Secrets of female beauty: the programs and services to work on their appearance

Not every woman has the opportunity to receive advice stylist, make clothes in the personnel services of a tailor and a makeup artist. But it is all of the fair half of mankind wants to be the most attractive, and modest family budget – no problem. In the end, our grandmothers managed to sew fashion coat of soldiers’ uniforms and cut out unnecessary curtains skirt, from which it was impossible to look away, so what are we worse? But today’s women have more opportunities to track the latest fashion trends and follow them. Computer and the Internet gives unlimited access to not only information, but also to a number of programs and services designed to help those who take care of their beauty.

Desktop applications for the design of hairstyles and makeup

With programs for the selection of hairstyles and make-up situation, to be honest, not very inspiring. Beauty Wizard 3.3 program and updated at least not so long ago (last year), is so archaic interface and terrible graphics, it can be like that unless the students of primary school. Add to that the shareware-status, the highest price in the # 36, 39.95 and limit trial versions, which makes it impossible to work with custom photos – and you can see why it does not want to even test.


Software Salon Styler Pro, which is much more functional and modern. However, its audience is limited to professionals: it can buy for hairdressers or beauty salon, but for personal use only the price is too high (license costs 8500 rubles).

Salon Styler Pro supports webcams and can automatically select the best hairstyle for uploads the portraits. It is also interesting that the program allows you to see how the hairstyle will look from different angles, not only the front, but from the side or from behind. Supplement created image by selecting the color of hair and beauty hovering using virtual tools to make up. Hydration should be engaged manually using shadow, lipstick, lip pencils and eye, powder and blush.

Well, because it could not find a functional and at the same time low-cost program to create their own style, turn to the web services. Fortunately, the situation is better. You can use them for free in the online pick up a new hairstyle, make-up and even choose the style of dress. – selection of hairstyles and make-up

When something goes wrong in life, always advised to start by changing hairstyles. But what hairstyle will suit you? To answer this question, it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser. You can try on a dozen different images and choose the one that best fits the attitude and mood. service will do it.

Although the service offers several models for experimentation, this is much more interesting to work with a real photograph, so we recommend that you start to download it. To the imposition of various elements on the face as accurately performed, you must manually specify the center of the pupil, the corners of the eyes and lips, adjust the contours of eyes and lips.

Unregistered users, not all elements of the library, so you should immediately create an account. Registration is available with accounts laquo; VKontakteraquo;, Facebook and laquo; Odnoklassnikovraquo;, why not take a lot of time. After registration, the opportunity to keep the previously downloaded pictures, and started to apply styles to the different pictures.

First thing that can help service, the choice of a new hairstyle. offers hundreds of different options for hairstyles, which is divided up along the length of the hair. In a separate category are rendered for which you want to do installation. The total number of options available is difficult to calculate, but no less than a few hundred. And for each hairstyle can choose hair color and separately – the color strands, as well as specify the type of coloring.

Spite of the fact that service is aimed mainly at women, has not been forgotten and the strong half of humanity. For men, there are about a hundred variations styles (including the long hair) as well as different forms of beards and mustaches.

In creating a new way of make-up is not as important as the hairstyle. Well-chosen color tones, shadows, lipsticks hide appearance defects and profitable highlight its advantages. Moreover, it was with makeup on your face, you can add what you think, it is not enough, for example, to draw a cute mole or make the eyes look bigger. Well, to be sure that the make-up matched perfectly, we can again work out on their own photos.

On creating makeup is divided into three main stages: the eyes, lips and blush. The first phase of the most time consuming – onnbsp, includes work on the lashes, adding shadows and eye liner. There is an opportunity to learn how you will look with false eyelashes and decorative, with two-color or three-color shades. With rouge is simple: you can choose colors from a variety of options, and to emphasize the lips can be used lipstick and pencil.

As additional options visitors a choice of colored lenses, sunglasses and ordinary frames, as well as different options of accessories: hats, earrings, piercings and even the bindi.

