Report from the Championship World of Tanks Ural Steel 2012

International tournament Ural steel this year celebrated its second birthday. A year ago, in a match attended by about 40 000 players from 30 countries. This year the number of participants grew to 80,000 people, and for the right to reach the final fight over 1500 teams. General sponsor of the tournament Scientific and Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod. Organization of the tournament took the eSports Russian Federation with the support of Wargaming.

Its name Ural Steel Tournament must Scientific Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), which produces not only the main battle tanks, and freight cars, road construction equipment, tanks, tractors and more. The plant, located in Nizhny Tagil, was founded back in 1936.


According to the site, during the Second World War on the basis UVZ and 12 evacuated enterprises created Ural tank factory № 183. Almost every third tank and every second T-34 were created by factory workers number 183.


We are a young

Tournament Ural Steel has formed certain traditions. So, the day before the finals, all 15 participating teams had the opportunity to visit the historical museum of armored vehicles in Kubinka. From Moscow to the museum just over 60 miles, but on Saturday the road was too overloaded with traffic, and sometimes had the feeling that the American PT-ACS T95 to get there would be a lot faster. But as soon as the participants in this tedious marathon crossed the threshold Tank Museum, their faces immediately went flying fatigue, and his eyes ran in different directions.

Not every day you can see as many live tanks in which you fight battles in the virtual universe of World of Tanks. Special delight was read in the eyes of our friends from China and Japan.

Valuable artifacts

When the first wave of impressions from beneath the open air tanks passed, all under the direction of ekskursovodanbsp, went to the huge hangars with technology. Warmed up to start acquaintance with the British branch.

Light Tank Mk VII, Tetrarch

Mk II Matilda III


All listened story of the guide, someone to twist near the tank Tetrarch and Churchill, someone surprised size Chieftain, but internally tournament participants were preparing for a meeting with American tanks.

Got the impression that the guide is in the World of Tanks, because the American tank is spending more time than rail cars UK manufacturing.

M3 StuartM24 ChaffeeM18 HellcatM3 LeePatton III

And of course, it was impossible to pass by the M48A5, which is an Israeli upgrade M48A3. The tank is the fire control system on the M60, a 105 mm cannon and mounted armor.

Time is coming to dinner, and on an empty stomach and go to the mouse Semke would not be the right solution. What better buckwheat porridge with meat, pickles and dried fruit compote, and even in the open air! Performance of the field kitchen was enough for all.

And fork eats doppaek not only visitors from distant countries

And CT.

Fortified and received legal +10% to all skills to the end of the tour, the participants of the tournament went to the Germans.

And the first famous giant Fyodor. In the game World of Tanks this German tank destroyer level 8 has an army of fans.

Rate on the scale of some pictures of German tanks without being tied to the growth of the average person is very difficult.

Jagdtiger, aka BerryMask 128-mm rifled gun and 250-mm frontal armor plate cuttingTiger II, also known as CTJagdpanther

Now small charade called Guess tank on a small fragment.

Course it sverhtyazhly Tank Maus, aka Mouse or Mouse. Adored aim artillery in the game World of Tanks. There were built two copies of the tank, which were later destroyed by the Germans. Later two povrezhdnnyh tanks was assembled one, located in Kubinka to this day.

It’s time to head to the same hangar where there are Soviet heavy tanks. Most want to be photographed next to a gathered IS-7, also known as “Semyon”.

130-mm S-70

By the way, in the same hangar where is IS-7, right in front of the entrance is the Soviet self-propelled gun. It can be used as a tool to determine is whether a person entered in the World of Tanks, or not. If it is with a smile on his face exclaims: Oh, fridge!, what matters to him is no longer there.


Near Cooler draws its fresh paint predecessor JS and medium HF-13 HF-1C.

KV-1S, he’s Kvass

Two storm, two deadly device that can cause crop World of Tanks a lot of trouble the enemy team.

Object 704Object 268

All humanity all the 122 -, 130 – and 152-mm gun Soviet heavy tanks and Fri Everyone tried to touch this terrible weapon in order to feel their power, and to understand how these guns can force commander in World of Tanks sometimes shout: Do not try!.

In the foreground, the 152-mm gun Fri SPG Object 268

Heavy tank IS-3, which stands on a small pedestal next to the hangar of Soviet armored vehicles, called a special interest in children from Poland and America.

And our Asian friend, apparently liking the legendary T-34-85.

