Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is greater than one. review

Game tested on PlayStation 3

Company Namco Bandai Games is not new to port Tekken game series with the arcade to home consoles. Without exception, all of the famous fighting game move to the console with a delay of one year. And so it is with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, in which visitors malls Japan played in September 2011. However, we expect the output of this spin-off on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 which had to look great. The reason for this is not one.

Main difference Tekken Tag Tournament 2 from, say, the sixth part of the traditional paint direct the name of new items. The system is designed to Tag team battle laquo; two on dvaraquo.; While opponents are kicking each other in the arena, their companions languished outside the screen, waiting for their turn. Clicking the right stick gamepad mdash; and fresh character instantly replace crippled partner. A similar regime has been in the last Mortal Kombat mdash; until one fighter rap and works hard, the other is slowly but surely licking his wounds.

In addition, players can now use for a short time the two characters at a time. Grips, dual attack, powerful finishing techniques and several command … The number of possible combinations makes the imagination run wild, but in general, the new system is really good helping out in the fight. Especially when the scale of lives close to the critical point, and you can even drop dead from accidental sneeze. Unfortunately, the developers have not been able to find a happy medium. So often there are situations when a player has to watch longingly out of balance. Those who learn to push buttons gamepad with dexterity pianist tuck opponent pinned before he could even blink.

My partner steeper!

However, as always, a lot depends on the fighter, because their techniques are very different. Some behave like a sleepy bear: slow moving and melancholy waving limbs, but if laquo; priletitraquo; mdash; down the drain. Others, however, smartly kicking and deftly moving. One trouble mdash; each such jab does not hurt a mosquito bite. Someone trained in boxing hands, and a few characters like mad and does a real break dancing right on the scene. Blocks, grabs and counterattacks have not gone too mdash; unwary player always gets a well-deserved slap in the face. Still, the most difficult in the series Tekken has always been the implementation of long combination of attacks and special abilities. This Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is also carefully observe the tradition of previous parts. A few keystrokes at a time mdash; and Raven is suddenly over the head of the enemy Ogre shoots flames and rolled simitsu pierces the crow was the enemy.

From the many available characters at first know where to look. Bryan Fury, King Hvoaran, Mokudzin, Nina Williams, Jack mdash; authors again gathered all the men ever to appear in the series. And for those who are and this set may seem small, Namco Bandai is preparing several DLC with a new group of fighters. As a result, the holder of all the add-ons already meet 59 characters! Choose the same fighter twice in one fight can not, so you have to take into account the combination of attacks from several at once. Relearn again, fortunately, did not have to. Experts series quickly master the management mdash; developers wisely left all the techniques in place, changing their except in the details.

Not one, so the two

Only one character

Authors for some reason did not want to add to the final version. Before the release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 producer Katsuhiro Harada studio (Katsuhiro Harada) wrote in his laquo; Tvittereraquo, that June Kazama not in the list of heroes. After a wave of indignation, he changed his mind and wrote that if the record laquo; nazadraquo Return June, dial 4000 laquo; folloverovraquo, the heroine will appear, in the same release. Of course, the mini-petition received more than 10,000 subscribers, but even after this development Asians decided to put a pig players mdash; suffering she began the final boss, who barely wins tenth user who runs the fighting.

Victory in battle character promises not only an increase in rank (the latter, as before, we need only for multiplayer, so as not to collide with the beginner laquo; bogomraquo ;) , but also accumulates in the general account of the special currency. For her the player can change the appearance of men, buying various hats, hair, pants and all sorts of pranks like sunflowers and tulips as a weapon. Radically change the appearance of the hero, as in Soul Calibur V, unfortunately, can not, so do not wait for opportunities to make the most of the Scarecrow with blue skin and horns.


The project is based on the Tekken 6 engine and looks, in general, quite pretty. For each stroke should flash of bright effects, and the characters are animated smoothly and do not scare the abundance of protruding corners. Two similar arenas in the game hardly find mdash; battles take place in the parade in the United States, where huge inflatable figures soar at eye view, the sunset in the Philippines dazzles with its beauty, and in the Netherlands will have to fight surrounded by people celebrating the tulip festival. There is also a winter palace, suspiciously similar to the level of Castlevania. Closed, the cage, the arena in Tokyo, Britain, Dubai mdash; choice is what. Moreover, in almost every level of the walls are broken down, break through the floor, and smaller objects are carried in the chips. No wonder during a particularly savory combo game manages laquo; podvisatraquo, for a split second.

Unlike the main series games, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is practically not burdened plot. Two weak lines are not connected to the universe fighting game and only serve to give the characters a reason to fight. The tournament itself is positioned as an opportunity for men to throw out their energy outside the criminal sphere, and at the same time and entertain the audience. Another story is told in training for beginners mdash; somewhere in the Bahamas with his secretary Violet made to create a unique robot fighter. As laquo; vzrosleniyaraquo; Combot learn new techniques, goes through various tests, such as the arena littered with explosive balls, and fights with strange characters. Not without humor extraordinary Asian-style laquo; in secure laboratories suddenly flies into fat-narushitelraquo.; It is a pity that of all the strange company training can play a robot.

In general, the new part of the Tekken still interesting, though not without some drawbacks. Aggressive fighting the accompaniment of cheerful electronic soundtrack are great fun mdash; does not matter if you play with friends or fighting with strangers online. More out of a good fighting game is not required.


  • new game mode;
  • lot of characters with interesting combo attacks;
  • classic gameplay.


  • unnecessarily complicated Boss;
  • lack of a clear scenario.

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