Released the first WHQL-drivers NVIDIA GeForce 300 series

NVIDIA, finally unveiled its first set of drivers with WHQL certification of the 300 series. Drivers came together for the first time with a new generation of accelerators GeForce 600 (Kepler), but were not available in the form of WHQL.

GeForce 301.42 bring these are not available in the original assembly manual for Kepler card functions as Bezel Peeking, Adaptive Vsync (dynamic enable / disable vertical sync, depending on the frame rate), and Frame Rate Target (dynamic adjustment of frame rates up to that player values ).

NVIDIA promises a significant increase in productivity, which is not just a series of accelerator GeForce GTX 600, but also improves the Fermi (GeForce 400 and 500) in a number of popular games to the value of 4% to 23% depending on the accelerator and configuration.

Significantly improved technology features NVIDIA Surround, updated SLI profiles and 3D Vision for the most game projects. As driver for GeForce 8 and above supports the new shader technology FSAA NVIDIA FXAA, which is at a comparable quality with MSAA 4X provides speeds up to 60% higher (requires support in games). Download russian driver opredelnnoy OS version from the official website NVIDIA.