Quantum Conundrums new game from Portal

Portal creator Kim Swift (Kim Swift) announced its next game. Quantum Conundrum puzzle appears on the PlayStation Network, PC and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2012. Edition toys zaymtsya Square Enix.

With Swift project team works Airtight Games (authors of Dark Void). In the story, users will find themselves in the shoes of a teenager who was left alone in a huge laboratory. To get out, he was to come to pass a series of deadly traps.

Key element of the gameplay is to use measurements. When switching between the users can change the physics of space. For example, one of the modes will do things in the arena much easier. Function with delay time obviously help in solving puzzles with fast traps. The passage of the single players uydt about 6 hours.

More information about the project can be found in the preview on GameSpot.