After the last hangar with tanks organizers said the tournament, which they will have another surprise. But to start all should visit the headquarters to take a look at the MS-1 …

… acquainted with the history of the T-34

… and learn chtonbsp, on sale soon to appear premium KV-2.

Here mehvoda climbs into his tank

And at the same time demonstrating to all present that is actually hidden behind the words mehvoda concussion rate of movement and rotation is reduced by half.

Many saw the move T-34-85, but not a lot riding on it.

But they could not go that well read on their faces:

“The engine is damaged, the movement is impossible,” familiar to you?

And the last was fun loading tank MC-1 for its further transportation to the threshold of a sports complex CSKA them. AJ Gomel, a city Moskva.

The night before the tournament, some teams have gathered in the lobby to discuss the final details of the impending battle.

Turnirnbsp, Ural Steel 2012

Finals Ural Steel international tournament held in 2012 at the sports complex CSKA them. AJ Gomel, Moscow.

Near the main entrance showing off the T-34-85 and the same MS-1 from Kubinka.

The central arena and the final preparations are already visible seats, which in the late afternoon the two teams face off in the grand finale.

Meanwhile, in a large sports hall, equipped for the qualifiers, are fighting for a way out of 15 teams of four teams from Russia and the United States, three from Poland, two from China and one each from Germany and Japan.

Disciplinary regulations allow the use of its own tournament headsets, mice and keyboards, than many of the players and took advantage.

For each team was assigned to an individual judge who oversaw compliance with tournament regulations and resolve various issues. In addition, the overall control were representatives Wargaming. The ability to use someone from uchastnikov modifications by World of Tanks has been reduced almost to nothing.

These guys in yellow shirtsAmong the participants of the tournament

Ural Steel in 2012 could be found almost gamers of all ages, from first-year students and up to the bearded uncles.

After heated battles of the group were 8 best teams in green.

Qualifying completed exactly to the opening ceremony of the international tournament Ural Steel 2012. Opened its doors to the public and the CSKA sports complex.

The eyeballs buy souvenirs can be in two places. From store shelves World of Tanks fans dare almost all.

The opening ceremony in the hall is already difficult to find a free space.

Once in

Tanchiki played so

Now so:

Start the opening ceremony Ural Steel 2012

As usual at events, which bring together teams from different countries, first carried the flags of the participating countries. And then there were groups themselves.

Introduction by the organizers of the tournament and the team wishes the best man win.

Small break for the teams and the press conference for the media.

The press conference was given a lot of questions. For example, greater interest was the issue of the portability of the game World of Tanks on the console. Andrew Yarantsev replied that such an option is considered by Wargaming, but there are lots of nuances that may be very difficult to take into account when porting. Enter the next patch for the game will not be as easy as on a PC.

On the question of whether a series of games World of new projects, Andrew said he did not mind seeing the projects World of Submarines or World of Bicycles. But there is still a preview World of Warplanes and World of Warships, and the development of only one project takes more than two years.

It’s time

Quarterfinal bouts, which showed that the semi hit team ACES (Russia), The RED: Rush Unity (Russia), The RED-Z GRA (Russia) and OM-Whitebeard (Germany).

A pair of tickets to the final of the team drove himself The RED: Rush Unity (Russia) and The RED-Z GRA (Russia).

In the final battle

Team The RED: Rush Unity showed about a class of games like The RED-Z GRA in the battle against Germany’s OM-Whitebeard: almost no chance for the opponent. Only a small exception occurred. Team The RED-Z GRA still managed in one of the fights to display the result on a draw.

The RED: Rush Unity Champion

In the fight for third place guys Virtus.Pro team defeated OM-Whitebeard (Germany) with a score of 3:1.

Small break and three Russian team again on the stage. The first to receive his just reward guys Virtus.Pro.

Second place for the team The RED-Z GRA, received the prize in legal size # 36, 21 thousand

Champion International Tournament Ural Steel in 2012, a team of The RED: Rush Unity, won the grand prize # 36, 35 thousand

Also, Andrew Yarantsev awarded the winners with original seals with the logo of World of Tanks.

International Ural Steel Tournament 2012 ended, the winner is determined. All the teams that are not able to break into the arena sports complex CSKA, we wish not to give up and never give up, so in the next year in the tournament Ural Steel 2013 to show his skill. I wonder if our foreign friends to overcome the dominance of Russian teams in World of Tanks? Time will tell.

Special thanks to the organizers for Kubinka.

Uralskaya stalnbsp, 2012: the prettiest girl

By our good tradition of offering the reader a few photos with the girls tournament Ural Steel in 2012.

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