PlayStation Move: Move your body, wave your hands

introduction or a bit of history

Before you start talking about the new device, let’s turn to the past. Not this way, and far: Rewind just five years ago. Even a little less, because Nintendo released the Wii console to light in November 2006. And this weak game console gaming world turned upside down. Controller Wii Remote (affectionately mdash; Wiimote) allowed into the game much deeper than traditional gamepads. Immediately after the announcement of the Wii was sold faster than any hot cakes. In the U.S., for example, until the end of 2009, the console had to painfully search mdash; was not it in stores, snapping up as soon as the time to come.

This year, the PlayStation 3, too, five years

Against slowly gaining momentum PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is essentially a primitive Wii looked much as interestingly and cost less, and give users a completely different experience from the game. Naturally, Sony and Microsoft could not put up with it, so in 2010 reported their controllers, built on different principles, but united by one idea: to give the player the ability to move. Thus was born the system Microsoft Kinect, formerly known as Project Natal, as well as the hero of this review mdash; controller PlayStation Move.

EyeToy camera is that older mdash; she appeared in the July 2003

In fact, things were a little different and the development of what eventually became a PlayStation Move, started back in 2001. This project spun off a branch, which brought the earlier results: in 2003 for the PlayStation 2 controller appeared EyeToy, are essentially just a web camera. EyeToy Total sales worldwide totaled about 10 million copies, so that the project can even be considered a success, but the games for him for the first three years of existence, only 16 came out, and it is not much. Lacked precision mdash; one web camera could not cope with the recognition of all the player movements and often confuse it with furniture. That is why the EyeToy somehow faded and almost disappeared from the headlines and off the shelves after the Wii. In 2001, The Sony EyeToy and Move (then already existed in the depths of some laboratories in original form) as a kind of fun and quite an optional extra for the console. But the success of Wii forced the company to change the decision and start to create some commercial samples Move, modifying and otshlifovyvaya all that is possible.

In June 2009, the Move, is not yet in final form, was shown at the conference E3, and after a little over a year has been officially announced and started to take their rightful places in the shops and market share. In the two months since the start of sales of Sony has shipped more than 4 million controller Move, so that the project is clearly intended to Snatch than once mdash; EyeToy. But enough about history, talk ohellip, no, not the practice of mdash; about it yet. First, as expected, the materiel.

Video review PlayStation Move

How does it look?

On most PlayStation 3 shall not tell, the benefit it has already gone for five years, as well as Wii. Slim-output versions are also changed not hurt a lot. So go straight, in fact, to the PS Move. The easiest way to join the beautiful mdash; buy PlayStation Move Starter Pack, which is what we got.

Supplied our current technological miracle in a small colorful box. It reveals the controller itself PlayStation Move, Camera Playstation Eye (practically the same as EyeToy), necessary for it to work, a CD with a video tutorial and a brief paper user manual. Cable USB rarr; mini-USB in the bundle, but it is also necessary to ensure that identified the manipulator arm. It is believed that the owner of the cable PlayStation 3 already, because he had to get all players together with the attachment. Besides, is not that it is a rare thing.


Controller PlayStation Move Motion (and exactly what is called the part that you hold in your hands) can be purchased separately, although the camera for the game is still needed. Additionally, you can purchase a PlayStation Move Navigation Controller, which can be useful in some games, and PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment mdash; latter will come in handy in all sorts of laquo; strelyalkahraquo;.

 By type of PlayStation Move Motion is more reminiscent microphone elongated handle and the world at the end. On closer inspection, of course, it becomes clear that this is still a controller for PlayStation. In place of the familiar Four buttons with geometric icons and key PS, at least familiar Start and Select at the sides. However, no analog sticks, or 8-way D-Pad, or shift. But there is a new button: trigger T (on the bottom side of the device) mdash; the forefinger mdash; key and Move (on the upper side) mdash; under great.

At the bottom there is the port mini-USB, which is used to charge the controller, as well as for laquo; obnyuhivaniyaraquo, between the PS Move and the PlayStation 3, you must first connection to the console of the manipulator. And is located near connector Move Navigation Controller mdash; sort Nunchuck for PS Move. Once acquainted, the console and the controller will remember each other. Each time the PlayStation 3 only need to press the PS button on the controller, so he was given a serial number.

