Shipped 1.5 million copies of Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix talked about the success of their projects. Especially publisher notes Sleeping Dogs. According to reports, the stores were shipped 1.5 million copies of the project. As it turned out, the Japanese publisher at one time very right thing by buying the rights to almost pochivshuyu True Crime: Hong Kong. This, of course, is hardly the goose that lays the golden eggs, compared to Call of Duty, but still a tasty morsel. Result was achieved in the period from August to late September release. Thus, Sleeping Dogs became the most profitable game Square Enix for the previous quarter.

Second in the list is the 3DS-exclusive ndash; Dragon Quest Monsters. Its achievement ndash; 900,000 copies shipped in the same period. Kingdom Hearts 3D ceded laquo; vsegoraquo, 250 thousand boxes of this result, if you look at Europe and North America. There is settled and 150,000 copies Theatrythm Final Fantasy.

Finally Square Enix told about online achievements. Dragon Quest X for the Wii has more than 400,000 active users in the game, while the figure for Final Fantasy XI reached 500 thousand players.