Sold 46 million games in the series Halo

On the eve of the release

Blockbuster Halo 4 representatives of Microsoft said today in SCM has sold 46 million copies of the game series Halo. This corporation staff told reporters Joystiq.

According to Microsoft, the Prince series, a total of $ 3 billion in revenue. To date, gamers have made 120 million units of various content for Halo 3, but on different servers shooter series in total spent 5 hours mrld.

Currently Halo 4 is the most expensive game in the history of the company, as Phil Spencer said in an interview to Polygon. Recall that the previous project to create a series of ndash; Halo 3 ndash; spent at least $ 60 million

Premiere Halo 4 will be held November 6, 2012 on Xbox 360. The game is the first of a new trilogy about the adventures of Master Chifa. The soundtrack for an action movie written by composer Neil Davidge (Neil Davidge). Unfortunately, a pirated copy of the project is distributed in the network despite the best efforts of Microsoft.