Strangers Wrath HD: release on Vita and problems with Xbox Live

Chapter studio Just Add Water Gilroy Stewart (Stewart Gilray) said Strangers Wrath HD will be released on a handheld console PlayStation Vita. The release will take place no later than mid-November, and the actual number will report later.

Game has been successfully sold in the PlayStation Network, and was recently added to the catalog Steam. The ironic fact is that an improved version still can not get into Xbox Live, although at one time exclusively for the first console and Microsoft released the original Strangers Wrath. There are several reasons, but first of all, HD-publication does not fit into the size limit games for XBLA. But were not giving up, Stewart said. We want to do other things, and if the problem is not solved, we will have to leave the venture with Live Arcade, but as long as we give everything Strangers Wrath.