Return the Start button! Ten programs to improve the interface of Windows 8

Concept Windows 8 interface is contrary to what people have seen in Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Windows 7, and in the other versions. New laquo; plitochnyyraquo, interface, of course, will find its supporters, however, and those who remain dissatisfied laquo; uluchsheniyamiraquo, surely there will be many. Over time, a part of Windows 8 users will put up with an unusual move the cursor to turn off the computer and get accustomed to laquo; goryachieraquo; corners of the screen the first time. But until recently, most are unhappy grumble: laquo; why they removed the button? Raquo; – referring to the number one button, with which many are beginning to work with a computer.

And it’s true, why have removed the? Could have been done to disable it and keep track of how many users have traded home button laquo; Puskraquo, on laquo; pyatnashkiraquo, the new interface. According to the Microsoft, button laquo; Puskraquo and now is not needed because the screen can be a solid menu. Maybe, science it is so, but it should take a long time before people will appreciate the advantages of tile interface, get used to it laquo; udobstvamraquo, and want to use it. While the demand for tools to reanimate familiar interface of the system is quite large, so we went to find the best replacement laquo; poteryannoyraquo; button laquo; Puskraquo.;
 Power 8 1.2

  • Developer: Michael AgentMC Makarov, Andrei Habalevsky
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes

After installing Power 8 in the corner immediately button appeared laquo; Puskraquo.; True, in the form it was different from the one we used to see in Windows: the size of the new button is identical to the key to minimize all windows, located in the lower right corner of the task bar. If you are not satisfied with this laquo; minimalizmraquo;, do not worry – in the settings, as it turned out, the size of the buttons can be changed. In contrast to many analogues, Power 8 can block the work of the start screen. And blokiruetsyanbsp and he only on the primary monitor. If you use a configuration with multiple monitors, the taskbar on the second desktop feature laquo; uglaraquo hot, to call the tile interface will continue to work. If in the application will occur some errors, the button will be shown an exclamation point – it means that in this configuration, the PC program has detected problems.

Menu Power 8 has already been put commands for restarting and shutting down PCs. The menu and some of the little things that make the job easier. It is organized in such a way that many items have submenus. For example, the user is always available to Control Panel, tool command laquo; Administrirovanieraquo, and so on.

Alternative menu button laquo; Puskraquo, has a search function – it is fast, as the original element of the interface of Windows 7. In addition, searches can be performed not only on the local drive, but in the popular search engines. To search opened in a browser window, you need to type words to enter the key for the use of a search service. For example, if I enter 3dnews, start Internet Explorer with the results page laquo; Yandeksaraquo, on request 3dnews. Power 8 can be found in laquo; Yandekseraquo;, laquo; Vikipediiraquo;, Google, Bing and so on. Key parameters for an online search, you can see in the settings Power 8.

ViStart 8 – start with apple

  • Developer: Lee Soft
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Menu button laquo; Puskraquo; posed ViStart 8, at first glance, almost indistinguishable from what we are used to in previous versions of Windows. However, if you look closely, you can see some differences. For example, the shortcuts on the menu ViStart 8 could not get to the taskbar to pin, does not work and the old drag a shortcut button to lock it in the menu laquo; Puskraquo;.

Search menu also does not work in the best way – he is looking only at the desktop programs, ignoring the application for Windows 8 and paragraphs laquo; upravleniyaraquo panels.; Win key program catches, and when it is pressed, the menu appears. In the settings ViStart 8 support this key can be disabled.

Making buttons

Laquo; Puskraquo, very easy to change, pointing graphic pattern with a pattern. Default program includes several design options, among which there is even the logo Apple – bitten apple.

Imprint Settings invoked from the context menu that opens click on the icon in the notification area of ??the program. In this case, if deactivate the label can be a long wrestle with how to open the window again with the settings. It turns out that everything is simple – the program management team to be found in the menu, shut down Windows. Why was it necessary to make an additional label and place it in the notification area – is not clear, nor is it at all clear why you need to hide the item to the settings menu ViStart 8 shutdown.

Start 8 1.1

  • Developer: StarDock
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: shareware
  • Russian interface: No

Designed by the famous

StarDock, 8 Start program is able to offer virtually everything a user could want Windows 8, yearning for menu laquo; Puskraquo.; Added to it is fully integrated into the menu system and supports the search and launch new applications for Windows 8, as well as desktop applications.

After starting

Start 8, a window appears in which you can customize the look and appearance of menu options laquo; Puskraquo.; You can call it later, if you want to change the previously established parameters. The first thing you are asked to select – menu style laquo; Puskraquo.; Clicking laquo; Puskraquo, can open the menu in the style of Windows 7 or Windows 8 Start screen.

