Resident Evil 6 is the most popular game in the series

Before the blockbuster Resident Evil 6 left esch as 8 months, and the project has already set a record for the number of pre-ordered copies. About the success of a new product in an interview with GameInformer said Christian Svensson, Capcom employee (Christian Svensson).

The plan

Horror film managed to avoid all the previous games in the series. It turns out that the project will have all the chances of success, despite the fact that he will be released in November ndash; one of the most crowded months of the year release. According to him, the announcement of Resident Evil 6 is also a positive impact on sales and Operation Raccoon City Resident Evil: Revelations.

However, it was not without losses. The fact that about 90 thousand copies of Revelations returned because of a typo in the title on the box. Swanson Prince apologize for this unfortunate mistake and said he could not justify e.