PowerArchiver 2012: workshop on packaging

When it comes to file compression, to reinvent the wheel is difficult. In this market, with little change over the years, and hardly anyone would soon vremyanbsp, WinRar topple from its pedestal. However, along with all known archivers WinRar, WinZip and 7-Zip, which year after year to make improvements in their own data compression algorithms, there are other programs to work with files that have chosen a slightly different path of development and attract users. PowerArchiver is one of them. California-based product ConeXware produced since 1999. The emphasis there is on a multi-format, multi-functionality and the improvement of existing technologies of data compression.

Few years ago, developers PowerArchiver offers a free version for personal use, contains some limitations. Today, unfortunately, the link to Free-edition inactive and all versions of the program are paid. License price starts from # 36, 23 for the version of Standard. Professional version with the ability to create ISO images and backup cost # 36, 32. It also includes a utility for working with files on the command line PACL, addition for the mailer PowerArchiver Outlook Plugin (PAOP). The most expensive version archiver called Toolbox is # 36, 40, and contains all the functions of PowerArchiver, and a one-year license for BitDefender 2012 Internet Security. Note also that the license for PowerArchiver is a lifetime, and to update the program, to the delight of users, go often enough. Trial version is fully functional within a month.



Main advantage over other popular archivers support for more formats of compressed data. Loved by many WinRar offers decompressing files in the archives of CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z, and complete support for RAR and ZIP. The hero of our today’s review copes with compression and unpacking ZIP, ZIPX, 7-ZIP, CAB, LHA (LZH), TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, ISO, BH, XXE, UUE, yENC and MIME (Base 64). In addition, it can extract files from RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE, MSI, NSIS, CHM, DMG, RPM, CPIO, VHD, XAR, LZMA, SquashFS, CramFS, ZOO, WIM. Thus, one can hardly find an archive that would be too tough for PowerArchiver.

Not long ago, by the way, the program appeared and support compression RAR. True, it is only on using the PowerArchiver to create these archives, because the policy development WinRar is that in the RAR compression is possible only if the set of native applications.

Reading these lines, one may ask: Why do I need PowerArchiver, if I already have WinRar? In addition to support for more formats, PowerArchiver has to offer additional tools for working with files: FTP-client, pisalka discs, backup utility to view popular file formats module to work with virtual disks.

Now try to answer the question, what is better PowerArchiver many free archives, the most famous of which is the 7-ZIP. Here the main advantage of a paid PowerArchiver speed. When it comes to working with popular formats, the program often creates archives Zip, and extract files Zip and Rar faster than free analogues. Of course, those who make a couple of archives in the week, the difference may not notice, but try to compress large amounts of data and it turns out that often handles PowerArchiver faster not only archiver 7-ZIP, but also the WinRar.

A couple of words about the support of WinZip. Create files in this format are able to virtually all programs, where such a possibility can be claimed from the file manager, and to tools for backup, not to mention the archivers that support ZIP usually goes first. But here PowerArchiver can offer little more than the majority of applications. Archiver from ConeXware not only takes the format ZIP, but also works with files ZIPX (cycling engines LZMA, JPEG, PPMd, BZIP2 and WAVPACK), which have a higher degree of compression, supports Unicode in file names, makes it possible to create files of unlimited size and any number of files.


The interface

PowerArchiver tape is used, first introduced in MS Office 2007 and which became the standard for many Windows-based applications. The main feature of the interface commands change depending on what actions are performed. For example, the View tab appears on the Ribbon only when in the window, highlight the file, the contents of which can be seen by means of built-in viewer. From it you can zoom the image, and the size of the preview window and the type of data displayed. Built-in viewer supports audio, image, and text files. Its capabilities can be expanded by connecting WLX plugins for Total Commander.

In PowerArchiver 2012 appeared backlight color when viewing the files contained inside archives. Through the provision of different colors, you can see at a glance what file types are present in the archive, which ones are compressed well and what is bad, what file in the archives of the biggest. Easy to set up lights on and off with the button in the status bar.

