface. The beauty of it is that as a remote control can perform any network connected to the computing device with an Internet browser on board, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. Those interested can see for yourself the flexibility of the tool, activated on the player remote control interface and connected to it via a browser. laquo; vozduhuraquo On, and you can steer almost all the major functions of the application: adjust the volume, control the playback of files and playlist, equalizer settings and manipulate other parameters VLC.

assembly videopazlov

Fans while away your free time to reveal all kinds of logic puzzles and brainteasers VLC can also do a good service. No tricks and shamanic dances with a tambourine – just open the window with graphic effects, put a tick against the item laquo; Golovolomkaraquo, and get out of playing video consists of many tiles that you have to gather together. Difficulty level can be adjusted by increasing the component puzzle rows and columns. Management is carried out through a clever move items with the mouse.

View photos

Being designed to handle multimedia data, VLC is coping very well with the performance of other tasks. With native support for image formats JPG, PNG, XCF, GIF, TIFF, LBM, PCX and Targa (TGA), the player can be used as a simple image viewer, perfectly complementing the above features of the program.

It is hoped that the published article will serve us good food for thought for all users VLC and possibly cause someone to radically reconsider their attitude to opensourse-solutions, which are often on the head of superior commercial products. And the quality of implementation, and carefully laid down by developers functionality.

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