Songbird: Singing bird with heart fox

Struggle between browsers in a sense stalled. Most developers realize the simple truth that many users were clear from the start. For example, manage the pages easier and more convenient to use the tabs. The ability to synchronize bookmarks, passwords and other user data allows to find laquo; predannyhraquo; fans who will not go away to competitors because of the complexities associated with the transfer of this information. The rendering of pages that previously boasted so developers varies so little that often we just do not see the difference between the appearance of your home page in Chrome or Opera.

All this leads to an interesting turn of the evolution of browsers. Their functionality has become so diverse that many enthusiasts there is a logical desire to make them specialized. So, for example, was born laquo; social brauzerraquo, all the instruments are directed at those who most of the time on the Internet holds in the depths of social networks. Sometimes web technology, they say, even beyond the browser. Today we tell about just such a case.

Player Songbird looks like a completely stand-alone application, but if laquo; kapotraquo lift, and look at the engine of the program, you can see that the player is based on Mozilla XULRunner and GStreamer media framework. All of this suggests kinship with Firefox, so that the program could be a cross-platform: it can run on Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac OS X, as well as Solaris and Linux.

Songbird During installation wizard prompts you to install a set of add-ons that will add to the player support for popular online services:, mashTape, Gracenote Metadata Lookup Provider and others. Some of the modules that are automatically downloaded from the web, add very useful features, such as support for playback of protected files, Windows Media Audio, the ability to copy music from audio CDs, and so on.

Language support is also implemented in the form of supplements. Songbird will determine what is required Russian and automatically download a language module.

First thing that any serious player – indexed audio collections. Process of recording media files in Songbird is not mindlessly – the program does not tolko detects music, but also analyzes the content for laquo; chitabelnostiraquo.; Thus, if a player sees the unknown files that do not have the meaning assigned codec, Songbird shows them and warns that the data player laquo; not zubamraquo;.


Enough laquo; vseyadenraquo, it works with most popular formats – MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV. Unfortunately, Songbird does not support layout files CUE – is it a big minus.

Interface is made so well that at first glance you can not understand that this is not just a player, but also browser.

However, all you need to surf the program there – there are safer, and there are tabs, and of course, the button to go directly to the homepage. How could it not have something for which all of Songbird was conceived? Perhaps the creators of this laquo; brauzeraraquo multimedia, presented the following picture: a music lover runs the program begins to listen to your music library and also works on the Internet – looking for useful information, sends a message to someone, and so on. Very correct approach, because if you think about the integration of multimedia player provides many amenities. At any time, you can see some interesting information, for example, to study the biography of the artist or to see when, in what country and what city held concerts next favorite band.

And Songbird – a big directory of internet radio stations that broadcast via Shoutcast. The player can use the filters, selecting the station to the user. The criteria for selection to Internet radio can serve as a genre in which broadcasting station, the user broadcast quality audio and even the number of concurrent connections, which indicates a greater or lesser degree of popularity.

Above all, do not forget that the Internet is the main source of most of the music library users. That is why the program can monitor data loading and automatically copy the music library, all of the new songs, which were able to get on the web.

If the browser features you do not need, you can ignore all these laquo; navorotyraquo unnecessary, and include a compact form, in which the player will take up little space on the desktop.

Songbird constantly monitors the user’s preferences and can adapt his musical taste. One of the features of this player is that he is able to compose laquo; umnyeraquo; playlists. Nothing particularly laquo; umnogoraquo, in the program not – she just follows the settings specified in the eligibility files. And these criteria so much that is possible and very confused. The program separates the data on the rating, the time of addition to the library, as well laquo; viditraquo, the difference between the video and audio files. Say, the playlist can be included the latest tracks added during the month, the sum of which shall consist of eight hours of music and still owned by the same artist.

Another glimpse laquo; intellektaraquo; applications observed when using the search function. As in a regular browser, Songbird as much as trying to tell a search query to the user to complete. Sometimes search suggestions do work, and shows it saves time.

Program can be used as a file manager for managing multimedia data to a computer connected to the media – smart phones, MP3-players, memory cards, USB-drives and so on. Possible as data synchronization, and manual copying of files.

As in the case of Firefox, Songbird browser concept also allows you to configure features of the program with extras. They are placed automatically, and after they connect does regularly monitors the update of the modules. Some add-ons downloaded installer when installing the application, others can be found on the official site.

Unfortunately, Songbird does not support the original plugins Firefox, and offers developers a set of tools the player is not so diverse, and most of them are enchanted by adding some multimedia options. For example, you can connect a plug-in which it plays the tracks will automatically download lyrics and display it using also the automatic scrolling. It is worth bearing in mind that the installation requires a reboot of any supplement Songbird.

Program supports hot keys, and designated player keyboard combinations may work even if the application window is inactive.

Despite the fact that Songbird – primarily player for this program is very important aspect of security, as functions of the browser are a threat to user privacy. However, the browser is not any stealth or privacy. In the settings you can disable caching of stories in Songbird, but it is – almost all of which can make the user for its maximum protection. The browser takzhenbsp, has more control over the rules for storing the history of the user – for example, you can limit the data caching a few days, and have the browser cache is reset every time you restart. The program can block the installation of the updates from unreliable sites. Songbird stores password entries on individual web pages (if you want to disable in the settings), and can also use a single master password. When transferring data browser can use secure the TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0.

In addition to desktop versions, developers also offer mobile edition player for Android, supports both audio and video files. It’s nice that a mobile Songbird, as the elder brother, is free. Mobile Player supports synchronization with the desktop version, so on Android-device may, for example, play by play lists on your computer.

Mobile Player also features well-placed organization library. You can view the collection by album, by artist, by genre, and playlist. In addition, the filters can be combined- example, view only the performers and songs relating to a different genre.

The Songbird for Android implements some specific features, which include integration with the services of Facebook and Flickr. For example, listening to music, you can tell about the interesting compositions to your friends via the buttons laquo; Nravitsyaraquo.; Also during play the player may find himself, upload and share photos of the performer with Flickr.

Like any decent player for Android, Songbird has a widget for home screen, with which you can view information about the play the tracks when the device is locked.


Fact that someone came up with the idea of ??cross browser media player, it is quite natural. Web technologies can enjoy a full life on the Internet – to work with office documents, create graphics, keep in laquo; oblakeraquo, their instruments, and so on. So why not adapt the browser to listen to music?


Player open source Songbird was positioned as an alternative to iTunes (the program even provides import / export files in iTunes), but the time showed that this player is so individual that compete with Apple he simply no need. In Songbird is an interesting concept, user-friendly interface. Still to this successful implementation, but alas – it is not all as smooth as we would like. From the idea to win so far. The program has a number of errors that relate primarily for video playback. And the functionality of the browser unusually cut to the most-most important options. For the user, which should, according to the creators Songbird, in whole or in part laquo; sprygnutraquo, with Opera, Chrome or Safari, the rejection of the features to which he became accustomed over the years, will, most likely, simply not possible. However, those who constantly keeps in his pocket MP3-player, it should not scare. For what is the lack of features in the browser compared to the joy of music to be always at hand!

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