Gaming console or a controller for it can not calculate in detail mdash; otherwise just do not buy, so the PlayStation Move comfortably in the hand and weighs only as much as they could easily swing without feeling the weight. Wiimote, by the way, much harder mdash; there is only one pair of AA batteries / accumulators weighs almost the entire Move Motion.

For the same reason, the scope on the end of the robot arm prudently made of soft silicone. Many plastic Wii Remote was smashed against the walls with too strong WAG and silicone covers for the Wii controllers looked kakhellip; kakhellip, well, it does not matter looked.

PlayStation Eye Camera

Once sold separately, in fact, there are games that allow you to use the camera without relying on Move. But nothing extraordinary PlayStation Eye is not represented: standard webcam SD-resolution array microphones and the ability to switch the lens between wide and narrow angles. Connects via USB.

How does it work?

Despite all the differences that we have carefully tried to celebrate, one could get the impression that the PlayStation Move is a copy of the Wii Remote. However, most controllers are different from each other it is the principle of work. Wii Remote has an onboard accelerometer, Bluetooth-adapter and IR receiver. The motion of the manipulator is monitored by changing the accelerometer readings, and that’s where directed Wiimote, determined by data from the infrared sensor, catching the light from the touch panel, which is mounted above or below the TV. All data is sent to the console via Bluetooth.

However, experience has shown that such a scheme of work has one significant drawback mdash; low accuracy. This is acknowledged even the Nintendo, three years after the Wii release to the market accessory Wii MotionPlus, increases accuracy. In MotionPlus built one two-axis gyroscope and a single-axis gyroscope.

They like mdash; while at the same time so very different

In PlayStaion Move everything more complicated. Inside the controller is a triaxial MEMS-gyroscope, accelerometer and geomagnetic sensor (magnetometer). The first two allow you to track the movement of the manipulator, while the latter makes it possible to obtain information on the status of the player relative to the Earth’s axis, thus amending the Accelerometer and Gyroscope and more accurately determine the position of PS Move in space.

But that’s not all: as we have already mentioned, complete with controller comes with a web PlayStation Eye camera with an array of four microphones. The camera follows the movement of the player, allowing you to not only use the games controller itself, but also to involve human movement. So, if the game of volleyball you raise one arm, PlayStation decides you smash batter, and if both hands mdash; means you are trying to convey gently folded. Microphones can be used to interact with other participants in the game on the network, or for video conferencing. Moreover, in some games you have to do, say, in the right place to slap their hands. What exactly where you clapped, determined by the difference in the amplitude of the signal coming from all four microphones. Lack of accuracy.

Camera performs another function. No wonder at the end of the controller is the realm is highlighted when the different colors. This area is very easy to track with the camera mdash; her with what can not be confused. So the camera is also used to determine the movement of the controller vertically and along the transverse horizontal axis, and by changing the dimensions of the image areas when moving the controller forward or back camera to track and move along the longitudinal axis horizontal.

Also many games PlayStation Eye is used to create an augmented reality: the camera was filming the front of the TV and some displays it on its screen, adding game elements.

As Wiimote, PlayStation Move interacts with the prefix with radio Bluetooth 2.0. There is nothing surprising, DualShock 3 and Sixaxis to him and worked on the same principle and the same frequencies. Only one PS3 can simultaneously connect up to four PS Move (or DualShock / Sixaxis), while areas at the ends of each of them will light up in different colors.

We dismantled just in case the controller in the hope of seeing inside the key to his popularity. But there is nothing supernatural was not found: a large part of the housing is PCB and impressive size lithium-ion battery. Exactly the same is used in the controller, DualShock 3 mdash; people are familiar with the latter, this immediately suggests that a single charge PlayStation Move stretch long enough. In the bottom of the motor is responsible for the vibration feedback. Below we did not dare to climb mdash; feared for the safety of thin flat ribbon cables, connect button on the top half of the controller to the board. So I suggest to go to why all this is, in fact, need mdash; to games. For total immersion, we used a Sony Bravia NX7 TV with a diagonal of 46 inches.

