Squall Line: A test of five cloud service for synchronizing data

According to a survey recently conducted at our site, more than half of the readers do not use cloud services for data synchronization. Probably should say not yet in use. Because after last month Google and laquo; Yandeksraquo, presented their new services, and Microsoft has released a client program to SkyDrive, ignore laquo; oblakaraquo, has become almost impossible.

Services for synchronization can be seen as a new stage of development for many of the usual service for storing files. On laquo; Docs Googleraquo; and laquo; Yandeks.Naroderaquo the files could only store and Google Drive, laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, and others not only keep copies on a remote server, but also see to it that the latest versions of files are always were on hand at the local computers and mobile devices.

Just how magical word laquo; sinhronizatsiyaraquo; computing life easier, so much has already been written, we do not see any sense again repeated. Instead, we offer you a comparison of five current services for data synchronization.


Despite the fact that in the last month in Dropbox there were many serious competitors, the service continues to be the primary cloud storage for millions of users. Main reason for that – Dropbox was the first service to offer an easy solution to synchronize (you put the files in the folder – they are immediately copied to the remote server and other devices). Now many active users Dropbox certainly try other services, but often – not as an alternative but as a complement to its main store.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Dropbox, which may in some way affect the pace of attracting new users, is a very small amount of free disk space – only 2 GB. However, due to a strong referral program, in which the new conditions for each new user, you can receive an additional 500 MB, storage capacity can be increased to 16 GB. Can ndash; bolshe.nbsp and even the most recently released a new version of the desktop client (1.4), which has a function of automatic download pictures from the camera. If you use it to upload photos to Dropbox of 2.5 GB, you can get another 3 GB of free space (photos later can be removed, and will earn a place).

Dropbox allows you to quickly open access to other people to a whole folder or a single file. This can be done on the computer, and mobile application or the Web interface. Until recently, in order to make the file public, it was necessary to put it in a folder Public, but now share files even easier. For any file stored in your Dropbox, you can quickly generate a link by using the Get Link from the context menu.

Google Drive

Recently launched service to sync from Google is a revised version of the familiar to laquo; Docs Googleraquo;. Web interface laquo; Diskaraquo, practically the same as laquo; Dokumentovraquo, and the main difference between the renamed service – client programs for Windows and Mac, simplifying file downloads.

Due to client can place files in online storage, simply copying them to your Google Drive. Two-way sync, so in this folder you can find files that have been uploaded to laquo; Documents Googleraquo;, and even links to Web documents. If you include an off-line mode Google Chrome work with the service, you can even work with these texts, presentations and spreadsheets without an Internet connection.

Google Drive integrates with Gmail and Google+. Web-based service can send files and link to them via e-mail, and the tape Google+ can publish photos, previously uploaded to laquo; Diskraquo;.

Google Drive adopted from laquo; Docs Googleraquo; flexible access to files – you can open full access, leave the files read-only, or just post a comment. However, while the opening of access to files is only possible through the web interface and the functions of a desktop client is very limited.

All the benefits

Google Drive can be estimated when using the web interface. The service has a text search of all stored in laquo; oblakeraquo; documents. The search index fall even images – a new service uses recognition technology known places in the photographs, familiar mobile application Google Goggles. Therefore, if you download, say, photos Hermitage, there is a good chance that when you enter a search query Hermitage Google Drive will show your pictures. The service also automatically recognizes text in images and include it in the search index.

Google Drive laquo; znaetraquo, more than three dozen file formats, and you can view them in the browser. These files include, for example, videos that service independently converts for online viewing. Also in the browser, you can view the contents of files, PSD and AI.


Although the service is to store data from Microsoft was introduced nearly five years ago, syncing it appeared only at the end of April, when it was released a preliminary version of the long-awaited client for Windows and Mac.

SkyDrive client creates on the hard disk of the same name folder and automatically downloads the server is stored in its files. Unfortunately, the possibility of the client on that end – it has no selective sync folders or quick exchange of files by generating references. But let’s not forget that the client version is yet marked as preview. The more so because there is something special – if the client settings to allow access to the file system, it can be from the Web interface to access all the files on the computer, not only is stored in SkyDrive.

