Started beta testing of Dr.Web 7.0 for Android

Company “Doctor Web” announced the beta release of an updated version of Dr.Web anti-virus protection for mobile devices running the operating system Android.

New build program has received sequence number 7.0. It has become a key feature of the new component, called Cloud Checker and checks a browser links using cloud technology. When clicking on the link, it is automatically transferred to a specialized cloud-service, which determines whether the target resource is safe for the user, and not whether he deprecated the category to visit. If the URL appears in the “black” list, access to the site is blocked automatically.

The companys staff report cosmetic improved user interface of mobile applications and other functional completions.

Test Edition Dr.Web 7.0 for Android is available for free download from Google Play (formerly Android Market) users Android 2.1 and older versions of the. The product in addition to the plug-in system and Cloud Checker included components of “spam” and “antitheft”.