Recipes sweet vinegar: Five alternative torrent clients

After last year was released paid version of micro; Torrent, and in August 2012 the first edition of the free advertisement appeared, the program has lost some of its adherents. In the web you can often hear the opinion that micro; Torrent is not the same, and many have attended the search for alternatives.

Choice torrent client browser akin choice: you can spend hours arguing about which is better, and yet each will remain in his. Yet there nekotorse objective reasons that make give preference to any program. In this review, we consider five alternative applications to work with Bittorrent.

qBittorrent 3.0.4

  • Developer:
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes

At first glance, qBittorrent is very similar to the popular micro; Torrent, and this is not surprising. Developers alternative client set a goal to create a program that would resemble micro; Torrent, but it would be equally functional on all systems. Initially, however, more attention has been paid version for Linux, but now releases for Windows, too often overlook.

This small, undemanding to system resources the client contains the most requested features of such applications, and almost each one has its own distinction. Take, for example, the speed limit. Such a function can be found in almost all of the clients, but its implementation in qBittorrent on top. First, along with the global speed limits can specify alternate restrictions that will be used on certain days and hours. And between global and alternative limitations can be switched by pressing the right in the main program window. In addition, using the icons in the main window, you can monitor the connection status, current download speed and efficiency.

Window to add a new download qBittorrent have very similar menus in micro; Torrent – here, too, you can select a folder to download the files to be downloaded (if the torrent several). There is a possibility to organize files by tags, similar to that present in the micro; Torrent. When downloading large torrents that contain multiple files, may want to perform serial download. Download speed of torrents, there may be lower, but you can quickly see (or hear) the individual files. This function is, for example, has a chance to come in handy when downloading a music album. QBittorrent is also implemented in the system queue downloads – you can, for example, to stop the distribution at a time until all the files are downloaded.

Way of comparison of this program with micro; Torrent, then, perhaps, its main drawback is the lack of expansion modules. For micro; Torrent dozens supplements available, and at qBittorrent this possibility has not. On the other hand, some features (the same speed limit on a schedule) is in the client by default, and other programs are implemented via plugins. Also do not forget about the fact that the project is quite actively developed.

Deluge 1.3.5

  • Developer:
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes

Deluge – this is another cross-platform solution, available to users of all major desktop platforms. The client interface standard, it is a lot like micro; Torrent and qBittorrent – no surprises there. But some features may prove interesting. For example, Deluge allows to limit the download speed and distribution for each torrent separately. Choose the optimum settings in the creation of a new job, you can one-click to apply them to all the other torrents.

Main advantage of the Deluge (and also its main drawback) – extended program with plugins. Together with the program delivered some of the most popular supplements, which can be use in the settings. On the official website you can download a few dozen plugins. For example, they can be used to connect to work with RSS-flows to limit the download speed to a predetermined schedule with the possible exception of some torrents.

On the one hand, the client setup laquo; under sebyaraquo, good that it does not become unwieldy because of the many features. But unfortunately, not all plugins are updated as often as the client. So you can get into a situation where, by downloading a new version of Deluge, you can not use the usual functions, because the developer has not had time to update the plugin.

Vuze 4.7.2

  • Developer: Azureus Software
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Distribution: free (there is a commercial version)
  • Russian interface: yes

If you need a client whose functionality is limited to downloading torrents, feel free to pass by Vuze. In this program, to gather a lot of additional features: it is both a torrent client, and multimedia player, and RSS-reader, and cataloguer files.

Some developers have worked on the program before the client Azureus, which was made in parallel with Vuze. Later, the two programs were merged under the name of Vuze. Application is written in Java and therefore works equally well on computers with Windows, Linux and Mac. When you install it, like some other torrent clients, it may add to the system a couple of adware, so be careful. And the first time you launch Vuze analyzes your Internet connection and sets the optimal data rate. Automatic analysis – the solution is very interesting, because the speed limit of hands – is the first setting, which is usually accessed by users after the start of a torrent client. However, if at the time of testing speed performance were any problems in the settings you can easily change this limit.

One of the most interesting features of Vuze – support for various devices. The program can transfer downloaded content to iPhone, iPod, iPad, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PSP and TiVo. To do is to drag the file to the device icon in the client interface. While Vuze determines whether the device to play the file, and if not, then convert to the desired format. In short, full automation. File Converter to micro; Torrent, by the way, is only in the paid version.

As in all modern BitTorrent clients, Vuze is a remote management through a browser, as well as a mobile device. To communicate using the code generated on the client, you want to manage. Then, in a different browser to open the device and paste this code. An alternative way to control – through its own browser toolbar.

Vuze supports almost all popular technologies that are now used for network Bittorrent. Thus, if only one seeder, you can use the super-seeding, which in some cases allows faster data transfer. In addition, the client works with web seeding, supports UPnP / NAT-PMP, DHT, as well as links magnet. The Sound metapoiskovik that looks hand on popular trackers and makes it possible directly in search results to see the number of seeders / peers and, therefore, to suggest what will be the speed of loading.