SkyDrive can be interesting, especially the followers of products and services from Microsoft. Cloud service is tightly integrated with the online versions of Office applications Office Webb Apps, so you can work with files Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote directly in the browser. Additionally, SkyDrive can be used with mail service Windows Live Hotmail and the application Windows Live Mail. This means that when sending photos by e-mail files are uploaded to SkyDrive, and recipient of the message can view them in a gallery. By the way, for this to work in Windows Live Mail account is not necessary to use Hotmail – it works with any mail box.

Have SkyDrive rather convenient file management via web interface. You can individually review all documents and photos, share them to other people, to quickly publish links to public files on Twitter and Facebook. Loading data through the browser in the background, so wait for it to complete to move to another location, do not.

laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo;

The reviews

Services to sync on English sites can often be found a phrase that the leader of the amount of space allocated for free for user files is Microsoft. Despite the fact that, with desktop client quota for new users has been reduced from 25 to 7 GB, it is still more than the other services.

In Russia, after the reduction of free gigabytes on laquo; Skaydrayveraquo, the leader in terms of free space is a new service laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo.; He works for the time being in closed testing by invitation only, but rather actively invites sent, so the number of users is quite large (about testified to the results of the survey on our website).

In Russian interface, the service from laquo; Yandeksaraquo, there is another important advantage to foreign services. This – not limited tariff rate for those providers that are connected to the program laquo; LAN laquo; Yandeksaraquo;.

Laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, tightly integrated with laquo; Yandeks.Pochtoyraquo, and the web interface laquo; Diskaraquo, you can search for all attachments that have ever been sent from a mailbox or received it. In addition, the implemented integration with the service for storing files laquo; Yandeks.Narodraquo – all the files that are uploaded to laquo; Narodraquo, can be transferred to laquo; Diskraquo, and then will not need to extend the retention period.

The service has no specific mobile application – for use laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo, on your smartphone or tablet, download mobile laquo; Yandeks.Pochturaquo.; In our experience of use, work with the mobile laquo; Yandeks.Diskomraquo, much easier than with the application Google Drive. Download files from the device to the service is made much easier.


Desktop client laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo, clearly needs to be polished – on some computers it does not set, other synchronization works poorly. However, laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo; supports the WebDav, and hence for laquo; rodnoyraquo; client is not required. WebDav support also provides the ability to customize work laquo; Yandeks.Diskaraquo; among Linux.


According to a poll conducted on our site, the last place in the popularity of cloud took SugarSync. To some extent this is natural: the user base to compete with Google, Microsoft and laquo; Yandeksaraquo, this service is quite difficult, especially without the support of the Russian language by the client. However, without a review of SugarSync cloud service would not be complete, because this ambitious project has a number of important advantages over the competition.

Unlike its main competitor – Dropbox, the service provides synchronization of any number of folders. When working with SugarSync not need to put all the files that should be copied to the server in the directory created service. Instead it is proposed to choose an existing folder on your hard drive and set up for them to back up or sync. For each folder separately, it shows what device it is to be synchronized. Until recently, the free version of SugarSync supports synchronization between only two devices, but this restriction is now removed.

Another distinctive feature of SugarSync – streaming media, which acts as the web interface, and the use of mobile applications. If you want to listen to music that lies in store SugarSync on your phone, no need to wait for the audio download – playback starts instantly. Web interface provides an integrated player with the ability to create playlists.

Unlike Google Drive and SkyDrive, this service does not provide the ability to edit documents using web applications, but it offers a unique option to edit files, which can be useful when working on a public computer. In the file, you can make changes without leaving any traces of your computer. When you use the Edit with WebSync file is downloaded from the server and opened in the desktop application. When it is closed to the server sent an edited copy, and all temporary files and shortcuts on your computer are removed.


Which service to synchronize only looks more attractive? It is hardly possible to answer this question unequivocally. Those who are used to working with Google Docs and other services the search giant may adopt Google Drive, but supporters Hotmail and programs from Microsoft probably will prefer SkyDrive. laquo; Yandeks.Diskraquo, interesting in that it offers the maximum amount of free storage space, while affiliate programs Dropbox and SugarSync offer the opportunity to get even more.

There is no doubt that with the entry timing of such major companies as laquo; Yandeksraquo;, Microsoft and Google, in the next few years we will see its active development. Will Dropbox, SugarSync, and other services to compete with the giants of the IT-industry, time will tell. And while each of them is fighting for a place under the sun, we can enjoy all the facilities storing files laquo; oblakahraquo.; And do not forget that there is nothing stopping you from using multiple services simultaneously. Five cloud storage given the opportunity to place at least 29 GB of data.

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