SimCity release postponed to March 2013

Electronic Arts announced that the premiere urban simulator SimCity pushed back to March 2013. Earlier it was expected that the project will debut in February next year. This information with a link to the official website publishers told reporters CVG.

EA representatives argue that the project will be excellent entertainment for veterans and e series of new fans. The quality of care team of specialists and engine GlassBox. To date, the tool set for building simulation is one of the toughest on the market.

In the latest trailer, dedicated to SimCity, the developers have shown a variety of natural disasters. All of a sudden the townsfolk virtual city can fall down on the head of a meteorite, tornadoes, earthquakes, and even the alien invaders.

New SimCity will be the first project since the SimCity 2000 Network Edition, in which there is multiplayer. Players will be able to build a city or to do so in the company of friends. Cooperative play will quickly build megacities, and make objects that benefit both users.