Games: jump and wave

Sports Champions

This kind of basic game, or rather a set of games that allow better get used to the Move. This set includes archery, volleyball, table tennis (sysadmins, say, more like the name Ping-Pong), disc golf, gladiator fights and bocce. Both can play one or two people, and each is allowed to keep one Move Motion, and, in some games, as many as two. The most interesting of the whole set, in our opinion, cause gladiatorial games, volleyball and ping-pong.

First sport can appreciate that, what do we need a controller. And he needed to dive. Choose from more than a dozen disparate characters: choose one mdash; and drove off. If in your hands, only one controller, it performs the function of the sword, and if you hold the trigger mdash; switched to a shield. If you got two controllers, one is responsible for the board, the other mdash; the sword. The game asks you care, you’re right-handed or left-handed, and will give you the right weapons to the appropriate hand.

What is the game? Enemy must pp hack. And with all the dope: the stronger the swing, the more the game will take away the enemy’s health kick. But opponents are not born yesterday mdash; most of the time they close the shield, and at high levels of the attack does exactly where you are least likely to have time to shut down. Of course, provided any superudary mdash; to conduct a similar technique, require a series of strokes in those on-screen directions. Main mdash; honestly observe precautions and clean out unnecessary items and unnecessary people. Otherwise, the first risk to fall, the second mdash; get on the ear, and you can bump yourself, swinging for the fatal blow.

Volleyball is good because it makes the move actively and repeat quite classical volleyball movement: the lower the pitch, the upper transfer pass, laquo; gasyraquo, with a jump over the net and the like. Jump, however, does not need mdash; quite sharply raise their hands. If one person is, he will give quite sensible teammate mdash; complain about the call. Together, of course, fun.

Tennis demonstrates how accurate is PlayStation Move, compared with the same Wii Remote. Racket, that is the controller to be turned mdash; depends on spin ball. laquo; Kruchenyeraquo, behave according to the laws of physics, bouncing off the table is not in the same plane, which flew up to him. Will miss only the first level, then opponents will ask you heat. If you recall the great tennis on Wii, there was enough just to somehow swing a racket in the right moment. Here it is necessary to look where you hit.

Not that laquo; Holiday Sportaraquo; mdash; addictive game that absorbs you with his head. But as the periodic warming up it is great.

Office kung fu

MAGIC game, something reminiscent of the good old platformer. The main task of mdash; as quickly as possible to roll on an office chair with wheels on the road, dodging the blows of evil thugs in suits, and at the same time the possibility of a successful otveshivaya them a good kick. On the road, of course, lying about money and other bonuses, and you can break up a chair to use as a battering ram, and so on.

That would be fun and not Move, but the game does not suggest such a possibility and no controller is not working. But with the Move is obtained simply a celebration of life. To bounce, it is necessary to raise the controller up, move left and right seat disperse quickly, and you can ram the enemy, pointing to the screen center arm and emphatically pointing them in that direction. The buttons on the controller are also used, but only two are vital mdash; trigger T is responsible for the squat, and the key PS mdash; for kick failed to box or tucked hesitated villain.

Mode is available to play together mdash; in this case, one player gets bespectacled loser, and the second mdash; frail-looking Asian girl with a bust size five. In single player you can choose a character mdash; natural girl we liked a lot more. After each of his short levels system calculates points earned and presents the results. To get to the next level, which is not enough to drive to the end of the previous mdash; required to get a certain amount of points, you can quickly make riding, collecting more money, especially writing and doing a pirouette combo. To make life more fun, in addition to scores counted, the display shows the happy face of the player, carried away trying to drive the next stage on the right six-wheeled friend. Faces are obtained simply wonderful mdash; during the game, people rarely pay much attention to control facial expressions. We ran laquo; Office kung furaquo, only in the evening, otherwise get up tightly in the whole edition. Recommended.


Surprisingly, Move to come and puzzles. Of course, you can play in the Create and in the absence of the arm, but it somehow interesting. Create mdash; is the creation of the world, which then have to solve all sorts of problems, usually not difficult, but fun. First, using the Move should poke flowers, dinosaurs and a good touch up the sky, the world seemed to interest you, and most importantly, closer and dearer. You can then proceed to the actual puzzles.

