Simulations of musical instruments for Android

Drums Droid HD Free

Basis of almost any musical composition – is the drums. They serve as a skeleton, which is adjusted for all other instruments. So start such an article, it was decided from them. The author of this article has tried almost all simulators drum sets, available in Google Play, and found they had the same problem: too much space between the touch of a virtual drum and direct sound. Nevertheless Drums Droid HD Free, this delay is minimized. It is present, but at a moderate pace of the game is invisible.

The program itself is very easy to use. After a very nedurnogo opening solo that sounds during startup, the user enters the application’s main window. There are five reels and five plates with very realistic sounds (to use as this, and others, below this application, of course, it’s better with headphones). Drums Droid laquo; druzhitraquo, with multi-touch screen that allows you to make good Fills, but if more than two terms of both system components, the programm starts to slow down. Ordinary users not familiar with such a musical instrument, it would be quite simple standard installation without any additional chips.


But Droid Drums HD is designed for a minimum of amateurs. Using the parameters, inconspicuously located at the bottom right of the screen, the user can completely rebuild your setup to your liking, add or remove any of the first parts, change the position of the drums or remove / add the volume of individual components. You can choose from 17 different tools, but the free version is available, only 13 of them. Honestly, little reason to buy the full version of the program is not, unless you do not need the sounds and djembe Cowbell. And if you do not have annoying ads, of course. On the other hand, the cost of the full version of the program is only two euros.

In my opinion, Droid Drums HD – one of the most convenient and customizable by the end-user simulation drums for Android. Developers would not hurt to rework the interface changes to system components (it’s not bad, but to understand and get used to it, it takes time) – and the program could be considered as a reference.


Without which it is impossible to provide the majority of the most famous (and not only) music tracks? Right. Without a long and sometimes unpredictable guitar solo. Of course, on a handheld device does not play a particularly exhaustive search, but still from a dozen different applications, you can select a worthy and versatile guitar simulator – Solo.

Application can run in two modes: Strum Chords and Play Frets. First lets laquo; dergatraquo; strings certain chord. On the screen are carried up to eight buttons, each of which represents a chord. At the appropriate time the user clicks on one of them, and virtual guitar strings are transformed into the corresponding pressed key.

The Solo has a library with more than a hundred chords – choose and play. If the desired user was not found (for example, for some reason there are not many of fifths), it can add to your program, using the convenient and simple function Chord Editor (editor chords). After adding a chord appears in the library – now it can be taken to the main panel. By the way, presets eight chords, you can save and load at the right time, every time they did not score again.

Second mode easier and more intuitive to use. He is a real simulator guitar. On the device displays the bar with six strings. The user can grip the absolutely any frets on any string, good multi-touch screen allows. But not recommended to pull more than two strings at the same time – Solo begins to slow down.


Only available in this mode, the setting – the number of displayed Frets of TPX to twelve. If you do not go in, say, the fifth fret, why do you need on an already small screen seven extra? Of course, you can play on open strings – they are located at the far right of the screen (if you hold the device in landscape orientation).

Solo among other applications characterized by the fact that the simulator is not a guitar, but four: classical nylon string, acoustic with metal, electric and electric melody with reloading. Each of them free, rather quality sound. More of the chips applets should note the feature capo.

To review was selected a paid version of the program – this is due to the fact that in Free-version lacks many important features such as the addition of its chords to the library, the extension neck to the 12th fret, and changing the type of guitar, and others. To use to test the Galaxy Tab prilozhenienbsp, albeit rarely, but strove to fly – this defect developers. The rest- would add to a real guitar tuner, and prices by Solo was.

Piano Perfect

Drums and guitar – an integral part of modern music. However, the density and the sound add some zest is the key. The most convenient and high-quality piano simulator for Android, in my opinion, is the Piano Perfect – simple application that does not have anything extra.

Main window is a classic piano keyboard. Use the arrows on the panel above, it shifts the tone or an octave up / down. Of course, the program works well with multitouch display, and it can handle even the triads (three keys sound with a slight delay, calculated in microseconds, and almost imperceptible to the ear).

Custom application is minimal. In the corresponding menu, you can specify how many white keys displayed on the screen – from six to twenty. There you can adjust the length of the notes and adjust sound echo, enable, or disable marking notes.

To this accumulation of keys, as in the screenshot on the right, was not, application developers have come up with Double Row Mode. When it is activated on the screen, the keyboard does not appear, but two. It is really easy game. For example, the upper keyboard can lead to a bass octave, and the lower – left in the first or second. In this way, you get to play with both hands, covering large musical intervals.


As a bonus in Piano Perfect provides training function. The application loaded with over fifty works, divided into levels of difficulty: easy, moderate, difficult. Instead of the upper octaves on the screen start to appear circles. When one of them reaches the keyboard, you need time to press the button under it (the analog of the well known game Guitar Hero). The user can also download new laquo; obuchalkiraquo, from the Internet. A distinctive feature of the application is the feature for recording user actions. The user can write the product, and then see how it was done. Remove ads from the program can be for 1,35 euro;.

That was over an article on simulations of musical instruments for Android. In conclusion, we note that none of the programs will never replace the real guitars, drums and keyboards, but it can help pass the time having fun. Before using better off as many active programs and clean RAM to reduce the delay between the touch screen and virtual instrument response.

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