Appearance of the button can be very different: it can be a flag or logo of Windows 8. Also in the arsenal Start 8 A set of images of buttons, familiar to users of the old version of Windows – from XP up to Win7.

After decide the appearance of buttons and menus, you can proceed to its content. 8 Start menu can display recently opened applications, highlight newly installed programs. You can also completely customize the links to the right will determine what action will be assigned the default button off.

Very important that the contents of the menu laquo; Puskraquo, is not limited to desktop applications – it can be fixed, and applications for Windows 8. A search of the menu to which users are so used to Windows 7, make use of the possibility of a new OS. He looks for all applications, settings, and files.

When working with Windows 8 pressing Win opens the start screen. Start 8 can intercept the key, so that when you click it opens a menu laquo; Puskraquo.; And it can be opened in the case, if the user presses the Win, while the new interface of Windows 8. Windows 8 Start menu can be opened by clicking laquo; Puskraquo, while pressing the Ctrl key, or by right-clicking Win.

If you work on a desktop you prevent laquo; uglyraquo hot;, Start 8 can turn them off. Can also be turned off the pop-up icon in the start menu presentation to the cursor to the lower left corner of the screen. Finally, perhaps one of the most requested features of the program – the transition to the desktop at startup, bypassing the startup screen.

In all, despite the fact that you can find free programs with similar functionality, Start 8 definitely deserves attention. It is made of high quality and very carefully, all the interface laquo; expanded in polochkamraquo, and it costs just $ 5.

Start Menu X 4.53

  • Developer: OrdinarySoft
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes

Start Menu X – is a new version of one of the most popular alternatives to the menu laquo; Puskraquo, in Windows. Version of this program for Windows 7 called Start Menu 7 and earlier edition for Vista – Vista Start Menu. C release Windows 8 potential audience of the program certainly increase – previously it was only those who were not satisfied with the standard menu, but now – it’s all to whom it is not enough.

Start Menu X offers seven different design options button laquo; Puskraquo, among which there are even images of popular characters from the game Angry Birds.

The menu is a little different from the standard menu laquo; Puskraquo, in Windows 7, but the advantage is that you can easily customize. You can resize the labels and labels can be added to the first level of the menu buttons for quick access to commands shutdown, restart, sending the computer into sleep mode, and more. As in the standard menu, Windows 7, then I search for installed programs, files and folders. True, applications for Windows 8 are not displayed in the index.

One of the interesting features of Start Menu X – virtual teams. If you include their use, in the top of the menu will be five groups: laquo; Grafikaraquo;, laquo; Internetraquo, and so on. The program will try to streamline the installed applications on their own, but can also be attributed to different types of programs manually. True, you can not create new groups – this feature is only available for those who wish to upgrade to the Pro-version.

Classic Shell 3.6.2

  • Developer: Ivo Beltchev
  • Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes

The Classic Shell, like the Start Menu X, was developed as an alternative to the standard menu laquo; Puskraquo, previous versions of Windows, but with the release of Windows 8 has found new life. In it, a number of new features designed specifically for users of the new version of the system. And even in settings has been added to a special section, which is called – Windows 8. By button laquo; Puskraquo, he, however, has nothing to do – then you can set the transition to the desktop (bypassing the Start screen) at startup and disable laquo; goryachieraquo; angles Windows 8.

For registration click

Laquo; Puskraquo, three options: Metro, Aero and Classic. You can also use any image of a suitable size. Of menus laquo; Puskraquo, or Windows 8 Start screen by pressing keys Win, the combination Shift + Win, click on the menu laquo; Puskraquo, or click by holding down Shift. In addition, the menu laquo; Puskraquo, or initial screen may appear when you hover over the button area.

Menu itself can be the same as it was in Windows XP or Windows 7. It lets you customize the specific items on the right: a reference to laquo; My kompyuterraquo, at the latest documents on laquo; Izbrannoeraquo.; The menu can be displayed command shutdown.

Search menu laquo; Puskraquo, from Classic Shell works fine. With this search string can be found not only for the desktop installed software, but elements of the control panel, as well as applications for Windows 8.

Win8StartButton this could be a button

  • Developer:
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Habit – a terrible thing. For many who remained dissatisfied with the missing button laquo; Puskraquo, it is important to not that they were deprived of a convenient tool for running applications. For some users, the button laquo; Puskraquo;- is something like a mascot Feng Shui: is currently in the corner- and that is, whether for good luck, or to order. At least, that’s what was supposed to discuss the German developer, is created Win8StartButton. Its button laquo; Puskraquo, familiar menu does not open, but it is associated with laquo; plitochnymraquo, a menu that appears when you click. Windows 8 new menu in the program redone so as not to take up the entire screen. The result was a kind of parody of the old menu, the sense in which, we think, a little.

