Review of Instagram for Android

Throughout the previous month name of a popular application, previously available only to users of the products Apple, does not get away with the title feed: it will turn out for the client operating system Android, than cause mass indignation in social networks, Facebook will buy it for $ 1 billion. The recent events we have already mentioned, and now we want to provide a detailed overview of the Instagram for gadgets based on Android


Instagram – free software for mobile devices that allows you to quickly (almost one click) take a photo, apply an artistic filter and publish it on the social network of the same name. Yes, most likely it is quite comfortable social side applications has attracted a huge number of people (over 40 million) worldwide. After all, for laquo; obrabotkiraquo; images on a laptop there are services devayse interesting than Instagram (eg Pixlr-o-matic). Nevertheless, they are much less popular.

first launch

Use Instagram without an account is not possible, so when you first start the application prompts you to enter the data of an existing account, or sign up for a new one. The registration process is simplified, it will not cause anybody problems. Once the new account is created, the lucky owner of the software hipsterskoy camera can add friends – the program will automatically find Instagram users of your contacts in the phone book, Twitter and Facebook. After all the above steps on the screen will be popular accounts of network users to messages which you can subscribe. In this registration process is complete, we can assume.

If you have not added any friends from other social networks, you will see a blank page with a five-button at the bottom of the panel (if not on the main page will-loaded pictures of friends). These buttons correspond to the sections of the program: laquo; Glavnayaraquo;, laquo; Popular fotoraquo;, laquo; Make snimokraquo;, laquo; Novostiraquo, and laquo; My profilraquo.; The last tab by clicking on the appropriate area of ??the screen, edit your profile, change avatar, privacy settings and the camera. The program interface is very intuitive, so we will not dwell on it the attention of readers.

Working with photos: overlay effects, publication

To download the Instagram photos, press the central button of the bottom panel. Application helpfully clarify whether to create a new photo or upload an existing gallery. Next photo of the need to cut a square (yes, all the pictures in Instagram – square) and select one of the 17 proposed filters (in the network, you can download the originals, without imposing any effects). Presets change the white balance, contrast and detail, add vignetting and so on. For each filter, you can optionally add a unique frame.

collage with different effects Instagram

Overlay preset usually takes three to ten seconds (depending on the computational capacity of the gadget), which is slightly longer than the i-devices. After the user selects the appropriate filter and will continue to work with the service, restore photos saved in memory and will be available for publication on the personal page in Instagram, as well as in networks Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr. To the image, you can add a description, hash and geotagging.

social opportunities

All social service opportunities revolve around it comments and laquo; laykovraquo.; You see and evaluate photos of friends and other people, they look at your. Images that are gaining a lot of marks laquo; Nravitsyaraquo; fall in section laquo; Populyarnyeraquo.; Under laquo; Novostiraquo, each participant Instagram see who and how to comment on his photo, and can see the activity of friends (who gets laquo; zafrendilraquo;, laquo; layknulraquo, and so on). Got no frills, but for the mobile social network – what we need. Nothing extra.

Instagram s Advanced Camera

As noted, all photos Instagram – square, that, you, outside the box. After all, modern handheld devices store images in the usual rectangular form. That it does not become a problem, application developers included a option Instagram s Advanced Camera. Despite the word Advanced (laquo; prodvinutyyraquo;, laquo; usovershenstvovannyyraquo ;) , the camera does not differ from the fixed anything other than the original store your images in a square form. Maybe someone will be so flexible to create an image. When activated, this feature on Galaxy Tab 8.9rdquo; warning appears that it does not work on all devices. If you have Advanced Camera refuses to work – will have to go to the application settings and turn it off there.

comparison Instagram for Android and iOS

Instagram co-founder Kevin Sistrom at SXSW conference shared his opinion about the version of one application for Android. He said that laquo; she FM even better than the version under iOS, it neveroyatnoraquo.; The reality is, perhaps, a little differently. Yes, the app for Android just a little improved in terms of interface (rapid opening profile and search through a few tapas on the icon will speed up the program), but it loses its functionality. In iOS can publish your photos in networks Posterous and Flickr, as well as to apply to the image effect of Tilt-Shift. The users of these functions are not Android. Hopefully, the developers added in future updates of the program.


Some analysts argue that by the end of 2012 in Instagram is more than 100 million users. And well deserved: the program is fast, without glitches, fun and free. What else you need to be happy? If you are an active user of Facebook or Twitter, then this application is that you almost need. In the opposite case, it is still worth a try Instagram – probably like and tighten. The main thing – to find their friends there.

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