Symbiosis: a computer and a mobile phone can work together

Mobile devices slowly squeezed out of the market desktop computers. Every year, they acquire an increasing number of functions entrusted to them more and more complex tasks. But portable devices and conventional PCs do not have to be on opposite sides. They can not only coexist, but complement each other.

For example, if your computer is not connected to a web camera, and an urgent need to make a video call, you can use for sharing the video camera smartphone. If you need access to your computer while away from it, you can use the mobile client for remote administration. These and other examples of joint work of computers and mobile devices, and will be discussed further.

SmartCam – mobile camera into a webcam

These days are equipped with a camera is not only expensive smartphones, but mobile phones are average. So if you’re not thinking of buying a webcam to your desktop, you may never have to. Built-in cell phone camera may well be used as a normal webcam.

For this you need to install on your computer and on your mobile device program SmartCam. SmartCam offers different versions for many of today’s mobile platforms: Android, Bada, Windows Mobile, Symbian. There is also a Java-version for simple phones. Unfortunately, the version of iOS for us could not be found.

To transfer data from your mobile device to your computer can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The default is the first option. Connection settings can be changed as in the desktop, and mobile client, but it is important to match, otherwise the program will not work.

Once the connection settings selected, and SmartCam is running on your computer, you can connect to a mobile device. As soon as the application will be contacted with each other, in a window on the PC screen SmartCam picture with a mobile phone camera.

In the program, you can record video, but this feature is not as interesting as support for Skype and similar programs. If Skype does not find another web camera, the laquo; Settings videoraquo; SmartCam will be installed automatically and you can make video calls.

phone as a remote control

Mobile device can not only replace the webcam, but also serve as a remote control. This can be useful for presentations, as well as using the computer as a multimedia center. Picking up a mobile phone, you can start or stop the video playback from your couch.

For smartphones based on Android and iOS a program Mobile Mouse, which was formerly known as the Air Mouse. With this application you can manage computers c Mac, Windows and even Linux, though most opportunities for owners laquo; Makovraquo.; Mobile Mouse laquo; znaetraquo and virtually all of the major programs for the Mac, designed for multimedia and the Internet. If you switch to the application window is the program immediately displays the controls needed it is there.

Mobile Mouse can work in two modes. In the first case, the user is invited to a touchpad for controlling the computer enough to drive a finger across the screen. In the second mode Mobile Mouse uses the built-in accelerometer in the device, and the movement of the user’s hands are transformed into mouse movements on the screen. In addition, Mobile Mouse offers a virtual keyboard and a tool for easy scrolling.

Besides the free version, there is also a fee, which can be used also for sending the computer to sleep and to launch any application by pressing a predefined shortcut keys.

However, in order to use the phone as a remote control, does not have to be the owner of the device with Android and iOS. Even on the easiest phones with Java can install simple program Moccatroller. Expect much from it is not worth it, but control the display presentations or playing multimedia files in Windows Media Player, you can easily.

Moccatroller communicates with the phone via Bluetooth, or via the Internet. At your computer, on your computer, you can create profiles for different programs. Each profile contains information on what action to perform when pressing keys on the mobile phone.

Teamviewer 7 – remote control of your computer and not just

Teamviewer is well known as one of the best solutions for remote administration. Its mobile client for Android and iOS is very useful for quick customer support. Enough to run on the computer module TeamViewer QuickSupport, enter in the mobile client is automatically assigned to your computer ID and password- and the desktop PC appears on the screen.


Teamviewer Mobile allows you to perform on a remote screen virtually any action: typing (this provides a virtual keyboard), send the computer to restart, block the action of local user to simulate mouse control using gestures. For example, to move the cursor, you just need to keep your finger on the screen to click the mouse to click once on the screen, and to double-click – twice.

Since the resolution

Desktop computer can be much higher resolution device from which the control, you can zoom in a specific area of ??the desktop. Also available settings, in which you can change the quality of transmission, remove wallpaper display and so on.

By default, when you connect each time you want to enter the ID and password, but if you are constantly connected to the same computer (for example, remotely control home PC), you can register on the site and create lists of trusted computers. For convenience, you can even remember to supply each of them a name that says more than a numerical identifier.

After the seventh version of the end of last year, TeamViewer has another interesting feature – the organization of meetings. Each user of the application can organize a meeting, which may include as many as 25 people. During the meeting, various presentations can be demonstrated, and participants can share their views via text chat using VoIP and video calls.

To support meetings on mobile devices special version of TeamViewer for Android, iPhone and iPad. This version is called TeamViewer for Meetings. As we see it, it may be interesting, in particular, the owners of the tablets. Screen tablet can display presentations, which will be distributed to all participants of the meeting.

However, it should be borne in mind that the mobile device can only connect to the already organized a meeting – in order to join, you need to know its ID. And to create your own desktop client meeting need.

TweetMyPC 3.9 – remote control of your PC via Twitter

TweetMyPC – is an original program that allows you to use the popular microblogging service to remotely control your computer, including your mobile device. Thanks TweetMyPC, you can send the computer to restart, turn it off, turn off the sound, make a screenshot of the current state of the desktop, stop the particular process, to display any message on a computer, and so on.

How does

TweetMyPC? First you need to install the software on your computer and connect it to the account in Twitter. Since the commands sent by the application, as well as the answers will be seen in the film, it is better not to use the main account, and create a new one. After that, security in the account settings Twitter worth including protected mode, which tweets will be hidden to all but approved users.

Then you need to allow the application to access your account, log in under the same user account on the phone and send the first command-tweet. For many teams TweetMyPC sends tweet response. For example, if given the command shutdown, you will soon see in the film response: laquo; computer was vyklyuchenraquo;.

Complete list of supported commands services can be found here on this page. Some of them, by the way, will require a very detailed answer on the application, which is unlikely to fit in razreshnnye 140 characters. To send long reports (for example, to get a list of processes running on the computer, or a list of files on the hard drive) TweetMyPC can use a mailbox GMail. Just enter your account details in a box- and all the requested information will be forwarded to him.

Special attention is paid to the ability to create custom commands. Therefore with the help TweetMyPC can run any application with given parameters (a torrent client, which will begin the download of the opredelnnoy link media player that will play the file, and so on). To fine-tune the program has a section Custom Commands. It is the path to the executable file, and the word that appears in the film in Twitter posts will serve as a signal to the application.

Send commands to TweetMyPC possible with any mobile client. Particularly useful are those that support multiple accounts simultaneously. It should also be recalled that Beeline subscribers can send messages to Twitter, simply sending an SMS to 8080. This function can be used if specified in section laquo; Telefonraquo; Twitter account settings corresponding phone number. Ukrainian users can post tweets by sending SMS to 40404 if their mobile operator – life :) .


Can think of many more ways to share computer and mobile devices except those that have been described above. For example, to remotely control the computer with a cell phone can not only through Twitter, but also through the ICQ-client or email program. But finding the right software is not difficult.

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