Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is 33% closer to reality. review

Game tested on PC.

Laquo; Zolotyeraquo, time series Pro Evolution Soccer is mainly occurred in the era of PlayStation 2 mdash; roughly from 2002 to 2006. Then, even a symbolic amount of licensed content, Japanese futsimy down surpassed annual issues of Electronic Arts mdash; mainly scht more realistic version of its virtual football.

Generational change the situation radically changed mdash; Series FIFA dramatically changed and prettier (only on consoles, PCs to progress reached only in 2010), and here at Konami things went down. The last two years and did PES marking time, while Canadian rival Sun became more beautiful and brighter, gathering esch and very useful social and online functionality.

But this year, the Japanese unexpectedly surprised. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 was a tangible step vperd and in many ways confidently bypasses fresh representatives of the genre from Electronic Arts.

smoothness and calmness

Lovers futsimov veteran must remember that before (so ten years ago) is considered a normal stand 2-4 minutes of real time to time. At greater length in the final scht board ceased to resemble football, following from hockey to basketball. The author, for example, in the free time, suffered severely from the idleness and fun in FIFA 2001 (land her down) with a 45 minute Halves mdash; game usually ends with something like 77:50.

Every year would add a virtual football realism, and the pace of gameplay, in turn, slow down. As a result, every single match had to spend Sun more and more time. In Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 continues the trend mdash; here requires at least a quarter of an hour at a time. At this rate, you look in ten years and up to vsamdelishny dozhivm simulator, where each virtual match in terms of timing is identical to the present.

Yes, the first thing you notice in PES 2013, mdash; significantly reduced speed of the gameplay, which clearly benefited the naturalness of what is happening on the screen. Matches are less reminiscent of a pendulum stroke, when both teams are at full strength running from one gate to the other, almost without stopping in the middle of the field. There are more positional struggle in the center of individual skirmishes, and the ball seems to not move in space with the physical parameters of a hockey puck.

Improve control and dribbling: players are able to perform a beautiful and graceful feints, receive and intercept the transmission of a variety of positions, the ball itself is not an integral part of the player and with the incorrect or sudden movement can fly in a completely unexpected direction. Generally, it is the element of chance was always one of the main amenities of Pro Evolution Soccer mdash; impossible to recreate in the game two absolutely identical situation, as well as in real football.

In a press release the developers boast esch another innovation mdash; concept of total control. If you hold down one of the left shift on the controller, then about a football player with the direction of the arrow that appears, where you can run the ball Paz / shock / shed. Honestly, it is not clear why this was done. It is quite a clever computer, usually, normally set positioning teammates, therefore pasami and canopies problems can not arise at all. As for the strike, here esch easier mdash; gates are not so huge that it was impossible to get by means of a conventional analog stick. That is not entirely clear why the user suddenly abandon traditional management, which is already working properly and accurately. However, this laquo; kontrolraquo total, we impose no.

Also, once again refined AI. Defenders are exactly in line with the tactical scheme, able to use artificial offside, with ball control user partnry choose almost ideal position for gear, or even mini-games in laquo; stenochkuraquo.; Goalkeepers have to behave appropriately mdash; outright mistakes and blunders of many games played and we did not notice. The first number of the team may lack the ability to reflect complex beats, but in terms of positioning and decision-making, he never fails. And it’s even a little boring, especially when playing the eaves from the flanks, when goalkeeper confidently intercept most high gear, taking only the right place in the penalty area.

Laquo; Zvzdnymraquo, players such as the infamous Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi (as well as several dozen owners esch known CP) attached a system called ProActive AI. Virtual models faithfully replicate their traditional counterparts in terms of animation, motion, and physical parameters, even manner celebrating goals scored. Say the same Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be easily distinguished by one silhouette without looking at the exterior and a T-shirt number.

Little too clever by half with an interface: the number of options for managing the tactical scheme of the team is comparable to the add-in any football manager. Try it once, without all tips to deal with all the manual settings and change the balance of the match to the desired mdash; there is an opinion that the success of the first attempt to come not everyone.

Japanese poverty

But with the in-game content again Sun sad. Although it is we mdash; is it really surprising someone?

As usual, only five licensed championships (Italian, Brazilian, Spanish, French and Dutch) and esch two championship clubs with fictitious names and warped players mdash; English and Portuguese. In addition, there are several teams from other leagues, including our traditional laquo; Zenitraquo;, laquo; Spartakraquo, and CSKA. Yes, esch in PES 2013 have 81 national team and a couple of dozen stadiums.

Compare all this with dozens of national leagues and thousands of real clubs in the FIFA 13 mdash; somehow pointless and even disgusting. From year to year, the main problem of Pro Evolution Soccer series is the lack of licensed content. But at Konami are struggling with this trouble once very very reluctant mdash; festival was the appearance a few years ago laquo; chempionovraquo League, and the Copa Libertadores, but that so far the Japanese and limited.

However, the problem with the wrong name and the names of the unofficial patch is easy to solve with all the necessary changes (for example, with the addition of German championship and laquo; Arsenalomraquo, instead of the non-existent North London), which annually appears on the web a couple of days after the release of the game.

Sami game modes in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 does not changed from last year mdash; Sun same familiar laquo; Become legendoyraquo;, Master League and the already mentioned Club Cup Old and New Worlds. Apparently, the wait for major changes in the content of futsimov Konami come up to the next generation mdash; God forbid, there will be new tournaments and somehow solved misunderstandings with the licenses.

Today we can

Reiterated known wish that occur frequently in the best of times series Pro Evolution Soccer. Like, would attach to this gameplay the entire base of FIFA … Konami offers the best for today football simulator. Yes, far from perfect in cm, but this year, the Japanese have achieved far more impressive results than their Canadian competitors.


  • highly realistic behavior of the players and the ball on the field;
  • excellent animation, especially virtual counterparts football zvzd;
  • important element of unpredictability in the game mdash; what it should be in a real football.


  • license, license, license;
  • sometimes awkward interface.

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