Concluding the conversation about the interface, it is also worth mentioning support all the features of the Windows 7 taskbar, including the mapping of the implementation tasks on the application icon and the ability to run basic functions from Jump List.

Additional features

Archives are often used to back up data. That is why the backup software you can often find the compression of files in ZIP. In the case of PowerArchiver is the opposite in addition to the basic archiving offers a means for the backup file. Although that made it very succinctly and without pompous masters who can often be found in specialized tools are all basic functions are available here.

In particular, we can customize the tracking update of the contents of specific folders, backup task on a schedule or every time you start the system, saving the archive to FTP-server, write to the disk. It is also possible to specify exceptions to the last modification time, and file types to protect the archive with the password data.

Despite the fact that in recent years, many new affordable ways to store copies of the data (on-line services, external drives), yet many do not hurry to give up laser disc and just in case they keep another copy of important data. PowerArchiver Professional version allows you to burn CDs without the need for additional software. Supported not only CD and DVD, and Blu-Ray. With the built-pisalka can create an image ISO, burn the current image of the disk, and the disk from any files and folders.

Since PowerArchiver works perfectly with the popular disk images, allowing them to extract from the files itself and suggests a function of their mount. And such a possibility in this multifunction archiver also have the program can create virtual disks and mount them on the images ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG.

Integrated FTP-client supports file transfer over FTP, SFTP, and using a secure connection SSL. When adding a new server and have successfully connected to log automatically stored in a profile. You can control the maximum data rate of flow, and the behavior of the program after the completion of the transfer and in case of files with the same name.

Advanced tools for working with files

PowerArchiver can surprise not only additional tools for working with files, but also some interesting features that are directly related to data compression. Take a look at the Tools tab and you will find a means to convert files from one format to another module for batch extracting archives, as well as a tool to help in one fell swoop to pack a large number of files in such a way that each of them will be placed in a separate archive. Also worth mentioning is the possible creation of self-extracting files from ZIP, 7-Zip, CAB and PAE (proprietary format PowerArchiver), as well as encryption of archives (and you can use different algorithms that are used when creating files PAE, ZIP and 7-ZIP).

Even more interesting features can be found, if you look in the settings window. Even at that, just to read the names of all the proposed parameters, it may take some time. Here you can fully customize the appearance of the application, to determine what types of files you can create by using the commands in the context menu of Windows; specify which file extensions should be associated with PowerArchiver; define how the viewer that will be used by default, add more profiles compression in different formats, specify which format will be used by default for archiving.

Security settings are a function of the removal of temporary files using multiple recordings, which appeared only in version 2012. You can also specify the requirements for resistance to create a password minimum length of the password, whether it be upper-case characters, numbers, and special characters.

Immediately set a password manager. This convenient function, the essence of which is to the automatic substitution previously used passwords when decompressing an encrypted archive, can be disabled for all or some of the archives.

During Backup PowerArchiver can use the queue. In other words, if a user starts a new job even before the program has coped with the previous one, they do not run at the same time, and in turn. The execution order of tasks can be run in a special window. In the setting of a minimum size of files that should be used for all.

All program options, ranging from passwords and profiles finishing color highlighting of files can be stored in a reg-file. Export and import settings are useful when moving the program to another computer, and reinstall the system. Also, there is a button to reset all settings to the original.


PowerArchiver is much more than just a data logger. Even if we analyze only those functions that are related to compression of the files will still be that the functionality it can compete with the most popular archivers. The program is being actively developed, and innovations often prompt users themselves actively publish their wishes on the support forum.

Unfortunately, this approach has some drawbacks. If we analyze the history of PowerArchiver, you can see that, trying to quickly release a new version, developers often paid little attention to testing. As a rule, when you exit a major upgrade program to rush to install it is not necessary for a few months will be guaranteed to go to the update fixes numerous bugs that warn faithful users.

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