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Life of modern man is that he needs a computer, wherever he may be: at home, at work or at school, on the road and at play. Some people are all over the place with a laptop, but it is not always possible and not very comfortable. Increasingly, therefore, the other option: a desktop computer at home and at work, a laptop or netbook on the road. However, in this connection there is another problem: the need to transfer the data used from one computer to another, then back again (and with the increasing number of devices the problem gets even more complicated.) Typically, users do it manually on the local network or via the stick, but increasing popularity of storing data in the cloud storage Dropbox, SkyDrive, and others. The latter option is useful when it comes to small amounts of information, up to several gigabytes. In the event that in the daily activities are tens and hundreds of gigabytes, it is convenient to resort to the help of specialized tools for data synchronization. They did not allow to think about which of the computers were produced last modification of files, so you can always work in a single information environment, wherever you are in the moment. In this review we look at the four most popular software to synchronize files between computers: SyncBackPro, SmartSync Pro, AllwaySync and GoodSync.


  • Developer: 2BrightSparks
  • Distribution: shareware
  • Russian interface: yes

This powerful program, which has a huge number of possible settings. It is # 36, 54.95, also it can be used in thirty days trial mode. The application supports a lot of languages, including Russian, but the translation is machine readable form is bad enough.

SyncBackPro work is based on profiles that you can add an unlimited amount. Create a new profile in several stages. At first you need to enter the name of the profile, it may be noted here, whether it is a group (that is, whether it will join several other structures). The next step is to select the type of profile, only three of them: backup, synchronization, and a mirror. In the scope of our review is the second type, the first is for the regular backups of your data, the latter to create and maintain an exact copy of the specified file folders unilaterally.

The third step is to select the two folders to be synchronized with each other, they are designated as left and right. In the drop-down list to select the storage location data to the original folder is an internal / external drive or network path, FTP-server, online service Amazon S3 or Windows Azure, as well as files on the mail service. For the destination folder, in addition to all the above, there is still the possibility of CD / DVD-burning and save as an ISO-image. It is worth saying that the choice of the initial position outside the computer as a destination, you can specify a local path, that is, for example, to synchronize two FTP-source you do not succeed. But otherwise, you can experiment.

Create a new profile in SyncBackPro

You must then run the profile settings: first specify directories left and right folders on your computer (if you choose other places of storage, there displays the relevant parameters). You can select individual subdirectories and files within those folders that need to be synchronized, and apply filters to specific types of data (by default, this filter is already included system files and folders). The next option is to add the schedule. The problem, which is the responsibility profile, which may be daily, weekly, monthly and adjusted schedule is extremely flexible (for example, every third week of the month on Tuesdays), in addition, there is the possibility to add a recurrence after a specified number of days, hours, minutes and seconds. Following the schedule, you can configure a policy decision for a variety of situations, what if the file has changed in a folder on the left, a new file is created in the folder to the right, etc. For each option, there’s a few different models of behavior: miss, ask the user a larger file overwrites less and others.

These options are only the part of a profile, which is limited to a simple mode settings. If you switch to expert mode, you will be available for more than fifteen additional sections: compression, encryption, Auto-programs, logging, and other cover them all in this review is not possible. You are free to study in detail the numerous buttons and checkboxes to fine-tune the program to fit your needs (for example, in the arsenal of available functions such as starting the synchronization via hotkeys or ignoring files that have changed during that time).

configure a profile in SyncBackPro

Create profiles are displayed in the main window SyncBackPro. You can edit them, import / export, activate the execution or, conversely, pause, and track the status of: the last run, the results and other information. Columns there is a lot of information, unnecessary and you can turn off.

main window SyncBackPro

The program is a detailed log with the log action. There are a large number of program settings to large settings, dialogs, fonts, and so on. Functionality can be extended even further by downloading additional scripts from the site developers: they are set in the Scripting section, and allow you to add new features to complete a task.