With each new world puzzle, of course, become more complicated. In the initial stages simply to drive, say, a balloon with a load in the ring with a fan or build a bridge to machine could move across the chasm. With the Move tool, you can select from the object, which, most often, there are multiple types. Say, a machine can be distilled into blocks, and you can add back hinges and borders. Where to place the object mdash; player chooses moving the controller in space, and to turn to, say, the fan or the same block, you must hold down the T button and rotate around its own axis controller.

Game may seem boring at first, but you have to force yourself to go through several levels, because with each new level in the toolbox new objects are added. The fun begins when you realize that the level can go simple, and can be mdash; beautiful. Thus, the machine through a burning wheel drive easily with only one jump, while the much more interesting to make it fly through the air, bounce off fireworks and perform all sorts of tricks. More than half-roll machine will make, the more points you get per level. And here’s the brain begins to work, which produced more cunning ways and mazes for harmless machine. Developers from EA claim that the player’s actions are limited to only one of his imagination, but that the latter did not roam beyond measure, the number of available objects in each level is also limited. For example, it is possible to create laquo; trassuraquo, of 10 or less things, and it will be balloons and guns or ramps and wheel mdash; decides the player. With Move game becomes even more interest, and a certain sense of greater involvement in what is happening. Too fun and addictive.

Eye Pet Move Edition

Caring for a bit ridiculous and stupid animal, something resembling a monkey, it was in the days of the PlayStation 2. The emergence of more powerful PlayStation 3 and Move only allowed to move the game on Full HD-screens and to add new tasks. Designed Eye Pet (not to be confused with iPad mdash; sounds almost identical) to those who, for whatever reason, can not make a cat, a dog, a monkey or a manual, but very, very much like to. The essence of the action mdash; love, feed and entertain virtual pet, which for its part is also committed to complying with at least the first paragraph. Kind of Tamagotchi. The difference is how you will be involved in the growth and development of your pet (this is not your monkey also called in Russian translation). If the Tamagotchi had four buttons will zdeshellip;

First offers to put the camera at knee level and send it to the floor mdash; and this is where you have to communicate with your animal. Sat back mdash; can begin. Pet to go with you all the way evolution mdash; from birth (for some reason, the monkey will hatch out of the egg) to a kind of perfection. The road to perfection is long and difficult, and most importantly, entirely composed of the tasks. The latter are very different. By simply include, for example, a typical cat game laquo; run for my paltsamiraquo;: move your hand over the carpet, not forgetting to whisper impressively, and chases after her pet. Sophisticated mdash; training his beloved monkey driving and flying on a toy airplane. All this is happening right before your floor, well, or slightly above it, and for each task can give a medal mdash; from bronze to gold. To collect the maximum number of gold medalek and reduced play a part. In this case, between the tasks necessary to thoroughly scan your pet a special scanner, whose role is precisely performs controller Move Motion, mdash; this will give you the knowledge of whether the monkey rushed to feed or bathe.

On the one hand, the game with the best angle shows the possibilities of augmented reality, and the other mdash; sometimes looks very boring. In addition to the pet often lack expletives: a little out there scratching mdash; and all content you coveted bronze instead of gold, because your animal scratching responds not always mdash; accuracy alone camera is not enough. The game can be prescribed as a cure for people who are diagnosed laquo; shortage of home zhivnostiraquo.; The rest can quickly get bored.

Start the Party! (Zazhigay!)

This set of mini-games related to the classical type of family activities, in which children of pre-school and primary school children and their parents. Games to Start the Party are very diverse, from the cutting of young punks to speed up rescue of abstract fellows cartoon Godzilla or raspihivaniya randomly falling chicks on jacks (remember the glorious game laquo; Electronics: Well, pogodiraquo;?).

