Games for iOS: Issue 7

Games for iOS: Issue 7 Tentacle Wars Download the game from the AppStore Most successful and interesting games for mobile platforms mdash; arcade and logic designs. No need to delve into the gameplay, everything is intuitive and easy, learning can take place on the fly. Tentacle Wars mdash; just one of those games. She came out for the iPad in May, and recently reached the iPhone, just as lost as from the transition... Read More

Games for Android, Issue 1

Games for Android, Issue 1 Aeon Avenger If you like Japanese RPG in the tradition of Final Fantasy, Aeon Avenger is definitely for you. Huge world, many locations, time travel, robbery korovanov, good and evil characters, each with its own history, destiny and purpose, mdash; what could be better for the detachment from reality! Game begins with the selection of, available options Normal and Hard. After that, the... Read More

Bitcasa unlimited cloud for each

Bitcasa unlimited cloud for each Someday we stop storing data on hard drives. All information will be in the laquo; oblakeraquo, and will be available to us from any computer connected to the Internet. Music, videos, documents and other files will be downloaded to the hard drive only when they are necessary to us. And such laquo; oblachnoeraquo, the future is not as far away as it seems. The new service called Bitcasa change... Read More