Started testing social browser Amigo

The regiment arrived social browsers. The company Mail.Ru Group unveiled an alpha version of the browser Amigo integrated with popular social networks.Using a new Web browser, users can vnbsp, the usual mode, read news, search for information, and constantly be aware of what is happening with their friends. Amigo has a special panel to work with popular Russian social networks: Classmates, VKontakte, my world and Facebook. The browser also can check a box and immediately notified of new messages in Mail Mail.Ru. Communicate with social networks and track incoming mail can be, without being distracted from viewing other sites.

Authorize, polzovatelnbsp, will see to it that they write and make up in the films friends, exchange messages, listen to music, share interesting links and images, and to change their status in the social network. Switch between social networks can be a single click. With the main browser window works in the usual way, and the communication is in the sidebar (which, if desired, can be hidden).To get access to the alpha version of the browser Amigo, you must submit your email address in the special form on the page.

From other popular social browser Amigo features podderzhika Russian social networks. Recall that the other Web browsers like napravlennostinbsp; RockMelt works with Facebook and Twitter. A development of social browser Flock is currently frozen.