All games are different extreme simplicity, I may say, the gameplay mdash; each need to do only one thing. In the mini-game laquo; Stilistraquo; mdash; cut, if signed destroy beetles mdash; must destroy the beetles came to shoot continuously attacking robots mdash; aim and fire. Each mini-game has three difficulty levels, often leads to an increase in that of what the game is simply massive: untrimmed punks start to change each other on the screen almost every second, and the chicks rained like hail mdash; only manage to expose the fan and blow them its slot.

Start the Party is also actively uses a web camera: all the action takes place in your room. Implementation of augmented reality is commendable, however, the feeling of when you’re in your own home exterminated the herds and flocks of various beetles, there is not always pleasant. Another fly in the ointment mdash; poor quality image that captures the camera. On Full HD-TV extrapolated SD-picture looks strange, and noise, which generates a matrix camera even under normal light, several hurt the eyes. In Start the Party is, however, not really interfere mdash; all the mini-games are very dynamic, and the image quality, attention is drawn almost do not have time.

Adult game will definitely boring, but young children are likely to like it: it is easy to manage, and the level of immersion in a simple arcade game is always very high mdash; thanks to the camera. Parents and the older generation of children Start the Party! can attract a great voice-overs. When you accidentally milled some chick-loser his fan, full of tragedy leading voice announces: laquo; in cabbage! Raquo;. Mood, at least, certainly raises.

Killzone 3

In the third part of the legendary Killzone we really could not play and mdash; control of the game difficult, requires Move Navigation Controller. However, we were surprised to find that it can replace the conventional wireless Dualshock 3. It is just the missing keys, like the same 8-position D-pad, so that a bunch of Move Motion and Dualshock 3 controller can serve to pass Killzone 3.

Another thing that kept Dualshock one hand it is impossible, especially when the second requires actively gesticulating. So we split responsibilities: one of us was holding a DualShock and was responsible for walking, sit-ups and use of objects, and the other waving Move Motion and watched where our infantry looks and how it shoots. Impressions weight, but more untold. Although, you can try on occasion to ride on a race track on a conventional bike, placing him two men: one pedals, second mdash; wheel. That’s about the same feeling we had all the time trying to control the character of Killzone.

Way, the aim with the Move Motion much nicer than using the DualShock. But for shooters, to which belongs and Killzone, strongly recommend that you purchase, such as laquo; Automatic PlayStation Moveraquo; and Navigation Controller. Feeling will be second to none mdash; another Wii Zapper with her check.

Enough about games mdash;’s time to take stock.

we need it?

If you have at least a few hours a week that you are willing to spend on a video game, then yes, it is necessary. And if you are a happy owner of the Sony PlayStation 3, just absolutely necessary. PlayStation Move diversifies the gaming experience, lets dig deeper into what is happening and to make it the most that neither is an active part. And most importantly, increases laquo; kayfraquo, the game.

Besides the usual fans of video games with a gamepad often unwittingly let grow a decent size bellies mdash; lengthy sittings watching television that is very conducive. PS Move helps shake mdash; believe me, a couple of hours of battle in the Coliseum: the untrained arm will be sore the next day. It is an opportunity to throw the controller in the other hand and to practice their skills, for example, racket mdash; and hands become stronger and will not be bored.

Controller itself, as we have said, costs about 1500 rubles per set Starter Pack, consisting of the Move Motion, PS Eye camera and training drive will have to pay 2500, and the prefix with the Move will cost about 15,000. Wii Remote in this regard for the price is not very different, but very Wii, of course, cheaper mdash; less than 10 000. Prices of PS Move games will start between 1 000 and ending at around 5500 rubles mdash; so much is a collectible Killzone 3 Helgast Edition. Cheap: starting price bracket games for Wii mdash; around 600 rubles. True, the average price at the same time is the same as for the Move. Only at the time of this writing, there are over 20 games, officially supported by the controller.


  • High positioning accuracy;
  • Ergonomics;
  • immersion;
  • The ability to stretch

  • ;
  • low price starter kit PlayStation Move Starter Pack.


  • relatively high price for a Sony PlayStation 3 + Move;
  • having to buy PS Move Navigation Controller for some games;
  • high price of games for Sony PlayStation 3;
  • low resolution and high noise level camera PlayStation Eye.

Thank the Russian representative office for giving Sony TV Bravia NX7 46.

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