The power can be estimated by opening the settings window. Configured everything you can imagine, and to simplify navigation through multiple checkboxes and drop-down lists can search. Just enter a keyword and the program will highlight all of the sections in which it occurs, as well as the names of all the settings. Incredibly handy feature, which is to adopt the developers and other applications too (and not just a torrent client).

If you can not find in any program features, it is likely that it is designed as a supplement. Vuze to a few dozen plugins, in which you can chat to the program and to add and configure the remote control, and improve the search.

Main drawback Vuze – it’s too much system resources. Even in idle process azureus.exe consumes about 160 MB of RAM – more than laquo; Anti Kasperskogoraquo;!

Mediaget 2.01

  • Developer: MediaGet
  • Operating system: Windows
  • Distribution: Free (adware)
  • Russian interface: yes

Mediaget – is not only a download manager. It combines several tools that can be useful network users Bittorrent. First, there is a built-in search on the most popular trackers, including by (to a location of your account details).

The program will offer the most popular movies, games, music and more. So even if you still do not know exactly what you want to see, can be directly in the main window for a list of new products and immediately download them.

After the download is complete, you can see the video, without resorting to other players – in Mediaget has its own player. True, the functionality it gives KMP and other popular programs, but the main feature – video playback – does well.

All uploaded files are also not just a section of completed, and in the so-called laquo; Mediatekuraquo.; There movies, music, programs are automatically sorted by category, making it easy to find the desired file. And if at first glance this is not successful, you can use the search engine.

Mediaget has not many options, but the main is. For example, you can limit the data rate (separately for download and on the return, as well as local area network), configure the remote client management from a smartphone. Native Client for Android Mediaget have not, but it is supported by a number of alternative applications. One of the interesting features is behind Mediaget flag laquo; Enable Security rezhimraquo.; This mode is to protect you from harassment by anti-piracy organizations. When enabled, the program downloads the list of IP-addresses belonging to this institution, and thwarts attempts to connect with them. The address list is constantly updated.

Finally, another possibility Mediaget, is worthy of mention – rapid exchange of downloaded files. In the customer has a special area, dragging the file to which the link is generated shortcut. If you send a friend, he will be able to download the file as a regular torrent. And the one who shared the file will see a green light, notifying loading.

Now the bad news. Setting Mediaget, worth bearing in mind that the program is supported by advertising and constantly displays in the window banner. When it is installed must be careful and uncheck time, not to get into a load laquo; Yandeks.Barraquo, and other delights. Additionally, Mediaget detected by some antivirus as potentially dangerous (Win32/MediaGet), and they do not allow you to download the program. On the Internet you can also find information about what Mediaget creates thousands of empty units and thus does not work quietly to other programs, laquo; veshaetraquo, Internet connection, and even breaks routers. However, no direct evidence of malicious activity program, we have not found. laquo; Anti Kasperskogoraquo, nothing against the presence of the client system does not have, no extra connections are not fixed. In general, here’s a private matter: to have or not have.

OneSwarm 0.7

  • Developer: Computer Science amp; Engineering University of Washington
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Distribution: Free
  • Russian interface: yes
The main advantage of the network

Bittorrent – data transfer from user to user, bypassing the central servera- is both its main disadvantage. Virtually all torrent clients display IP-addresses of those who share files, and actively purchase these anti-piracy organization.

Creators of cross-platform client oneSwarm set out to create the most secure program that would ensure the confidentiality of participants peer to peer network. This is achieved by ensuring that the data is not transmitted directly from the sender to the receiver, and through several intermediaries. In this case, none of the network does not know from whom it received the files. Despite the fact that oneSwarm can work like a normal BitTorrent client, the main interest is secure data transmission within the network.

Users can make lists of friends, that is, people they trust. To do this, you can import contacts from Gmail or with specially designed server community server. By default, when you add friends that the setting of limited visibility. This means that your friends can not see the files you share. In this case, they can use the built-in search feature to find and download them, but be aware that the file was downloaded from you will not. If you clear visibility, these people will be able to see all the shared folders.

Customers who are, by the way, based on Azureus, is opened in the browser. That is why the interface can seem a bit unusual. However, the program has a classic window interface.

OneSwarm Other features worth noting the video directly in the browser, as well as converting video and audio in real time.


List of alternative clients in any case is not limited to the programs discussed above. But these five applications, we think, a very good show, how different are modern BitTorrent clients: from modest Deluge, to be laquo; dopilivatraquo, for themselves, and to Mediaget, which could be used even blonde, from ambitious Vuze with metasearch by trackers to oneSwarm careful with search only among laquo; svoihraquo;.

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