Started open beta ORFO 2013 for Mac

Company laquo; Informatikraquo; began open beta testing spell check system ORFO 2013 for Mac.nbsp; The program has a new spelling checker of the Russian language, developed in collaboration with the Institute of the Russian language the VV Vinogradov, whose task is to establish normative spellings and codification language. In developing the recommendations also take into account the existing spelling commission Sciences.

Compared with the old version, in 2013 ORFO corrected many words misspelled words had several spellings, new words, neologisms, names of well known companies. Also, the program added a new grammar checker, style, and spelling dictionaries are now constantly updated with the latest recommendations of the Commission and the Institute of spelling the VV Vinogradov. The cost of the first year of updates, dictionaries and grammar check pattern is included in the cost of the license.In 2013 also appeared ORFO mode of spelling and grammar, which takes into account the differences between the letters E and implemented a multi-intelligent mechanism tips for misspelled words, added the correct, verified by linguists AutoCorrect for the Russian language.

Download the installation file here.