SmartSync Pro

  • Developer: SmartSync Software
  • Distribution: shareware
  • Russian interface: yes

This program has fewer features than SyncBackPro, but somewhat more friendly to use. It has a more simple and user friendly interface, high-quality localized into Russian and costs 990 rubles (the active support of the Russian people is the fact that the head of SmartSync Software Dmitry Sitnikov himself a programmer from Russia). A demo version of the application can be used within thirty days.

main window SmartSync Pro

As SyncBackPro, the work program is based on the added profiles. Creating new profiles is the Wizard. Primarily indicates what you want to synchronize, and the synchronization type, and the first step is invited to note the standard set of folders: Desktop, My Documents, Microsoft Outlook, and others. To manually specify the correct directory, you should tick Select catalog manually (option will be available in the next step). There are three types of synchronization: synchronization with local / network computer to a remote computer via FTP-connection or in batch mode. For each of them there are different types of surgery: If you select a local connection, the program can perform copy, move, synchronize, compress files in the ZIP-archive or incremental backups (so that the program can be used to back up data.) When connected to a remote computer is available as a two-way synchronization and file transfer unilaterally from local to remote and vice versa.

Profile Wizard in SmartSync Pro

If you choose to specify the folder manually, it will require further tick the necessary directories on the local disk. You can view a list of all included in these files and folders and if necessary, set up a filter to exclude certain items or files with specific extensions. When you’re done configuring the source directory, you must specify the destination directory, which will be synchronized to the data (depending on the type of connection it can be located on a local disk or FTP-server). Next you want to set a schedule according to which will be carried out related to the profile of the problem. Can run manually, and at regular intervals every few minutes, days, and so on, and you can enter a start point and point at what time to mute the effect profile. In addition, you can add on the fulfillment of a different profile (until it starts, it will not work) and to indicate operation under the following conditions: input, output from the system, changes in the catalog and insert the disc. At the completion of the setting you want to add a profile name.

Added profiles can be grouped into folders, run one, several, or all at once. There is the ability to send to the desktop shortcut to the profile, as import and export. You can edit the profile settings, and the properties are additional settings that are not in the wizard: notice when starting the profile associated with the launch of the event, the policy of replacing files, saving multiple versions of files, and others. In Control Panel, you can change the profile of the source directory and synchronization options. Note that the connection to the remote computer in a batch mode is set here: you can select a folder to store the data on a removable / local disk, e-mail or FTP-server. In the settings of the program also has a lot of interesting points, for example, it can run in the background, even when the computer is locked or no one is logged into the system.

profile properties in SmartSync Pro

Another detail associated with the program: when you install on your computer, it adds to the context menu of files and folders, click Backup with SmartSync Pro (make a backup), which opens a wizard to create profiles with the selected directory. With it you can quickly set up a backup.

Allway Sync

  • Developer: Usov Lab
  • Distribution: shareware
  • Russian interface: yes
Allway Sync

Program provides developers free for personal use, the commercial version of the application is # 36, 19.95. The utility is very simple and easy to use, although it has a few unsightly interface (support of the Russian language is present). There is no list of profiles, and there are problems, each of which is displayed on a separate tab: you can have them add, delete, and rename the clone. To configure a task, you must specify two folders to sync and note its direction. The program allows you to select a folder, not only on a local disk, and on the Internet, it supports the FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, online service Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Docs, OffsiteBox other, defines mobile devices connected via Microsoft ActiveSync, and knows how to read ZIP-archives. Moreover, in contrast to the program SyncBack Pro, where there is no such functionality in Allway Sync you can add a link between online directories such as Dropbox account sync with FTP-service.

The direction of synchronization in Allway Sync

Selected folders to set, (setting type will depend on what type of folder you specified, if the local drive to specify a directory to enter a FTP server settings, if Google Docs to specify e-mail and password for your account, and so on) . Between folders, indicates the direction of synchronization: it was initially a two-way, that is, the files will be identical, and in fact, and in another place, but can be changed to one-way, the parties, which will be the source of data. By the way, with the total folder synchronization can be more than two you have the ability to configure mirroring an unlimited number of data sources.