Only advantage – convenient computer shutdown due to the labels placed in the menu. The utility also clickable Win.

Should be added that the program is not very stable and sometimes mysteriously dies, not responding to commands.

StartMenu8 2.0 Beta

  • Developer: IObit
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No


StartMenu8 looks pretty good, standard icon fits well into the overall interface of Windows 8, and the menu looks like a classic, without unnecessary frills. However, in addition, StartMenu8 boast nothing special. Features of this tool is very modest. The program can work individually disable laquo; uglovraquo hot, screen and block pop the side panel with the new controls system. In the settings you can set the home screen pass, which is presented to the user after the launch of Windows 8.

Utility clickable Win, but the process of drawing the menu is crude and sometimes late. Built-in search is also limited – it runs only on the elements that are listed in the menu.


Buttons can be changed- One alternative that came to StartMenu8, or the user. Instructions for the design of the buttons can be found on the official forum of the program.

Wentutu Windows8 Start Menu – simple as that

  • Developer:
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

Previous utilities have a minimum configuration, the same does not have them at all. Its only advantage – is that it is free. Standard menu, search works, as in the case of StartMenu8, with restrictions. The only difference – the interface buttons, which, however, and change to a different standard means programs can not.

Menu Windows8 Start Menu order is impossible, you can only attach a label with specific applications to the main menu level laquo; Puskraquo.; The start screen is not locked, and the utility itself runs longer than similar programs that review.

convenient menu laquo; Puskraquo; 1.73 – program laquo; udobnymraquo, title

  • Developer: ChemTable Software
  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes

In particular the following utilities affected by the fact that this program was created long before Windows 8. Its name says it all – laquo; convenient menu Puskraquo.; Initially, the program was positioned as an alternative to the standard menu, and with the release version of Windows without the button laquo; Puskraquo, its value has increased. The program had some limitations of the standard menu, and in this we see its main advantage over similar laquo; klonamiraquo;.

Tool works very fast and stable, so that may well be worth a good recommendation. True, the principle of drawing up the menu in this application is quite specific- is it different from what we see in other substitutes button laquo; Puskraquo.; In this case, the programs are grouped into categories, and this happens automatically. Applications such as laquo; Operaraquo;, Internet Explorer, Chrome, placed in a folder called laquo; Internetraquo, and popular players in the folder laquo; Music and videoraquo, and so on. Are in the program and a manual sorting applications – you can manage categories, create new and edit existing ones. This principle makes it possible to sort the work with a small menu.

Another possibility

Utility – scale control the displayed list. This small change in practice is very convenient, especially on screens with higher resolution when labels are small and difficult to read.

Creator utility forgot to update the interface, so the Windows 8 shutdown of the application is using the laquo; Back to the standard menu laquo; Puskraquo.; In a sense, it is logical – it does not come back to anything, and the program exits.

Spesoft Free Windows 8 Start Menu

  • Developer: Spesoft
  • Operating system: Windows 8
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: No

One of the problems that prevent many developers – lack of imagination, not allowing her to come up with the original interface program, or at least give her an unusual name. We still have one Windows 8 Start Menu, this time from the company Spesoft.

Menu button laquo; Puskraquo, drawn very slowly – slowly and beautifully, with transparency. Quick call the startup screen does not lock, so when you press Win or accidental click next to laquo; Puskraquo, runs standard laquo; plitochnyyraquo, Windows 8 interface.

Windows 8 Start Menu from Spesoft use its menu to control the shutdown and restart commands. If the menu bar click on laquo; Completion rabotyraquo, appears on the screen menus for the visually impaired, which consists of large buttons – laquo; Perezagruzkaraquo;, laquo; Sleeping rezhimraquo;, laquo; polzovatelyaraquo change, and so on. Despite the comic dimensions of these elements, an interface box off very convenient. In this window, even a very tired the user does not miss on the desired button.

For the umpteenth time we have to say that the search option is implemented with a bounded domain scan – no search laquo; plitochnymraquo, Annex, paragraph laquo; upravleniyaraquo panels, and so on.

Judging by the commands in the context menu of the program, any shortcut menu laquo; Puskraquo and you can fix it or make the taskbar. However, the team laquo; zadachraquo attach to the panel, we did not act, that does not speak in favor of the stability of the utility.


‘s the paradox: they say that a good get used quickly.