Typically, hair, and other elements are applied properly, but you can always adjust the width, height, scale, and other settings in the right pane. There is also a button to remove the last element and clean pictures from all the experimental results. The results obtained in the process of selecting options for hairstyles and make-up options can be saved as a graphic file or send them to print directly from your browser window.

Taaz – almost professional approach

Worth a look to the service Taaz, and once it becomes clear that was the inspiration for the creators This English-language service has a huge database of various cosmetics: lipstick, concealer, blush, foundations, eye shadows, and others. And that – not just random colors, as all items offered service actually exist. For example, selecting the right color lipstick, you can immediately see which manufacturer produces it, to copy the name and find the approximate price.

If you prefer a certain brand, you can select it in the list, and then they will show only those items that belong to him. Also works filtering by price: you can determine in advance how much you are willing to spend on makeup, and after that to choose from products suitable cost.

All used to create the makeup cosmetics are listed under the photo. You can one-click undo all the changes, and look like the picture looks before and after applying makeup.

In Taaz can also try sunglasses (all models too real), to estimate their appearance after plucking eyebrows and teeth whitening. There is also the possibility of selecting hairstyles, and different options for clarity strizhek shown directly on the models – the well-known personalities. Picking up her hair, you can experiment with hair color.

Of course, when you create a new style of the process of selection of different accessories and cosmetics is very addictive, but if you want to get results quickly, you can use the Complete Looks. Turning to this section, you can view photos of celebrities and estimate how their hair and makeup will look on you.

To save the new style on the site Taaz or creating an image file need to register. – selection of stylish clothing

Beautiful woman – a woman who is stylishly dressed. To change the baggy T-shirt and old jeans for something more elegant, sometimes takes a lot of courage, but the result is almost always exceeds expectations. Well-matched clothes make the invisible figure flaws and brings to the fore the strengths of its owner. Try to start a new wardrobe in the online and print out the most successful models, go for these purchases.

Will help in the difficult task of updating the wardrobe service, where you can create a collage of individual items of clothing and accessories. All items listed in this catalog, it is real. Unknown to many, not only information, but also the price, and a link to the stores where you can buy them. In the process of creating a collage, you can use filters by brand, by category of clothing, color. Collages can contain not only the stuff from the catalog, and text labels. In the process of creating a collage automatically generates a list of things that can be easily converted to a shopping list. Note also the possibility of entry of favorite items of clothing in the category selected.

When it comes to the selection of clothing, it is very important to the opinions of others. Therefore, the well implemented social component. Collages can be saved for the world to see. The service generates a link for easy posting on blogs collage (important for those who are making their blogs devoted to fashion trends.) Each user of the service can view, comment and rate other people’s collages, and add the most successful designs to your favorites. And as more people are added to your favorites collages, the higher your ranking.

By the way, there are English-speaking prototype – service The latter offers a much greater selection of clothing and accessories, but the shops where you can buy them for Russian users are irrelevant. – game stylist

Here is another interesting site, where you can check whether you are competent in matters of fashion and style. This is – a little test, built in the form of the game. At each stage offers an incomplete image of the three things in the same style. The final touch to each image to choose from four options. Each correct answer will earn points, as well as an explanation as to the correct choice. You can play for a long time: the creators of the game in the stylist did 28 rounds to 4 in every way (and there are always new levels). But, unfortunately, the save game is not provided.


Use software and services, which were discussed in the review, it is possible in many ways. Someone will apply them for professional purposes, but for someone they – just a way to pass the time, to try on the beard or prikinuv how it will look bold hairstyle. And there are people who make the game with the appearance of the people in their work. For example, employees of the Walt Disney of the Technical Development recently introduced 3D-technology, which allows you to grow and, conversely, to shave off the hair on the three-dimensional copy of the person’s head. So far, it’s hard to imagine, but it is possible that in the future such technology will form the basis of new applications for exterior styling.

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