SugarSync vs Dropbox: green bird against the blue boxes

Our site has already published a number of publications devoted to work with Dropbox. Despite the fact that this service is to synchronize data gained great popularity, he, like any other product, there are tradeoffs. Some do not like the lack of a full client to work with files, others have complained that without the use of additional funds to encrypt the files are transferred to a remote server as is. Finally, a few weeks ago has been found very serious laquo; dyraraquo, a security service. Released a free set of tools Dropbox Reader, which allows to decrypt files and cache settings Dropbox. Using this tool, you can find out sensitive user data: register for the service e-mail address, login to access the Dropbox, the files that are synchronized, which have recently changed, and to get a list of folders that is shared.

While developers

Dropbox put breakwaters against wave hit them with indignation, and decide what steps you can take the time to look around. In the few years during which we used to rely on synchronization of your files Dropbox, there was quite a lot of other interesting services with similar functionality. Perhaps the most ambitious among them – is SugarSync. What is different from SugarSync Dropbox? To this question was given a comprehensive response by the developers placed on site service comparison table of competing solutions. The most important competitive advantage – the ability to store 5 GB of data in the free account (vs. 2 GB in Dropbox), and the availability of clients for all popular mobile platforms, including Windows Mobile and Symbian (in Dropbox is only support Android, iOS and Blackberry). There are other interesting features that will be discussed below.

Like other similar services, SugarSync makes those users who have little free traffic and are willing to pay for extra space for their data. Only offered four tariff plans, the cheapest of which costs $ 5 per month for 30 GB, and the most expensive – $ 25 for 250 GB. Within thirty days of any of the tariff plans available for free. However, the SugarSync such a powerful referral program, which is quite possible to do a free account, expanding offered 5GB by attracting new users. Thus, for each new user you will receive an additional 500 MB, and if people will get attracted by you the cheapest premium plan – once 10 GB. Interestingly, the user also gets recruited by the same bonuses as the one who invited him. Another way to obtain additional megabytes – use all the features of the service. So, you can get a little more space for the discovery of sharing a folder for downloading the file by e-mail, and so on.

After registering a free account will need to download the client software. They have a SugarSync for Windows and Mac OS X, but Linux is not supported yet – here Dropbox wins. Client, as usual, should be installed on each computer on which you want to synchronize. During configuration synchronization program prompts you for the name of the computer on which it will be easy to identify, as well as an icon.

Default will be prompted to save the data on the server, which are contained in folders laquo; Dokumentyraquo;, laquo; Izobrazheniyaraquo;, laquo; My muzykaraquo;, laquo; My videozapisiraquo, as well as on the desktop. You can add any other folders. An indicator at the bottom of the window will help you determine how much free space remains.

Unlike Dropbox, SugarSync does not require the user to store all the data that must be synchronized in a single folder. Those who are familiar with the additions to Dropbox, this place can sniff – yes, really, and you can make Dropbox sync files that are physically located in different parts of the hard drive, but you need to spend time setting up additional applications. And SugarSync Such service is available by default.

Another important difference with Dropbox – after the folder is added to your account SugarSync, they are not synchronized between all the devices with which the entry under the same account. Data are stored on a remote server that is actually running them back up. And that information is synchronized between two or more computers (the number of synchronized devices is not limited to), you must complete the appropriate setting in the application Manage Sync Folders. To call it convenient to use the SugarSync icon in the system tray.

In the Sync Manager displays all folders and all of the devices works with SugarSync. Folders that are configured only backup are displayed in the bottom of the window on a gray background, and those whose content is synchronized ndash; top on a white background. In addition, for clarity, an arrow between them. Synchronize folders can reside on different computers in different ways, eg, C: photos and C: UsersMy Photos. By default all devices in sync directory laquo; Dokumentyraquo, create a folder Magic Briefcase, which is already configured for synchronization. Therefore, if you need to quickly transfer files between devices, you can not spend the time to configure synchronization, and just copy them to a folder.

Incidentally, this folder is very easy to use, in particular, to transfer data from mobile devices. For example, to transfer a file from your phone Nokia, just log into the application SugarSync, select the phone in the device list, find the file you want to transfer to your computer, and select the file download. Almost instantly, he will appear in Magic Briefcase on all synced devices.

Magic Briefcase folder is also useful when using another interesting possibility SugarSync – sending files by e-mail. By default this is disabled, however, after its inclusion in the account settings generated unique mailbox type user.54348785 @, designed to get the files. Just send him an email containing an attachment, and the Magic Briefcase folder directory will Uploaded by Email with all these data.

To work with individual files to SugarSync provides its own file manager. It can perform all the files you have uploaded to SugarSync.

Interestingly, there is even the opportunity to work with those files with other devices that are not configured to automatically copy on your computer. They’re in the file manager is gray. You can selectively download them, copy to a local folder, and even remotely rename or delete. With the SugarSync File Manager also conveniently view the file.

SugarSync integrates into the context menu laquo; Provodnikaraquo, so for all the files that are stored on a server, you can quickly perform some action without referring to the company to file manager. For example, you can quickly link to a file by selecting the context menu Get Public Link. True, when working with a free account, the link can be generated only for files that do not exceed 25 MB.

In SugarSync can and open access to folders, but in order to view other people’s folders, you must be a registered user of the service. Steps to set up sharing directories are performed in the web interface.

Is possible to open the folders as read-only or editable. In the second case, all those who will have access to the folder can set up synchronization with it. To protect folders, you can share drives use a password. By the user or SugarSync can simply generate a link to view the folder, or sending messages with a link to the specified e-mail address.

Work with files stored in SugarSync, and just as easily through a Web interface. And you can not just watch them, but also remotely modify them. It uses the Java-application WebSync.

It works very interesting: requested to edit the file is downloaded to your computer and open in its associated program. Then, all user changes are stored and edited the file again on loading SugarSync. At the same time all the temporary files, shortcuts, and other traces of editing on your computer are removed. This type of editing is very useful when you need to make changes to a file with a public computer.

Using the web version of SugarSync and mobile clients for iOS, Android and Blackberry, you can listen to streaming audio files stored on all connected devices to your account. It uses an integrated music player. You can make playlists manually, or use the button to add all the audio tracks found in the folder.

SugarSync automatically creates a gallery of images uploaded to the service. Each folder that has photos, turns into an album. By default, all albums are open to view only the owner, but you can allow them to quickly access favorite people or to make them available. In addition, the possibility of rapid publication of photos on Facebook, and download them to your computer as a ZIP-archive.


Despite the fact that Dropbox yet remains the leader among the service to sync, SugarSync may well compete with him. And it’s not only in the proposed default 5 GB of data. SugarSync has many other interesting features. Some of them, such as sending a file by e-mail, you can implement a Dropbox with extensions. However, SugarSync has many unique and laquo; fishekraquo, ranging from remote editing files to the streaming audio.

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