Started beta testing Primal Carnage

Shortly before the release of thriller Primal Carnage Lukewarm Media company officials decided to make fans of his work interesting announcement. For users who have issued the project pre-order finally given access to the beta-testing.

Addition to access to testing, gamers will get a little addon that will change the look of a raptor mdash; after you install the dinosaur would look like a cross between a giant reptiliinbsp, and fowl. This bonus can only be used in the final version of the MMO shooter.

Primal Carnage is developed based on Unreal Engine 3. In the game the two teams meet in a duel of gamers, and one side is represented by people, and the second mdash; dinosaurs. Each faction has 5 different classes, which differ from each other unique skills and an arsenal.

Until Primal Carnage is no exact release date. On Web sites, Steam, GameStop and GamersGate indicated only that the premier fighter in the fall of 2012.