Configure a task, you can click the button Analyze and Sync. The program recommends that you perform a preliminary analysis, so you can make sure that everything happens as it should. It will build a detailed report, which will be grouped into tables new / unchanged / all / excluded files by name, size, timing and direction of synchronization. Can be output separately important messages related to changes to files.

report analyzed the files in Allway Sync

In options there Allway Sync Settings section profile, where each task is displayed a set of additional features: Sync Rules, Automatic Sync, include and exclude filters, policy control, error handling. Take a closer look. The rules of synchronization can be activated several important options ignore hour time difference modify, copy, security attributes, and more. The automatic sync settings allow you to choose a condition for the start: when you connect a removable drive when the file has changed or the computer is idle, and the like. Inclusive and exclusive filters are set fairly wide: you can use them as a file name or extension, and the status (new, change, delete), attributes (system, compressed, and others), modification time and size. Policy Control allows you to choose what to do with old versions of modified files: delete, or move to a specific folder, and note how much time should be kept those old versions. The settings associated with processing errors, you can specify what to do in case of program errors, and determine its behavior when an alert.

Options Allway Sync

Finally it should be added that, as previously discussed utilities, Allway Sync keeps a log of actions in the log and can import and export application settings.


  • Developer: Siber Systems
  • Distribution: shareware
  • Russian interface: yes

This utility is notable because it was created by the developers of the popular program for storing passwords RoboForm. Application quality translated into Russian (available amateur translations into other languages ??of the CIS), has a version for Windows and Mac, as well as a separate portable version to run from a flash drive. GoodSync is a shareware program and after thirty days of use limits the number of files in the job (no more than a hundred), and the sheer number of jobs (up to three). However, the price is quite affordable: 595 rubles for a version for Windows and 795 rubles for a version for the Mac.

main window GoodSync

Work program begins by adding jobs. They are of two types: synchronization and backup. Each task is displayed in a separate tab, with its settings. Regardless of what type of problem you have chosen, you need to specify the left and right data folder. And for the source and destination path for a large number of available seats, which can contain files: your computer, other computers on the local network, protocols, FTP, WebDAV, cloud storage Amazon S3, Google Drive, Windows Azure, SkyDrive, connected devices on Windows Mobile and a private service GoodSync Connect. The program has no restrictions on the transfer of data and allows us to associate with each other all supported sources. We should talk about GoodSync Connect: is P2P-network, which allows you to sync data on multiple computers over the Internet. Thus, you do not need to connect computers in a local network or the cost to transfer the USB-device, and the files will be stored in the cloud. To use GoodSync Connect, you need to configure the computer account is created in the system.

folder selection GoodSync

Selecting left and right folder, you can run a preliminary analysis or immediately start synchronization. In the main window, a tree will show a list of files synchronized with the size, date, and copy direction (from left to right, right to left). You can see the individual categories of files (changed, new, etc.) and eliminate or, conversely, turn them up and change direction. In the settings you can specify the job to run automatically if you change the file at startup, periodically connecting folders before logging out. There is the ability to schedule a task using the standard Windows scheduler mode login or without him. Interesting option you can specify a percentage change, beyond which the synchronization will take. Another feature that can be configured, it is a way to automatically resolve conflicts: Skip to replace the later files, and so on. In addition to your automatic task, settings include other options, where you can arrange a lot of ticks around items such as Save backup copies of deleted files or copy the file creation time, to put a filter on certain files and folders, and so on.

Job Options in GoodSync

Program can work in a mini-mode, it will be displayed as a small toolbar, where there is a list of active jobs that can do other things while you monitor the progress of synchronization. Finally it is worth mentioning application GoodSync Explorer, which is additionally installed on your computer, with it you can browse the directory in which to store your data, and add bookmarks to their destination. Then, these bookmarks can be used in source selection for folders during setup tasks in GoodSync.


We reviewed the most popular software for synchronizing data between computers. They are all somehow cope with its mission, and the question of choice rests in the details: what for you is more important or powerful arsenal of features simple and intuitive interface, and of how much you are willing to pay for the program. Remember that the only utility that can be used for free, is Allway Sync. In any case, we recommend you to make your life easier by installing one of the programs on your PC.

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